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Escorted Trips – 2011

July 15th, 2011

Escorted Riding Holidays for 2011.

Far and Ride now have four escorted riding holidays arranged for 2011 (so far!) and these are ideal for the single traveller. ‘Escorted’ means that you are accompanied by a member of staff from the Far and Ride office, ensuring that you have good (or so we like to think!) company. It also helps to encourage bookings from other single travellers so that you can make up a good group and find new friends who share your passion for riding and horses. We’d love to have you along to ride with us!

So far for 2011:

A photo by our client Sonya3rd – 11th September, Nature Park Trail, Sicily.

This trail will be escorted by Sarah – [email protected]

This new horseback riding journey will surprise even the most seasoned equestrian with its beauty, as you ride through four Sicilian parks: the Madonie, Nebrodi, Etna and Alcantara. The itinerary from Cefalù to Taormina is characterised by an evocative landscape, a mixture of history, culture and traditions.

This particular trail date now also has an amazing 250 Euros discount so not only can you make new friends but you can save money on a fabulous trip too.
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Holiday Report: Bosko’s Ranch and Croatian Culture, Croatia

July 6th, 2011

Sue on MiaKrka Trail, Bosko’s Ranch and Croatian Culture, Croatia, 2011.

Sue Maling.

In June 2011, Sue Maling and her husband, Jon, rode the Krka Trail at Bosko’s Ranch in Croatia. Sue kindly offered to share her thoughts on the ride and here’s what she had to say about their Croatian adventure:

“The first day of the holiday was a real disaster, I’d had a puncture so we had to swap cars to get to the airport. The airport parking service was as slow as the ‘Speedy’ boarding and check in so even with running to the gate we still missed our very early morning flight to Split from Stansted. We managed to book an alternative from Gatwick so rang the ranch to tell them the new times and apologise – Dijana (Bosko’s wife) was already on her way to the airport but nothing was too much trouble and she was more than happy to pick us up later… much later! We eventually arrived at the ranch gone almost 11pm and I thought that dinner would be out of the question. How wrong can you be? This is Eastern Europe and eating is REALLY important and hey, 11pm is no time. There was a large group all singing along to a guitar, having just spent the weekend there at the ranch. We had an amazing meal, the most tender beef I have ever tasted – I never eat beef in the UK as it’s just too tough for me. Very nice with some very smooth, home-produced red wine.
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Holiday Report: Algarve Beach and Forest, Portugal

June 27th, 2011

Sarah on TrovaoWest Coast Ride, Algarve Beach and Forest, Portugal, 2011.

Sarah Ritchie, Far and Ride.

In April 2011, I escorted the Four Day West Coast Ride in the Algarve, a destination I spent four months working at last summer. After spending a fantastic summer there last year and realising it was a wonderful destination for plenty of riding in unspoiled landscapes, I was delighted to be able to escort a trip there. I took five clients along, one of whom had been to this destination before but for a based stay rather than a trail ride. The quinta is owned and run by Jinny Harman, an experienced English horsewoman, and the trail was led by two experienced guides, Nat and Joel. Despite having spent time there, I had not experienced the wonderful scenery the West Coast had to offer and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. We were very lucky with the weather as the forecast was not at all good whilst we were there. We somehow managed to get away with most of the rain and stormy weather being overnight, leaving mostly sunny days with the odd shower and cloudy moments.
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Holiday Report: Kupres Farm, February 2011, Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 15th, 2011

Far and Ride LadiesKupres Farm, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011.

Holly Anthony and Sarah Ritchie, Far and Ride.

“Just enjoy!”

In February 2011, Holly and Sarah from Far and Ride took three clients to Kupres in Bosnia & Herzegovina for a week of horse riding and skiing. This is the ultimate budget holiday and although they don’t have the facilities and equipment of many of our destinations, Mate, Marko and their team certainly weren’t lacking in hospitality or fantastic riding countryside. A week of horse riding and skiing costs approximately £550 per person for full board accommodation, airport transfers and all activities. Pure riding holidays here are available from less than £400 per person, value for money that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s what the Far and Ride girls had to say about their Bosnian adventure…


“When Far and Ride first received an email from Mate in 2010, he wrote “my English is not so good, but my offer is fantastic!”. In fact, his offer was so good that at first we thought he must have made a mistake. As we learnt more about these riding packages, it became clear to us that this had the potential to be an excellent budget option for riders looking for maximum adventure with minimum impact on their bank accounts. We sent a good Croatian friend to check it out for us and she was delighted with the people and the riding, as well as the warm welcome she received. Our first clients were so happy with their visit that they’ve already been back there and formed a great friendship with Mate and his business partner Marko.
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Holiday Report: Kupres Farm, Bosnia and Herzegovina

November 9th, 2010

Rachael and RobertKupres Farm, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2010

Rachael and Robert B.

In September 2010, Rachael and Robert spent four days and nights at our Kupres destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rachael was kind enough to share their glowing feedback, as well as their photos, and this are their impressions of the farm. They are a well-travelled English couple with many years of riding experience.

“I just wanted to let you know that we are now back from Bosnia. It was a brilliant holiday, everything you described and more. My only regret is that we did not stay for longer but we will definitely be going back.

I have to admit I was almost put off by the price – I thought that for that price it would be awful. That is why we asked for four days only so if it was bad, it was only four days stuck there, not a week! How wrong I was. We have travelled and ridden in a lot of countries and many we would not go back to, often there is something wrong or dangerous or just silly prices eg. picked up in a 3 wheel car driven by a wannabe racing driver, dirty accommodation, a girth that looks likely to snap or a horse who is skin and bones. However, we will definitely go back to Kupres.
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Holiday Report: Molise, Italy

September 6th, 2010

Holly and Promise with a wonderful backdropMolise, Italy, Valley of the Bear Trail, 2010.

Holly Anthony, Far and Ride.

From 21st – 28th August 2010, I escorted a group of Far and Ride clients on The Valley of the Bear Trail in Molise, Italy. We run escorted trails to benefit clients who may feel uneasy about travelling alone, or simply those who are looking for extra company during their holiday. The trip was without doubt a success and this is my ‘holiday report’. I hope that you enjoy it!

“In sella!”

Our Saturday arrival to the farmhouse of Astrid and Carmine, the hosts of this destination, was delayed by a few hours due to baggage claim taking longer than usual. As this was my first time escorting clients I admit that I was somewhat nervous about our late arrival, though I knew that Astrid and Carmine were easy going as Sue from Far and Ride has been there twice before. I needn’t have worried – we were greeted with smiles, hugs, kisses and drinks! It was the perfect welcome after a long day of travel. We threw down our luggage and made our acquaintance with the other guests before settling down to chilled glass of local wine or a refreshing beer. Dinner was next up and I was certainly not disappointed with the cooking which I had heard so much about – delicious pasta followed by perfectly cooked meat, bread and a refreshing salad (with melon in… an idea which I will try at home!). To round it off we enjoyed some fresh local peaches before heading to our various quarters for a good night of sleep. The farmhouse features a large bedroom which can accommodate six (and has screens for privacy), a double room available for couples and a ‘museum’ which is available for socialising and also has a single bed. The large room and museum are situated around the back of the house and have their own separate shower and toilet block. The double room in the main part of the house is next to the farmhouse shower room also available to guests.
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Holiday Report: Kupres Farm, Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 11th, 2010

Goga cantering in KupresKupres Farm, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2010.

Goga Galic, Far and Ride.

On Friday afternoon I met up with my host Mate in Split and we went to Kupres. The trip was around 2 hours from Split to Kupres and it was nice, even though it started raining when we entered Bosnia and Herzegovina. When we arrived in Kupres, Mate took me to his house where I stayed for the rest of the weekend. I met his lovely wife Nada, his son Marko and daughter Ana. We had a nice late lunch and went to see the ranch where there is the stables and cabin for the guests. The cabin is really nice, a mixture of wooden beams and a rustic look with more modern features. The ranch is situated just 2 kilometers outside of Kupres town. There I met Mate’s friend and partner, Marko, and his horses. The stables are great. They clean the stables every day, sometimes twice a day if it’s winter. The horses were outside in the pasture and only the Arabian stallion Maroko and two other horses were inside (who just came a few days ago for the stabling). Mate and Marko cleaned the stables and they prepared feed for each horse before letting the horses in the stables. It was so lovely to see the horses coming to the stable from the pasture. Young, year old foals were the first to arrive followed by other horses, twelve of them in total. They all waited patiently to be put into their own box. After the horses were taken care of, Mate and I returned to his house where we had a nice cup of tea and snack followed by a chat and relaxation.
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Holiday Report: Petra Trails, Jordan

June 7th, 2010

Patrizia with one of the beautiful ArabsPetra Trails, Jordan, May 2010

Petra to Wadi Rum Trail (10 day), Patrizia M.

From 13th – 22nd May 2010, Patrizia took the 10 day Petra to Wadi Rum trail at our Petra Trails destination in Jordan. Below is the feedback that she kindly offered to share with us all by answering the questions on her feedback form.

How would you sum your holiday up in 2-3 sentences?

A breathtaking experience where no detail was left to chance. I enjoyed the striving for excellence and the company’s really genuine passion for equestrian tourism.

Overall, how did you find the holiday?

Very relaxing. I felt in safe hands since the 8th Feb when I received a very reassuring email from Jessica regarding my dietary requirements. During the tour, while having the impression that time had stopped ticking, everything was run smoothly under the guidance of experienced, capable and knowledgeable people.

What was your favourite memory?

It’s difficult to only pick out one, but I was astonished by the loving and caring manner with which the horses were accurately treated. Not to mention the fact that no request was ever denied throughout the tour. Probably the most enjoyable memory is the visit to the local children and the fire that was set up every night.
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Holiday Report: Escorted Trail, Magic of Istria, Croatia

May 26th, 2010

Magic of Istria, Croatia, Escorted Trail, May 2010

Emma Thompson, Far and Ride

Riders and ruinsThe trip began with a good flight from London Stansted to Pula and we were greeted by glorious sunshine. Petar (the owner of the horses and organiser of this ride) transferred us to the ranch and it felt good to be back in such a beautiful country after my last visit in November. After some time to relax, dinner began with a traditional home-made soup, followed by pasta with a tasty chicken sauce. Dessert was a bowl of mini doughnut pieces covered in sugar, we all looked at the bowl and said “we will never eat all of those.” How wrong we were! We drank locally produced wine and mistletoe liqueur whilst getting to know each other. Then it was time for bed so we would be ready to meet our horses in the morning.

Breakfast, served at 8.30, consisted of coffee and tea (we brought tea bags over!), bread, butter, home-made jam, salami, cheeses and ham. Some of us walked with Petar to collect the horses whilst the others went in the car. I was introduced to Michelle – a 6yr old Appaloosa mare of around 16hh. My first impressions were that she seemed spirited and a little insecure. The other horses were Vita (4yr old coloured mare, solid type), Sharon (10yr old Appaloosa, 16hh), Valentino (Petar’s horse, 15.2hh and 20 yrs old!), Victoria (15.3hh, 15yr old bay mare) and Fulia (16.2hh warmblood type, chestnut, gentle giant!). Sue and I lunged our younger horses (Vita and Michelle) and although Vita did not want to comply to start with, she soon learned to trust Sue. Michelle had nice paces and listened well.
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New Rides: Wales, Costa Rica and the USA

May 24th, 2010

Here at Far and Ride we have just added three spectacular new rides in Wales, Costa Rica and the USA. These destinations offer wonderful riding opportunities amidst some of the world’s most beautiful and varied scenery and on some of the best trained horses.

Paul riding Blondie in the Brecon BeaconsBrecon Beacons and Beyond, Wales

World class trail riding over the Brecon Beacons and beyond. These riding holidays are set in some of the most beautiful and undiscovered parts of Wales and fit, fine and sure-footed Welsh Cobs are the perfect mounts. Run by the Turner family with over 40 years experience, this is trail riding not to be forgotten.

These cobs defy the usual ‘ploddy’ reputation and are forward-going and more than happy to give you a thrilling gallop through the lush Welsh countryside. Many are homebred and broken, therefore ensuring that they have been raised with trail riding in mind and are ideally suited to the terrain. Wales has some of the greatest landscapes in the UK ranging from the mountains and hills to the stretches of clear coastline. There are trails here to suit a variety of riders – the adventurous kind can try the Trans Wales Trail which takes you across the length and breadth of the country or there are less challenging and based options for others. This is a friendly and relaxed destination with pub stops, tasty food and new friends waiting to meet you.

For more information see the Brecon Beacons and Beyond page.

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