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Packing for a Riding Holiday


Written by Holly Anthony, Owner and Travel Advisor at Far and Ride.

Riding in Latvia

Photo from Gauja National Park, Latvia


Here are some tips to help you pack for a horse riding holiday. Your packing needs will depend on what sort of riding holiday you have booked, the time of year you are travelling, the country you are going to and also your own personal needs, but hopefully these tips will help you with the basics. The lists are by no means exhaustive… I haven’t even gone so far as to mention taking your passport and you might not get very far without that! If you are heading out on a Far and Ride holiday soon then you will receive a packing list from us which relates specifically to your chosen holiday, though you should feel free to contact us at anytime if you need some advice on what to take.

The following is based on my own personal experiences and following my good fortune to have ridden in almost 20 countries worldwide (with more to come!). There is nothing worse than finding yourself abroad on an adventure feeling unprepared, cold or uncomfortable so I recommend that you take some time to plan what you are taking with you. I like to write myself an elaborate list in the week before I go and then I don’t let myself leave the house until everything is ticked off!


Top Tips

- clean your riding boots and wear them during the journey to save space in your luggage
- put your riding hat in your hand luggage so that you have your riding equipment with you in the event that your main luggage is lost or delayed
- put your camera inside your riding hat, in your hand luggage, for the journey to help protect it
- always pack a jacket which is waterproof and windproof, even if you will be travelling to a sunny climate – choose one suitable for riding which will not flap in the wind and spook the horse
- wear clothes which you have already worn in to ensure that they are comfortable
- avoid dark colours for hot climates and stick to bush-coloured items when on safari
- think about your choice of underwear! Big seams are a definite no-no as they are liable to chafe and ladies are best off wearing a sports bra. Good socks are an essential (cotton recommended)
- carry your smaller daily essentials in a waistbag so that they are easily accessible when on the move
- don’t forget to pack some respectable pyjamas if you’ll be sharing a room


The Basics

- professionally fitted riding helmet – vented and with a peak or wide brim for sun protection is advised (you can buy a wide-brimmed hat cover)
- riding boots – good grip is essential if you will be trail riding as you may need to dismount and lead your horse on difficult terrain
- comfortable jodhpurs or breeches in a practical colour
- half-chaps help to prevent rubs and also offer protection against dense vegetation on trails
- riding gloves – even if you don’t wear these at home you don’t know what the reins on your holiday will be like and they can rub! Gloves also offer warmth in colder weather and protect your hands from becoming sunburnt
- practical tops – long-sleeved cotton shirts are best in my opinion as they keep you cool and offer protection against the sun, insects and branches. Can be layered with a vest underneath and a gilet on top


Holly’s Essential Items (things that are often forgotten!)

- contact details for your hosts and the travel agency you booked with
- SPF lip balm
- bandana
- sunglasses on a lanyard
- sunhat
- blister plasters
- anti-chafing cream (like that used by cyclists) for long rides
- chargers and plug adaptors
- solar charger/battery pack if on an adventurous ride or when camping
- notepad and pen to keep a diary
- reading material for bedtime (but you might well be too tired!)
- antibacterial hand gel
- small torch (or head torch)
- something comfortable and cosy to wear in the evenings


For more ideas and suggestions for specific products you can buy for your riding holiday, please also take a look at the packing list provided by Lucy Higginson, former editor of Horse and Hound magazine and riding holiday enthusiast: Lucy Higginson’s Top Packing Tips for Riding Trips.


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