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Hualapai Ranch (Stagecoach Trails), USA


• Ranch Stay

• Disabled riding programme



I have to say I was a bit unsure if I would like the ranch, the horses and being out in the middle of nowhere etc but I have to say all my worries where just washed away in the first day. Apart from me getting lost (a typical man thing we never look at the instruction), everything was wonderful. Randy produced a perfect meal every time, although I missed the Mexican Dinner, you can't win them all. George was a terrific guide he looked after me and I know he has his funny old ways but I liked him right from the start and underneath it all he has a heart of gold.

Brian P.


Type of horses:

Quarter Horse, Missouri Fox Trotters, Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle Horses.

Nature of horses:

Safe, forward going and surefooted

Height of horses:

14.2-16.2 hh

Weight limit:

230 lbs

Tack type:





Ride Description

At this wonderful ranch the main focus is the horse riding programme, as well as the peace and quiet of the beautiful desert and mountain scenery. Out of the saddle guests often like to just sit, relax and gaze at the star studded skies or enjoy fireside conversations with all their new friends. There is a swimming pool, hot-tub and a variety of game options such as ping pong, basketball, air hockey, billiards and horseshoes.

Your hosts, the McCormick family, took over this lovely ranch in July 2014 and will continue to maintain the high standards set by Dan and Carrie. They will make sure you are matched up with the appropriate horse - they want you to be comfortable with your horse and with your ability to control the type of horse you are going to be riding. They firmly believe that this is your holiday and you should be able to do the type of riding you like.

There are a number of horses to ensure that you are provided with a mount that suits your ability and personality. Just outside the ranch are three hundred thousand acres of land providing endless riding opportunities where you will see nothing except beautiful desert scenery surrounded by three mountain ranges.

At this ranch there is also a disabled riding programme - everyone has the opportunity to ride a horse. The ranch provide a special mounting/dismounting ramp, sidewalkers and a gentle well trained horse to make sure the horse back ride is safe and enjoyable. Once you are comfortable in the saddle you can leave the arena and hit the trails with your family and friends for a truly memorable riding experience.

See Programmes.


Food & Accommodation

The ranch consists of the main Frontier Lodge, Hualapai Dining Room/Kitchen, two separate guest buildings and two "Family Homes".

The Frontier lodge is the main focus of the dude ranch and is complete with western flare. Comfortable sofa and chairs surround a huge fireplace and not only gives the the lodge a warm homely feel but makes this the perfect place to relax and share your day with the other guests.

The Hualapai dining room is complete with south west decor and is where guests and staff dine together for breakfast lunch and dinner - except of course when dinner is cooked outside on the grill! A beautiful courtyard separates the dining room from the Frontier Lodge and is perfect for occasional outdoor dining and evening entertainment.

The guest buildings, boasting ten bedrooms between them, face the beautiful Hualapai mountains and are perfect for viewing spectacular sunsets. The Family Homes can accomodate eight guests and also are perfectly situated for viewing the mountains and nightly sunsets.

In addition to all of this, there is a general store, arena for riding, swimming pool, basketball hoop, horseshoe pit and a hot tub. At the ranch guests are made to feel like part of the family so not only do you receive excellent care but are made to feel incredibly welcome.

Soon there will be a Spanish style chapel on the ranch for those of you who wish to get wed in the US!

Food is is plentiful, homemade and always delicious. You will be served three mouth-watering meals each day including sumptuous desserts as well as homemade breads, cookies and snacks.

Fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, orange juice, milk and water are served at each meal. Most meals are served buffet style with some sit down meals. Occasionally you will dine outside, this however depends on the weather - the desert gets cold at night in winter!

As well as the three delicious home cooked meals that will be served everyday, there will be additional items available at any time for you to purchase.



For those who do not wish to ride, there are a number of other activities available on the ranch. You might like to try a chuck wagon ride or take one of the ranch's fat tyre mountain bikes for a spin in the desert. At the Frontier Lodge there is a separate TV room (the only TV on site) for those who would like to take a look at what has been going on in the rest of the world since they arrived at the ranch. There are also a number of movies to borrow - classic westerns of course!

Alternatively guests are free to make use of the swimming pool, hot tub, horseshoe pit, pool table and basketball hoop. You may, of course, simply want to take some time out for sunbathing and relaxation.

The ranch is located just off Historical Route 66! This means there are several Route 66 attractions close to the ranch such as Kingman, AZ (45 minutes), the famous ghost town of Oatman (1 hour 15), and Chloride (1 hour), along with the world famous Grand Canyon (West rim is 2.5 hours away and the South rim is 3.5 hors away)!

They are also very close to Las Vegas, NV (2 1/4 hours), Laughlin, NV (1 hour), Hoover Dam (1 1/4 hours), and beautiful Sedona, AZ (3 hours).

Another great attraction is Lake Havasu City located on the beautiful Colorado River just 45 minutes away. This is the home of the world famous London Bridge! It was shipped to Lake Havasu from London in 1963 and reconstructed brick by brick because yes, it really was falling down just as it says in the nursery rhyme, "London Bridge is falling down, falling down...."

There are two golf courses in Kingman and two golf courses in Lake Havasu , and two "high end" courses in Laughlin. All of the courses are within 45-75 minutes away from the ranch. As you can see, the ranch is centrally located with all kinds of extra things to do either before, during, or after your stay at the ranch.

There is also a botanical garden and sustainable living resource centre located about 20 minutes from the ranch called Destination Forever Ranch which is part of the Santa Fe Ranch in Yucca, Arizona.


Further Details

Languages: English

Health requirements: None Specific

Age limit: Children under five will remain in the arena. Six and seven year olds will get 'ponied' on trails.

Tuition: Yes

Included: Accommodation, three meals a day, two rides a day (EXCEPT SUNDAYS), use of facilities, ranch activities, 5.78% state taxes, customary 15% gratuities.

Not included: Flights, travel insurance, airport transfers/car hire, alcohol and services not mentioned.


Travel Information

Las Vegas airport is 2.5 hours drive from the ranch. Phoenix is 4 - 4.5 hours away. Most guests fly into Las Vegas, rent a car and then drive to the ranch.

Airport: Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Alternative Airport: Phoenix



Ranch Stay

Hualapai's horse riding programme is second to none and they cater for all from offering a gentle, slow walking ride or an exciting fast trotting/loping ride. You get to choose what type of ride you want to go on, not the other way around. Not only are their wranglers friendly and personable, but their horses are as well!

They have a corral full of horses, each with its own distinct personality so that they can match you to your perfect mount based on your riding ability and personality. As soon as you leave the corral, you will see nothing but beautiful desert scenery surrounded by three mountain ranges - NO cities, subdivisions, or houses in sight. Tens of thousands of acres offer endless trails and riding opportunities. Rides are offered twice daily except for Sundays when the horses and the wranglers have the day off. Day rides include a saddlebag picnic.

Due to the heat of the Arizona desert between May and September, horseback rides will leave around 6-7 am and 5-6 pm. During the rest of the year the rides go out around 9:30 am and 2:30-3:30 pm.

Anyone over the weight of 230 lbs is not allowed outside of the arena/ranch. However, the ranch offer a short slow walking ride with side walkers around the ranch to give the children a wonderful riding experience outside of the smaller restricted area. Guests aged 6 & 7 get "ponied" on trails meaning that the wranglers will take the child on a lead rein which is attached to their horse. Their rides are limited to walking only. Children aged five and under will remain in the arena.

All riding programmes are tailored to each and every rider. Secondly, they want you to be able to go on the type of ride you like.

Various options include:

- Slow, scenic rides, twice daily for the novice rider for approx. 1- 1.5 hours.

- The intermediate rider can enjoy both slow scenic rides, as well as a walk, trot, and loping rides lasting 1 - 1.5 hours.

- The experienced rider has many options available to them. Along with the rides listed above, they also offer challenging mountain rides (only during cooler months of September - April), and fast paced loping rides. They also offer 3-4 hour lunch rides (a bag lunch is provided for these rides), and a 2.5 hour "cactus ride" to some riders. Your riding ability will determine if you can enjoy one of these longer rides.

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 8
Ability description: All levels can be catered for
Type of ride: Based stay
Total riding time: Riding twice a day except on Sunday
Departure dates: Open all year.
Pricing: PLEASE NOTE: These prices already include 15% gratuities and 5.78% state sales tax.

The prices are per person and the weekly prices are for a 7 night stay.


Queen Bedroom (max 4 guests - 1 Queen bed, 1 futon):
Single occupancy £206 per person per night
£1252 per person per week
Each additional guest £134 per person per night
£792 per person per week

Double Bedroom (max 4 guests - 2 double beds):
Single occupancy £206 per person per night
£1252 per person per week
Each additional guest £134 per person per night
£792 per person per week

Santa Fe or Palo Verde Family Suites (max 10 guests):
Up to 4 guests: £4549 per group per week, £752 per group per night
Each additional guest after 4: £792 per person per week, £134 per person per night

Children aged 4-11 will receive a 20% discount on all regular charges.
Children aged 3 and under, free of charge.


Queen Bedroom (max 4 guests - 1 Queen bed, 1 futon) or
Double Bedroom (max 4 guests - 2 double beds):

Single occupancy £247 per person per night or
£1521 per person per week
Each additional adult £161 per person per night
£995 per person per week
Each additional child £123 per person per night
£760 per person per week

Santa Fe or Palo Verde Family Suites (max 10 guests):
Up to 4 guests: £5549 per group per week, £903 per group per night
Each additional adult after 4: £995 per person per week, £161 per person per night
Each additional child after 4: £123 per person per night

Children aged 3 and under, free of charge.

Pioneer Wagon (Max 5 guests):
Up to 2 guests: £2297 per couple/single per week, £357 per couple/single per night
Each additional adult after 2: £920 per person per week, £142 per person per night
Each additional child after 2: £760 per person per week, £123 per person per night

Disabled riding programme

This fabulous ranch has the unique ability to offer a completely barrier-free experience to all disabled riders and their families. The ranch is fully accessible to disabled guests, all rooms, bathrooms, lodge and dining areas were built with the disabled concerns in mind with no restrictions

They also provide accessible riding equipment so that everyone has the ability to participate in the riding programme if they so desire. Disabled guests can choose to experience a ride in the desert or a ride in our arena depending on their ability. All riders will be assessed thoroughly before riding to assure safety. It is proven that horses are very therapeutic animals.

The swimming pool and hot-tub was also built with wheelchair accessibility in mind. They created the ranch so that the accessibility is subtle, not obvious. The owners have personal, first hand experience with disabled guests as they have a 28-year old disabled daughter. They feel their first hand knowledge makes a big difference in the creation of this unique ranch experience.

Minimum group size: 0
Maximum group size: 0
Ability description: All abilities
Type of ride: Tailored to suit
Total riding time: Individual in nature
Departure dates: Open all year except 1-15 June
Pricing: Please contact the office for further details.