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Horse Riding Holidays, Morocco

Morocco , whilst only a few hours away from the UK, has a rich culture so different to our own which seems to us very exotic. Arab, Berber, African and European influences have made this country very fascinating to visit. The Islamic deeply traditional culture is so unfamiliar to us. With both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines and with a rugged mountainous interior, the country remained independent for centuries. Its history, climate and geography appear more closely related to the Mediterranean than to the rest of Africa so it is often difficult to believe exactly where you are.

Morocco boasts both snowcapped mountains and sandy deserts, fertile plains and long white beaches. It has so much to offer visitors with its ancient ruins and modern resorts and horse riding is one way to explore this fascinating country. There is a great choice of landscape in which to ride - the mountains, the lush highland valleys, the palm groves and the sandy expanse of the desert with its oases interspersed with evocative old cities.

Quarzazate is the capital of the South and is dominated by the Atlas Mountains to the North. It is a popular tourist destination - its dry hot climate and well connnected position make in an ideal base for exploring the south. Many films are shot here including Lawrence of Arabia because of the amazing landscape and diverse countryside and the magnificent horses. Horse riding in Morocco has a long history and the country produces some fine horses.

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Great South Ranch, Morocco

The Great South Ranch horse riding holiday, in Morocco
This Moroccan ranch is owned by two French ladies, and is situated between the ocean and mountains. This destination offers trail riding and basic tuition on their beautiful Arab-Barbs and guests can enjoy riding on the beach and along mountain trails. The accommodation is bright and comfortable and stays here are accompanied by traditional Moroccan meals and music. Riding here is very good value.

Current special offers:

End of Year discounts:

100 EUR / person discount for all week long trail programmes or week long ranch stays with full days riding between the following dates:

from 16th to 30th September
from 4th to 18th November
from 2nd to 16th December

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