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Packing for a Riding Holiday

June 11th, 2015


Written by Holly Anthony, Owner and Travel Advisor at Far and Ride.

Riding in Latvia

Photo from Gauja National Park, Latvia


Here are some tips to help you pack for a horse riding holiday. Your packing needs will depend on what sort of riding holiday you have booked, the time of year you are travelling, the country you are going to and also your own personal needs, but hopefully these tips will help you with the basics. The lists are by no means exhaustive… I haven’t even gone so far as to mention taking your passport and you might not get very far without that! If you are heading out on a Far and Ride holiday soon then you will receive a packing list from us which relates specifically to your chosen holiday, though you should feel free to contact us at anytime if you need some advice on what to take.

The following is based on my own personal experiences and following my good fortune to have ridden in almost 20 countries worldwide (with more to come!). There is nothing worse than finding yourself abroad on an adventure feeling unprepared, cold or uncomfortable so I recommend that you take some time to plan what you are taking with you. I like to write myself an elaborate list in the week before I go and then I don’t let myself leave the house until everything is ticked off!

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Escorted Trips for 2014

November 18th, 2013

Escorted Rides – ‘Ride with us!’

Every year we run a number of ‘escorted trips’ when one of us from the Far and Ride office joins a riding holiday. These trips are ideal for single travellers who are looking to join a like-minded group and they are a wonderful way to travel with peace of mind, make friends and enjoy great horse riding around the world.

In 2014 we have already been to Egypt and Botswana with a Croatia trip soon approaching. We have a few rides still available this year and if you are interested to join us then please get in touch for more information – we’d love to ride with you!

If you are a single traveller and unable to make one of the trips below, don’t despair. We have a number of riding holidays suitable for you and we can often match you up with others in the same boat.

For 2015 we have plans to ride in India, Kenya and Iceland, amongst other places! We’ll update you about those trips as soon as they are confirmed.

NB. None of our prices include flights or travel insurance but of course we can help you to organise these. Please just get in touch.
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Escorted Trips for 2013

February 25th, 2013

Escorted Trips for 2013

For 2013 we have organised four group trips (so far!) which you are welcome to join. These ‘escorted’ rides are ones which one of us from the Far and Ride office will join ourselves and they are an excellent option for single travellers looking to make new friends. Single travellers can be accommodated on almost all of our riding holidays (and in fact make up a large proportion of our customers) but we find that there is more and more interest in joining one of our escorted trips. Not only are you guaranteed some likeminded company but these dates are also more likely to gather several bookings, therefore creating a friendly group with the same interests and usually of a similar riding level. We’ve been running these trips successfully for the past few years now and have really enjoyed meeting new people and sharing wonderful riding experiences around the world.

Have a look at the options available so far and get in touch if you’d like to join in. If these dates don’t work for you then please contact us anyway as we can often match you up with other riders in the same boat. Many lasting friendships have been formed this way!
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Far and Ride featured in NagMag

March 5th, 2009

Our very own Emma Thompson has written a review of the Lipica Stud Farm she visited late last year. The article was published in the February 09 issue of NagMag; available from all good Tack Stores and Feed Merchants in the South East.

The article discusses Emma taking classical dressage lessons on the famous Lipizzaner horses, and includes her meeting with Favory Canissa XXII as he was being prepared to be presented to Queen Elizabeth II a week later.

To read Emma’s article you can download an online snippet of the magazine here: Lipica Stud Review (1.3MB PDF).


Choosing a riding holiday

September 8th, 2008

Is it for you?

Horse riding holidays offer adventure and ‘something different’ from ‘regular’ holidays and can be  enjoyed by everybody, not just the rich and famous or serious horse riders.  We offer a wide range of holidays, from complete beginners, who have never sat on a horse before, to the experienced rider, looking for a tough adventure or a relaxing time, enjoying their hobby in a country of their choice.  You need to be of an adventurous nature, with a hands on approach and have an interest in outdoor life, experiencing a variety of varying terrains and beautiful sites on horseback.

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What to pack for your riding holiday

September 7th, 2008

UPDATE: Check out Holly from Far and Ride’s top tips for packing for a riding holiday, written 2015: Packing for a Riding Holiday.

When you have finalised the arrangements for your riding holiday the team at Far & Ride will send you holiday information and for every destination we will supply you with a suggested packing list. Here we run over the main things to consider when deciding what to take on a riding holiday.


Riding Helmet/Hat

Whilst the list may vary depending on the country you are visiting, it is important that you take with you a properly fitted riding helmet which complies with the current EU and British standards. The minimum standard is the EN1384, but other acceptable standards include PAS015, ASTM F1163 and the Snell 2001. If you are a total beginner or a very occasional rider, you may not wish to invest in a helmet at this stage. Many of our holiday destinations will provide you with a helmet but of course, this may not fit you as well as one you have had fitted in the UK and you cannot be sure that the helmet complies with the high standard we are used to in the United Kingdom. Some riding helmets are very lightweight and vented so more comfortable in hot weather.

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Travel Insurance

August 31st, 2008

So you’ve chosen the break or holiday and have that feeling of anticipation and excitement at the prospect of riding along a beach, or through the foothills somewhere hot. Whilst looking forward to the thought of sitting around a camp fire in the evening, or maybe luxuriating in a plush hotel after soaking away the toils of the days riding, there is time to ensure that the well earned holiday is not spoilt by some unforeseen occurrence, and that you have the correct and sufficient insurance to cover any situation.


Everyone has individual requirements, but the typical matters that should be considered are being covered if:

  • If for some reason beyond your own control you need to cancel, or shorten the holiday.
  • If your departure is significantly delayed.
  • If you are ill while away will you be covered for medical, or in a worse case, repatriation costs.
  • If your money or passport are lost/stolen or if possessions are damaged. (Some Household Contents Insurance Policies may cover possessions taken on holiday).
  • If you have an accident that injures a third party (or a third party’s property).
  • If you suffer permanent disability or death while on holiday will there be cover/compensation for your family available?

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