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Holiday Report: Petra Trails, Jordan

Patrizia with one of the beautiful ArabsPetra Trails, Jordan, May 2010

Petra to Wadi Rum Trail (10 day), Patrizia M.

From 13th – 22nd May 2010, Patrizia took the 10 day Petra to Wadi Rum trail at our Petra Trails destination in Jordan. Below is the feedback that she kindly offered to share with us all by answering the questions on her feedback form.

How would you sum your holiday up in 2-3 sentences?

A breathtaking experience where no detail was left to chance. I enjoyed the striving for excellence and the company’s really genuine passion for equestrian tourism.

Overall, how did you find the holiday?

Very relaxing. I felt in safe hands since the 8th Feb when I received a very reassuring email from Jessica regarding my dietary requirements. During the tour, while having the impression that time had stopped ticking, everything was run smoothly under the guidance of experienced, capable and knowledgeable people.

What was your favourite memory?

It’s difficult to only pick out one, but I was astonished by the loving and caring manner with which the horses were accurately treated. Not to mention the fact that no request was ever denied throughout the tour. Probably the most enjoyable memory is the visit to the local children and the fire that was set up every night.

Patrizia with a childWould you return for another trip?

Without a doubt. If my professional position was not so unstable then I would have certainly booked already.

What would you suggest to improve the holiday?

I would not have minded paying a small deposit for the use of the tent, as it would encourage the tourists to respect the available equipment more, leaving it in better condition for the next tour.

Were you happy with the accommodation?

I was more than happy with the hotel arrangements, as they were all perfectly chosen according to the needs of the tour. The first two were a bit more lively and the last one was very luxurious and elegant, to appropriately leave a good lasting souvenir (the icing on the cake) of such a memorable holiday.

Patrizia ridingWere you satisfied with the food?

The food was actually one of the major features of this lovely holiday, as it was always freshly prepared and the leftovers were given to the lucky animals that happened to be passing by the camps. It was almost a daily request to prepare less food in order not to waste it.

Were you happy with the horse you rode?

I fell in love after the first canter. As I had requested, the Arab reflected my personality – sensitive but at the same time active. The Arab is a graceful creature, powerful and at times stubborn, but extraordinarily sweet and amenable.

Impressive templeWere the transfer arrangements ok?

Bajan: A lovely taxi – driver who in a very friendly, knowledgeable manner explained the major points of interest. During the longest transfer he stopped to give us the chance to take pictures of the most panoramic sites. He also offered us a drink and gave us the possibility of a toilet stop and to stretch our legs.

Was your guide helpful and polite?

Sufian, the guide in Petra, was very accurate, competent and passionate about his land and his specific subject. Rami was the extension of what the horses could not say, as he knew each one perfectly. He was a people person who accommodated every request without making you feel uneasy.

Read more about this ride here: Petra Trails, Jordan.


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