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Horse Riding Holidays, New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful island country, consisting of two large islands (and various smaller ones) in the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean. The scenic beauty is well known with a landscape which is a dramatic mixture of mountains, glacier, fiords and rapid rivers. There are also gentle fields of grass, quiet lakes and evergreen forests. It also has extensive marine resources and the sea here is remarkable. The climate in both islands is generally mild and temperate but the South Island tends to be cooler with less sunshine. Weather can vary greatly between areas but the climate throughout the country makes it beautifully suited to exciting riding. The South Island is usually wetter whereas some regions of the North Island are semi-arid.

New Zealand was originally settled by Eastern Polynesians who went on to develop the distinct culture known as Māori. The islands came under British rule in 1840 and amongst its interesting history is the fact that it was the first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote (1893). Although made an independent nation in 1947, Queen Elizabeth II is still head of state (merely symbolic) and English is the most commonly spoken language.

Horse riding is one of the best ways to truly explore New Zealand from beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, to snow-capped volcanoes and enchanting native forests. Riding on horseback allows you to get back to nature and enjoy the solitude and harmony of the New Zealand wilderness. You can choose from riding over coastal treks along white-sand beaches or ride under the shadows of snow-topped dormant volcanoes. If you are a Middle Earth fan, Glenorchy in the South Island, was used for many filming locations from The Lord of the Rings and is located at the gateway to Mount Aspiring National Park. Imagine riding with orcs and hobbits.

This beautiful country with its exciting terrain, variable weather, special wildlife and great culture is an excellent riding destination, particularly for that authentic Lord of the Rings experience!

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Mountain Pack Trails, New Zealand

The Mountain Pack Trails horse riding holiday, in New Zealand
Adventurous pack trips in the snow capped mountains of New Zealand's South Island. These multi day pack trips have been designed and tailored to give guests some of the greatest experiences of the New Zealand back country, offering a trip that is both demanding and inspiring. Each day your amiable horses will carry guests and packs through the rugged mountain passes, fording great rivers and crossing wide plains. In the evenings enjoy a taste of the simpler life, with delicious meals cooked over an open fire and marvellous rustic shepherd lodges (or tents) as your home.

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