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Horse Riding Holidays, Germany

Germany is often considered to be a world leader in cultural, artistic and industrial commerce, but this powerful central European country is also the home to a great many of our most iconic modern day horse breeds. The equestrian sports industry has been bolstered and strengthened by the great character and superb athleticism of German-bred competition horses. The distinct Germanic warmblood breeds have conquered the fine art of dressage, made light work of the challenges of showjumping and are slowly taking over the technicalities and complexities of 3 day eventing. From Hanover to Bavaria and Westphalia to Brandenburg, each region can lay claim to it's own unique and distinguished breed.

Germany itself is a country of a great many diversities, with an astonishing topography for it's relatively small size. Elevation ranges from the snow topped alps of the south, to the shores of the North and Baltic seas in the north, with forests, vineyard studded flood plains, melancholy moorland and river valleys beyond compare filling up the space between. The scenery of this country is undeniably dramatic and the culture almost romantic. With a rich history and fantastic national pride, few countries have made as much of an impact on the world we know today as Germany. It is the birthplace of Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven and the Brothers Grimm, amongst a great many notable historic figures without which we would not be who we are today. It is a country where tradition meets modern day in a harmonious kaleidoscope of colour, sound and visual art, as well as classical cuisine and a warm sense of hospitality, there is something here for everyone's tastes and interests.

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Brandenburg Trails, Germany

The Brandenburg Trails horse riding holiday, in Germany
Discover the beauty of the Furstenberg forests and lakes region of northern Germany whilst riding beautiful Shagya Arabs. This region is dominated by spectacular pine and beech forests interspersed with numerous lakes. Ride across open prairies and on grassy forest tracks or race along perfect sandy tracks.

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