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Holiday Report: Sierra Nevada, Spain

Sierra Nevada Horses

Sierra Nevada, September 2008
Lucy M.

As we were flying into Granada, we decided to arrive on a Friday and spend Saturday and Sunday visiting the Alhambra and other areas of this beautiful city.  This is well worth doing, particularly as Manolo (who owns and runs the riding school) will pick you up from your hotel.

On arriving at the cave hotel we were delighted by our accommodation.  We had a sitting room, small kitchen, shower room and bedroom.  Part of this accommodation was dug into the hillside, so you sleep in a cave and the whole ‘cottage’ retains a perfect temperature whether hot or cool outside.  When you are not riding there is a small pool where you can swim and sunbathe whilst enjoying the lovely views – we had the pool all to ourselves when we were there!  The food at the hotel is excellent – good traditional Spanish food with lots of local dishes.

Every day Manolo picks you up to drive the short distance to his stables – also caves.  As we were inexperienced riders with only a few lessons behind us, the structure of each day was perfect.  We would have a lesson first in the arena followed by a good ride out into the countryside.  On the last day you just do a three hour ride.  By the end of our stay we had learnt such a lot and with Manolo’s excellent teaching had improved our skills day by day.

The countryside is delightful and you ride through fertile valleys irrigated by ancient water courses bring water from the mountains; you can see eagles flying overhead and enjoy a horseback view of the stunning Andalucian scenery.

Read more about the ride here: Sierra Nevada.


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