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So you’ve chosen the break or holiday and have that feeling of anticipation and excitement at the prospect of riding along a beach, or through the foothills somewhere hot. Whilst looking forward to the thought of sitting around a camp fire in the evening, or maybe luxuriating in a plush hotel after soaking away the toils of the days riding, there is time to ensure that the well earned holiday is not spoilt by some unforeseen occurrence, and that you have the correct and sufficient insurance to cover any situation.


Everyone has individual requirements, but the typical matters that should be considered are being covered if:

  • If for some reason beyond your own control you need to cancel, or shorten the holiday.
  • If your departure is significantly delayed.
  • If you are ill while away will you be covered for medical, or in a worse case, repatriation costs.
  • If your money or passport are lost/stolen or if possessions are damaged. (Some Household Contents Insurance Policies may cover possessions taken on holiday).
  • If you have an accident that injures a third party (or a third party’s property).
  • If you suffer permanent disability or death while on holiday will there be cover/compensation for your family available?

When researching the terms and conditions of the policies it is important to ensure that your specific needs are covered. Most policies cover, as standard, horse riding but sometimes activities such as polo, jumping, hunting and safari are regarded as more hazardous and are excluded from the policy. In this cases extra cover will need to be arranged and paid for if these activities are anticipated.

Also, consider that if there is a possibility that you are going on more than one trip within the year it is likely to be cheaper to look at an annual, rather than single trip policy.

Where to look

Travel Insurance can be purchased through various sources. These include Insurance brokers, Travel Agents/Tour Operators, the Post Office, or your Bank (or if you are fortunate you may find that the benefits of Bank’s ’Premium Customers’ may include Travel Insurance). Alternatively you could go direct to a reputable Insurance Company, and there are many online.

The following is a list of a few reputable and helpful companies:

  • Sports Cover Direct – The VentureGuard policy covers horse riding, polo, polocrosse, and hunting.
  • JS Insurance – Provide options for single travellers, couples, and families.
  • Go Travel Insurance – Riding holidays of less than 7 days and Safari are covered by default. Longer holidays, hunting, and show jumping cost extra. Polo is not covered.
  • Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd – Jumping is covered, if you inform them. Polo and Hunting are not.

Signing up

It is obviously important to fill in application forms accurately. If, for example, you have a pre-existing medical condition that may affect the Insurance this must be notified. Also in such a case and where ongoing treatment may be necessary it would be wise to apply for EHIC European Health Insurance Card. If you are a UK resident (or a resident of one of the other EU countries or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Norway) you will be entitled to free or reduced cost state provided health care. Few countries however pay the full cost and therefore this Card should not be considered a substitute for Insurance, but a useful ‘add-on’.

Most Insurance cover will be subject to an upper age limit as standard, but again it is often possible, provided in good health, to pay extra for a variation to be made. Both Airlines and Insurance Companies impose restrictions on pregnant mothers and this should be investigated; 28 weeks is a common cut off point in this regard.

The Holidays offered by Far and Ride are located in ‘stable’ Countries, but if your ideal holiday location does turn into a trouble spot any Insurance refund will be dependant upon whether the Foreign and Commonwealth Office deems your destination to be unsafe. Most Insurance Companies however exclude ‘terrorist acts’ or ‘civil unrest’. Similarly cover for ‘Acts of God’ depends on the nature of the occurrence, but most Companies will explain this before you sign up.

What else?

For other considerations on planning your riding holiday, please visit our resources section.


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