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Horse Riding Holidays, Spain

Spain has so much more to offer than Flamenco music and dance, bull-fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, It is one of the cultural centres of Europe. It has beautiful cities and towns and wonderful countryside and coastline. There are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore, as well as some spectacularly rugged stretches of coast between the beaches. One of the best ways to explore this diverse countryside is on horseback.

The Spanish Andalusian horse is believed to be the most ancient riding horse in the world and Spanish experts maintain that it does not owe a single feature of its make up to another breed. In the sixteenth century the horses were taken to Austria to found the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and its Lippizaner horses and the Portugese Lusitano have evolved from the Spanish Andalusian. Consequently, the Spanish are justly proud of their history with the horse and today you will find this wonderful breed all over Spain justly admired for its temperament and empathy with the rider. If you ride in Spain you may well be riding one of these lovely horses.

Culturally, the country is filled with superb old buildings, from Roman aqueducts and Islamic palaces to Gothic cathedrals. Almost every second village has a medieval castle so you may well ride through these old villages and soak up its history as well through the mountains and valleys which make up much of the countryside.

More than fifty million foreigners visit Spain each year, yet you can also travel for days and hear nothing but Spanish. Visiting Spain is not only about sun, great cuisine, and a warm welcome, but also its rich monumental heritage and dazzling natural environment. There are many wonderful places in which to ride whether a trail in the mountains, through one of the National Parks or a gallop along the beach.

See our horse riding holidays in Spain below.


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Almeria, Spain

The Almeria horse riding holiday, in Spain
This riding base near to Almeria can offer riding along the coast and beach. In this wonderful countryside we can offer you some first class horseriding. Programmes here can be tailor made so do not hesitate to ask if you would like something a little bit different to those listed here. Your host, Manolo is a skilled horseman whilst remaining a kind, caring and attentive host. His love of people, horses and nature is evident in his holidays and he describes horses as "our companions through life".


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Andalucia Trails, Spain

The Andalucia Trails horse riding holiday, in Spain
This unique trekking centre centre, based in the heart of Andalucia, offers 2-8 day treks and trail rides for families, friends and singles, and from the beginner to the experienced rider.

From this base you will explore a beautiful part of Spain, riding free from traffic and walkers, following secret trails in the wonderful countryside. Your hosts' knowledge of the local terrain means that they know all the best trails to suit all abilities or rider. You will ride in remote locations.


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Asturias Resort, Spain

The Asturias Resort horse riding holiday, in Spain
Boasting landscapes that you will never forget, Asturias Resort is surrounded by mountains and native forests, encompassing some 617 acres. The resort offers accommodation in either rural style cottages or a 4-star hotel with 23 rooms. As well as horse riding, an array of activities can be enjoyed here from hiking and golf to football and even microlight flights! The wide open spaces of Asturias Resort are what make it special. The rural cottages, hotel and all activities are comfortably separated from each other, by rolling meadows and deep forests.


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Catalonia, Spain

The Catalonia horse riding holiday, in Spain
Ride out through the beautiful Catalonia countryside or along the Mediterranean coast - this destination offers a selection of fantastic riding holiday programmes. The area is full of spectacular towns and villages, surprisingly untouched by the hands of time, and the architecture still reflects the glory of days gone by. Catalonia is full of wild and unspoilt wilderness just waiting to be discovered on horseback.


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Gredos Mountains, Spain

The Gredos Mountains horse riding holiday, in Spain
An opportunity for intermediate and experienced riders to explore the Northern and Southern valleys of the Gredos mountains. This is excellent terrain for riding, mostly open fields with magnificent views and paths that follow the course of rivers. The small villages along the trail display the architecture, traditions and way of life of the people who, isolated in this remote place, have had their characters shaped by their unique surroundings.


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Tarifa Beach and Nature Reserve, Spain

The Tarifa Beach and Nature Reserve horse riding holiday, in Spain
Situated just three miles west of Tarifa in southern Spain, this riding centre offers riding on the endless beaches and by a nature reserve in the mountains. The area offers perfect riding weather all year round and has a selection of well-trained Andalusian horses waiting for your company. The centre was started in 1994 by a Swiss vet and is maintained by a friendly, multilingual team.


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