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Holiday Report: Sierra de Mijas, Spain

Starter Trail programme, Sierra de Mijas Ride, Summer 2008
Shirley E.

20 minutes drive from Malaga airport, but another world! Located in the Andalasian countryside, Sierra de Mijas is clean, attractive and well-organised. The horses are well maintained and corralled in large herds- you can spend a long time just watching them!

My friend and I opted for the “Starter Trail” because we wanted to ride through the countryside but also have the comfort of staying in the same location each night. Believe me, after a days riding, you really appreciate a hot shower, air-conditioning and a comfortable bed!!

We rode though wonderful, varying countryside, enjoying breath-taking views of the inland and coastal areas and lots of opportunities for extended canters.

The horses themselves were amazing – beautiful, responsive, and sure-footed. They negotiated steep tracks up and down the mountains without concern (unlike the riders!) and had the stamina to cope easily with six days riding. The saddles look odd, but they are very comfortable. I’m glad I took my riding hat – not only did it protect me from the searing heat, but also stayed on during fast riding!

Be warned! If you go in summer, the heat is intense. Also, on a couple of days, we had to get off the horses and walk – half an hour walking uphill in temperatures of 42 degrees is no joke!

If you go, make sure you bring your swimming costume (there is a small pool) and be prepared for few people speaking English. We had a marvellous holiday and will go again – next time in spring or autumn and we’ll take a travel kettle with us!


 Read more about this ride here: Sierra de Mijas Ride


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