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Our resources area is aimed at providing you with the information, links and understanding you need to make the most of planning, enjoying and remembering your riding holiday. Here you'll find details on how to choose a riding holiday, booking it, getting insurance and equipment before you set off, what to expect once and how to make the most of it once you are there.

Of course, we know that everyone has unique requirements and preferences, and at Far and Ride we pride ourselves on personal service. So if you are unsure about any aspect of choosing or preparing for your holiday please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team have a broad knowledge of all the destinations and so can help advise you on every aspect for the perfect trip.



  • Payment - Read about our financial protection and the available payment methods we offer.
  • Insurance - For advice and links on travel insurance for horse riding holidays, see this page.
  • Riding Equipment and Gear - Online stores and tips for what you might need to take with you.
  • Questions - Frequently asked questions about our trips.
  • UK Riding Schools - Find a trustworthy school for a few last minute lessons.
  • Glossary - An overview of equestrian terms.
  • Sitemap - FarAndRide.com website sitemap.


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