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Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria


It was a fantastic experience. We were riding through the beautiful places in the Balkan Mountains on very hard working and brave horses. It was challenging and sometimes difficult but thanks to our guides always safe. Fantastic guide always polite and helpful. I was impressed with his knowledge of horses and the history of Bulgaria. He translated everything into French and English.

Dorota S.
The holiday was very good, beautiful scenery, mountains, forests & lakes. The accommodation was very basic but the food was excellent throughout the holiday both in quantity and quality. Alex was a terrific guide polite, knowledgeable and good fun.

Alastair M.
700 photos in six days describes the Wow! factor and hospitality that turns into personal friendships, the welcome. I will try not to be too over effusive in my praise.

Geoff B.
Excellent family programme - it was unusual in that it was completely different from anything we have done before. It was brilliant - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves riding through the forest and meadows, having lunch in a local person's house, camping and fishing. Excellent charming and knowledgeable guides and host. Definitely will return. 10/10

Very well organised from airport to mountain hut. Knowledgeable guide and sure-footed horses. Riding through the snow on a mountain top was the most exhilarating thing we have ever done. My favourite memory was galloping through the snow in between the mountains.

The trail was perfect from the beginning to the end. Beautiful mountains, amazing views, fantastic horses, well schooled, forward going and sure-footed in difficult terrain. Very good, knowledgeable guides, simple, but nice accommodation, excellent food all week. I had a wonderful holiday and I hope I'll be able to come back next year.

Helena J.
The trip to Balkan was fantastic. The guide for the trail was wonderful, very knowedgeable and spoke perfect english. The accommodation and food was excellent. The horses were the best part of the hoilday though. Myself and my partner have both said we will definitely go again next year.

Emma B.
I had a great week. Miro was my guide and he was lovely - knows the area like the back of his hand and really knows about the wildlife and nature. My horse for the week was also lovely, didn't bat an eyelid at anything! Food was great and plentiful, I had to keep telling them they were bringing me too much!

Karen H.
Throughly enjoyable week - beautiful scenery, great riding, good company. The trail took us to mountain huts and guest houses in the hills and the monastery was a delightful stopover. My favourite memory was riding through meadows of wildflowers and gazing down the mountains on a rural landscape seemingly unchanged in centuries.

Malcolm W.
Perfect! Just as described. Fantastic ride in amazing scenery with wonderful hosts and a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. Great food and hospitality wherever we went! Stayed in some of the most beautiful places imaginable! Horse was great - very willing and reliable and coped well with the difficult terrain.

Emily B.
It took me to 'another place', both in my head, visually and with the riding.

Augusta G.
Wonderful riding on a well cared for horse, in beautiful mountain ranges and comfortable Western saddles. The terrain was varied with mountains and open fields, and the guide was excellent, as was the comfortable guest house and food.

Pat B.
Lots of time in beautiful. stunning and unspoilt countryside with excellent hospitality and characterful accommodation. The tack was in good condition and very comfortable. (Favourite Memory?) Walking through fog and seeing semi wild horses appear!

Helen S.
Fabulous! Exceeded all my expectations. A beautiful country, happy and healthy horses, a challenging and varied trail with great guides and company. I feel I got a real taste of Bulgaria - its landscape, culture and way of life. (Favourite memory?) Too many to choose from! The company - we had a great group and lovely guides. The mountain huts, long canters on the last 2 days, the food, my horse, the weather (kept things interesting!), the scenery, the wildflowers, our hosts. There are no bad memories, only great ones!

Ellie M.
Fabulous. The guides were great; the accommodation super, the space we rode through stunning and the horses were very happy with a good gallop. First Class! Paulo & Veronica were great. My inability to speak Bulgarian didn't hamper the communication with Paulo at all - we either "got it" or Veronica (whose English is first class) translated.

Donna F. (Balkan Base)
Fabulous Trip. Wonderful people, horses and nature. (Were you happy with the horses and equipment?) Very much. Good that they had rain ponchos for guests to use too.

Michael F. (Panorama Trail)
Had the most amazing week riding in the beautiful mountains of Bulgaria. My guide, Alex, was fantastic. His knowledge of the area was second to none and we had exciting rides every day. He looked after me extremely well. The horses were beautiful and well trained and well looked after. Tanya at the guest house was a lovely lady and cooked very tasty meals, so much so I gained 3lbs in a week! Thank you for organising this trip, it really was the best holiday ever.

Jane T.
Beautiful scenery, lovely horses, amazing experience. The owners were v. friendly and accommodating. Beds quite hard but nothing uncomfortable. Food incredible, everything really fresh and tasty. My horse was lovely. All very well looked after and well loved. Western saddles very comfy and in good nick. Alex (guide) was awesome. He was fun and interesting but made sure everyone was happy and safe. (Favourite memory?) Galloping my Arab horse very fast!

Rachel A. (Balkan Mountain Trail)
Absolutely perfect holiday! Well organised from the start, friendly and experienced guides, stunning mountain scenery, forward going but well mannered and lovely horses. The mountain huts were basic as we were warned, the guesthouses were lovely and comfortable, the food in all was fantastic. Very happy with my horse, he was very well looked after and a pleasure to ride. Equipment and tack good quality and in good condition. Veronika and Pavlin (guides) were both a pleasure to ride and spend time with. (Favourite memory?) Too many to choose from but probably riding through such beautiful unspoilt country on a very sure-footed horse.

Corina (Singing Rocks)
An authentic mountain adventure with amazing scenery, views and culture. Loved every minute. Accommodation mixed in quality (but no complaints). Hosts were fantastic. Food was brilliant and plentiful! Fabulous horses. Loved the way that although well schooled their characters and nature were always present. The track was in great condition. Alex (the guide) was very competent, professional and friendly. He was very safe, knew his horses as well as the trails. The driver was friendly and ever helpful and went out of his way to help us in challenging situations. (Favourite memory?) The views and the brilliant horses with loads of individual character but well schooled and suited to the terrain.

Marian & Sian (Sept 2018)


Type of horses:

East Bulgarian half breeds, Hanoverian and Arab.

Nature of horses:

Well schooled, calm, forward going, tough, thoughtful and wise.

Height of horses:

13.2 hh -16.2 hh

Weight limit:

90 kg however, heavier riders can be catered for by arrangement, please inform us on your request if you weigh more than 90 kgs.

Tack type:

Western only. All American imports.


Travel Advice

Please ensure you read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice before you travel.

Ride Description

Situated on the northern side of the Balkan Mountain Range in Bulgaria, on the outskirts of the mountain village of Apriltsi, lies this fantastic riding centre which offers two beautiful trail rides and based programmes. Here in the heart of Bulgaria the riding is sensational - far away from traffic, work and everyday life, you can ride right into the mountains to find the freshest air and the cleanest rivers. Nature is everything here and the wildlife adds to the sense of adventure with the smell of the roses and lavendulas, the taste of the cool, white wine made from the local grapes, the real yoghurt and the sun-ripened tomatoes. The stables are surrounded by beautiful fields, a little creek and a mountain lake with green and blooming meadows all around. There is also a little Western bar where guests can enjoy a drink and watch the grazing horses. The views of Mt Botev, standing at 2376m, add to the feeling of the riding centre and the Central Balkan National Park lies just next door. The brown bear is the symbol of the park and you will often see their tracks during your rides.

Riding here is based on the fantastic scenery and famous hospitality that Bulgaria has to offer and if you want to get back to nature, with the help of natural horsepower, then this is the right choice for you. Encounters with the charming local people add an element of culture to the trips and help to make the setting even more ideal for a horseback adventure. The centre uses local East Bulgarian horses or these crossed with Arabians. The local horses are known as being tough, thoughtful and wise and when crossed with the famous strength and stamina of the Arab, it makes for a satisfying companion. The horses are healthy, taken good care of and are accustomed to the mountainous terrain. They are always given days off to ensure that they are in good shape for the rides and riding is in Western tack which is comfortable for the lengthy trail rides and supportive for the challenging mountain riding.

The mountain riding and adventures in the wilderness will show you why horse riding in Bulgaria is something special and with a sure-footed horse and a trusty guide, you are sure to enjoy the experience.

See Programmes.


Food & Accommodation

You can opt for private accommodation, but usually you will stay in a house together with the other riders in double rooms. The shower/toilet facilities are limited and the accommodation is basic.

Private accommodation in Bulgaria is to be compared with 'Bed & breakfast' in England and of course you have some privacy during the stay. The stay is with full board and all meals are enjoyed in the house or outside in the garden. During the daily rides a picnic is organised for lunch or you bring a lunch package.

Another option is to stay in one of the small, local hotels (additional fee), some of them offer swimming pools. We can arrange the accommodation to suit your needs and requirements.

During the trail rides accommodation varies, depending on the ride you choose, some may offer limited shower facilities due to the remote nature of the trail and mountain huts are very basic. Expect to find a mixture of hotels, chalets, shelters, mountain huts during your trail ride.

These riding programmes generally include all meals and mineral water. Soft drinks, wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks are not included and are paid for on the spot.

The sun, the vine and wine have been symbols of Bulgaria since time began. Thracians the first known inhabitants of the Balkan peninsula were experienced vine growers and wine producers. It was believed that Thracian wine is a precious elixir which provided strength courage and inspiration. Today wine growing and wine production is an important part of Bulgarian life.

Beside the variety of wines there are local alcoholic drinks such as rakia (home made brandy), mastika and menta. All of these may be tried on your holiday.

Owing to the relatively warm climate and diverse geography the land hosts excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits, Bulgarian cuisine is particularly diverse. It is tasty, spicy and varied. Famous for its rich salads accompanying every meal, Bulgarian shopska salata is a common salad that blends tomatoes, roasted or raw red or green peppers, garlic, onion, parsley, sunflower oil, cucumbers, red-wine vinegar and feta cheese. Its preparation varies from household to household but it is the definitive Bulgarian salad.

Bulgarian cuisine is also noted for the diversity and quality of dairy products (the Bulgarians invented yoghurt) and also features a variety of hot and cold soups, an example of a cold soup being tarator. Every Bulgarian meal is accompanied by hearty white bread (khliab), similar to Serbian pogacha. Bulgarians love kachamak, a type of polenta known as mamaliga to Romanians. It is a common side dish when mixed with cheese. The Bulgarian diet is rich in legumes and grains. One particular legume from the Rhodopi Mountains is called smilianski bob and is like a buttery lima bean in flavour.

A sweet ending to a Bulgarian meal might be Bulgarian baklava or banitza, a flaky filo roll filled with sweetened pumpkin, apple-walnut or other fillings. All of this delicious food will help you to enjoy your hours out of the saddle too!



Hiking, cycling, visits to museum towns, monasteries and bird watching. In Apriltsi you can go to the swimming pool, rent a bike or hike in the mountains.

The closest, larger town is Troyan, about 25 km from Apriltsi. Troyan is a nice town with shopping streets and cafés. Near Troyan you will find the third biggest monastery in Bulgaria: The Troyan Monastery. This is possible to visit on a daytrip by car.

About 50 km from Apriltsi is the city of Gabrovo and here you find the famous ethnographical museum Etara with houses and buildings from medieval Bulgaria. Further on from this, heading north you will find the architectural city of Veliko Tarnovo, this was once the Capital, but is now well known for its architecture and the fortress of Tsarevets.

If monasteries are of special interest to you, then this is the right area to explore.


Further Details

Languages: English, German

Health requirements: No special requirements

Age limit: None within reason

Tuition: No

Included: Accommodation, meals (varies according to the itinerary), mineral water, set time transfers from and to Sofia airport and riding as per itinerary.

Not included: Flights, travel insurance, drinks (apart from mineral water), tips and personal expenses.


Travel Information

The base is situated approximately 180 km from Sofia (approximately three hours by car). One transfer is arranged for arrival and one transfer for departure. You will be met in the airport by a transfer guide with a sign "Riding Base Balkan" We recommend arrival at the airport not later that 17.00 and a departure flight after 12.00. The time of departure between the airport and the mountains is arranged around the arrival time of the last guest and the departure of the guest with the earliest flight time. If a guest is staying in Sofia before or after the riding holiday, then the meeting point is still in the airport not In the city. Meeting times will be announced 8-10 days prior to guest's arrival when all the flight times have been confirmed. If your flight arrives after 18.00 then an extra charge will be implemented of 150 euros per car as per the individual transfers.

Individual transfer or transfers at times not corresponding with the above are available at an additional fee of 150 EUR per car (up to three persons), one way. Individual transfer has to be confirmed in advance and the additional fee is to be paid on the spot in cash.

Airport: Sofia

Alternative Airport: Plovdiv



Balkan Mountain Trail

Are you dreaming of a trail along ancient paths, over impressive mountains, through quiet mountain passes, along running water and roaring waterfalls? And further more enjoying the wonderful mountain scenery, crossing the pasture to small hidden and forgotten villages? This trail is for riders wishing to try everything. This is the destination's classic trail ride, following a route over two mountains through the Valley of Roses. The ride features unspoilt landscapes, a chance to experience the real life of villages and the opportunity to witness the local culture from horseback.

During the trail you ride over the Balkan Range through the National Park and the lower mountains of Sredna Gora and in between you ride through the famous Valley of Roses - not just a name but this is a spectacular vision of roses and the perfume is intoxicating. This trail follows the ancient paths that for hundreds of years have connected the North of Bulgaria with its Southern parts.

Lunch may be a picnic or a saddlebag picnic.


Arrival at Sofia Airport and transportation to the riding centre in the Balkan mountains. Transfer is around three hours.


Today is the introduction day where you will be matched with your horse. After that a leisurely ride out of the town of Apriltsi is planned in order to gain knowledge of your horse habits and the start of a partnership with your horse. After a picnic lunch the trek starts by climbing the mountains (roughly three hours) to the first chalet.

Apriltsi is a small town, settled at the foot of the Central Balkan Range and it has a rich history. The combination of the local hospitality, the cosiness of the hotels and the guest houses with the beauty of the surrounding mountains nature will leave a lasting memory for visitors. Here is known as the kingdom of the rocks, inaccessible and steep rocks rise from all sides of the mountain.


The ride continues through the Central Balkan National Park and Mount Botev (2376 m a.s.l.) thus providing superb view towards the Thrace Plain. After six - seven hours ride the day ends in a small monastery where the riders and horses will find rest for the night. You will enjoy a picnic lunch along the way.


In the morning some time will be spent exploring the daily life in the monastery and the neighbouring small town. After lunch the trail continues through the “Valley of Roses” and after nearly five hours you reach the Sredna Gora Mountains where you will spend the night in a chalet.


The whole day is dedicated to riding over varying terrain around the riding centre “The Valley of Roses”. For centuries this place has been producing the priceless attar of roses. The extraction of attar from the roses is very important for the region of Kazanlak. This has been the means of livelihood of the native people and is a century – old cultural tradition.

Here you get the opportunity to play games on the horses combined with relaxation at the edge of a small lake. In the fantastic meadows you can explore the land in trot or gallop together or with the riding guide in the remote surroundings.


In the morning you head north following other hidden trails and after some seven hours you reach the place where you will stay overnight. A picnic lunch will be enjoyed en route.


It is about time to ride back over the mountains to your starting point – Apriltsi. After six hours riding you finally see the stables marking the end of your journey.


After breakfast you say goodbye to the horses, guides and other guests. Transfer to Sofia Airport for departure.

Accommodation: The Balkan Trail is based on seven nights full board accommodation, five of those being spent in the mountains. Two nights are in a family hotel in Apriltsi (double or triple) with showers and toilets, four nights in mountain chalets based on two, three or four bedded rooms with shower and toilets and one night in an old monastery based on double share with shared shower and toilet. The luggage is transported in a support vehicle and the riding guide will accompany the group throughout the trail.
Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 8
Ability description: Intermediate and above.
Type of ride: Trail
Total riding time: 5 - 7 hours riding per day
Departure dates: 2019: 13-20 April, 20-27 April, 4-11 May (Confirmed), 11-18 May (Confirmed), 25 May-1 June (Confirmed), 1-8 June (Confirmed), 8-15 June (Confirmed), 29 June-6 July (Confirmed), 6-13 July (FULL), 13-20 July (FULL), 17-24 August, 24-31 August (Confirmed), 7-14 September, 28 September-5 October, 5-12 October (Confirmed), 12-19 October (Confirmed).
Pricing: 2019:
£942 per person
Price includes full board accommodation, riding, pick up/drop off at Sofia airport at fixed times, English-speaking guide; luggage transportation from point to point.

Supplement of £43 if you are willing to share but no sharer can be found.

Single occupancy is £13 per person per night but is not always available on this trail on certain nights.

Group Discount: There are discounts for groups who book at the same time.
8 riders £86 discount per person
7 riders £65 discount per person
6 riders £43 discount person person
4-5 riders £22 discount per person

Discount of £43 for riders returning for a second time.

The price does not include: tips, drinks (except mineral water) and other personal expenses, maps, flights or travel insurance.

Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding.

All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.

Singing Rocks Trail

High up in the Central Balkan National Park there is a place with rugged and impassable cliffs. A unique place with distinctive flora and fauna that have turned the place into a nature reserve. The Singing Rocks themselves are a set of unique natural formations that crown the ancient beech forest. When the wind blows in the right direction one can hear the “song” of the rocks and it was this phenomenon that has given the reserve its beautiful name.

You also ride in the national park amongst its rich wildlife and rare plants. The air is just as clear as the cold mountain springs you ride along. And the view towards the highest peaks of the Balkan mountain range is simply breathtaking. The trail offers a variety of landscapes and riding paces. The hilly terrain as well as the small plateau on top of the hills offer fantastic opportunities for an unforgettable ride.

The Central Balkan National Park - the land of untouched wildlife and wilderness! The National park is the first PAN Park in Bulgaria (you can read about the European PAN Parks on and is characterised by deep caves, steep slopes and canyons, high waterfalls, and clear fresh water streams. In addition it is a stronghold of Bulgarian nationality and culture. The National park boasts the highest waterfall in Bulgaria, the 125-m high Raiskoto Praskalo. The highest of the Stara Planina peaks – Botev Peak 2376 m above sea level is located on the park’s territory.


Arrival at the airport and transportation to the stables in the Balkan mountains (the transfer is around three hours) in the mountain village of Apriltsi which is situated on the northern side of the Balkan Range about 180 km from Sofia. The riding base is placed in one of the small quarters of the village not far from the end of the road. The stables are placed in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Central Balkan and with the most fantastic panorama behind the buildings.


In the morning you will meet 'your' horse and friend for the week. After the first meeting you will take a leisurely ride out of the town of Apriltsi in order to gain an intimate knowledge of the horses and their habits. You ride about 10 km and you have a picnic near one of the rivers. After lunch and a rest you ride back to the stables in different paces. You overnight in Apriltsi.


The trail starts in the morning and you will ride in a north-eastern direction through some remote villages, enjoying traditional architecture from the Bulgarian revival period. Lunch is eaten at a creek and after about 6 hours in the saddle, riding along the Balkan ridge over beautiful meadows, you will reach the small village of Tabashko which lies at the foothills of the mountain Mara Gidik. Here you will be accommodated in a traditional style (but renovated) guesthouse which offers incredible panoramic views of the surrounding scenery. 


From the monastery the path takes you through the forest and close to the picturesque villages of Stokite and Kupen. This is where the uphill part of your riding really begins. You have lunch on the way. Later on in the afternoon you head for your accommodation, a mountain hut Partizanska Pesen. Today’s riding is about 26km/seven hours.


Today’s ride begins straight after breakfast and takes you further up the mountain through a thick ancient forest. Three hours later you find yourselves by the mountain hut 'Partizanska pesen', where you will have a picnic lunch. The hut is situated on a small mountain top at an altitude of around 1000m. In the afternoon you ride west on the top of the Balkan range. You ride into the 'Central Balkan National Park' and after about one hours ride you are at the mountain hut 'Mazalat' (1620m), where you spend the night.


Today you ride in the 'Singing rocks' reserve. If you are fortunate, and the wind is blowing you hear the song of the beautiful rock formations. There are two places where you need to get off the horses and lead them (both of them about 10-20 m long). You ride for a total of 25 km (roughly seven hours) before you reach the 1450-metre mountain chalet where you overnight.


After breakfast you ride in the northern direction. You ride down the mountains, leave the national park to arrive at Apriltsi. Today's ride is about five hours and finishes back at the base. You will spend the night in the same accommodation as the first two nights where you will receive a farewell dinner.


After breakfast you say goodbye to the horses, guides and other guests. Transfer to the airport for departure.

Accommodation: The trail is based on seven nights and features basic accommodation. Three nights with private accommodation in Apriltsi based on double or triple occupancy with shower and toilet, one night in a private house and one night in a mountain chalet based on double occupancy with facilities on the floor, one night in mountain chalet with 2-5 per room facilities on the floor, one night in mountain chalet with 2-4 per room with shower/toilet.
Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 6
Ability description: Intermediate and above
Type of ride: Trail
Total riding time: 5 - 7 hours a day
Departure dates: 2019: 15-22 June (Confirmed), 22-29 June (FULL), 20-27 July (special departure for experienced riders), 27 July-3 August (Confirmed), 3-10 August, 10-17 August (Confirmed), 31 August-7 September, 14-21 September.
Pricing: 2019:
£942 per person

Supplement of £43 if you are willing to share but no sharer can be found.

Single occupancy is £13 per person per night but is not always available on this trail on certain nights.

Group Discount: There are discounts for groups who book at the same time.
8 riders £86 discount per person
7 riders £65 discount per person
6 riders £43 discount person person
4-5 riders £22 discount per person

Discount of £43 for riders returning for a second trail.

Price includes full board accommodation, pick up/drop off at Sofia airport at fixed times, riding, English-speaking guide; luggage transportation from point to point. Single supplement, not an option.

The price does not include: tips, drinks (except mineral water) and other personal expenses, maps, flights or travel insurance.

Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding.

All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.

Balkan Base

This is a based stay, riding out each day from the primary stables where all the trail programmes start. It is a beautiful setting for a riding holiday and you are accommodated in the family hotel at Apriltsi. A stay at the Balkan base is for all riders of all abilities, also ideal for groups/school groups and friends. There are plenty of lush hills and natural riding paths in the stunning valleys, up to the mountain peaks. Many of the tracks offer perfect opportunities for galloping. For the experienced rider there are many possibilities for challenging riding in the mountainous terrain.

Ride through mountain rivers, up and down steep mountain paths and across open plains. The terrain offers rides for every type of rider. The riding guides have a great knowledge of the local area and know what to show you. The pace will be adapted to suit the group.


Arrival day. Meet at the airport you will be transfered to the riding base and settle in. The evening will be spent having dinner and meeting the other guests. Depending on the time of arrival you will meet the riding guide and talk about the programme for the week.


After breakfast you walk down to the stables to meet the horses. The riding guides will introduce you to your horse and explain how they ride in the mountains there, about the horses and about rules in the mountains. You start your riding in the morning and lunch may be a picnic close to the stables. After lunch you leave the riding base for a horse riding tour around Apriltsi (12 km long), taking about three hours.


After breakfast you will meet up with the horses and leave the village on horseback for a ride to The Green meadows. Here you ride in all paces and for the experienced rider there is a chance to have a good gallop. From the meadows you ride to the river and have lunch. After the break you ride for two more hours back to base.


Today you ride up in the mountains and you’ll pass a wild life area. The ride will take place over 1000 m above sea level and you will have a relaxed lunch in the mountains. In the evening you might ride out to see the wild life in the area of Apriltsi.


Following breakfast, you will ride over the hill top of Ostrets and Peperi, under the Black Peak (1500m) to a small monastery. Lunch is in the monastery garden. In the afternoon, you will ride back to the base through the field and meadows, along the riverbank.


Today you ride into the National park. The ride will take you through the beautiful countryside to Vidima, a small village. You will continue to the Vidima Waterfall, one of the biggest in Bulgaria (1350 m above sea level). From here you will dismount and walk up a small eco-path while the horses rest. After lunch you ride in the park and will enjoy all the hidden treasures of the nature in that area.


Today you will get to choose your route as a group between all the possibilities in the area. If you and the group prefer mountain riding you’ll ride in the mountains. If you would like to ride to one of the small villages, a monastery or other sights you can do that. Whatever is chosen you will enjoy the picturesque landscape. In the evening you enjoy a farewell dinner.


After breakfast you will pack the car, say goodbye to the guides, guests and your equine friends before leaving for the airport.

This is just an example itinerary, this may vary according to new paths that have been found, the ability and requirements of the group.

Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 10
Ability description: All abilities.
Type of ride: Based with daily trails.
Total riding time: Flexible day rides.
Departure dates: Every Saturday all year round.

Fully booked dates: 18-25 May, 22-29 June, 6-20 July & 21-28 September
Pricing: 2019:

£762 per person

Supplement of £43 if you are willing to share but no sharer can be found.

Single supplement: £90

The price includes: Transfer from/to Sofia Airport, seven nights in private accommodation in double or triple rooms, with shower/toilet, full board, 'own horse' fully equipped and experienced guide for six days.

The price does not include: tips, drinks (except mineral water) and other personal expenses, maps, flights or travel insurance.

Hotel accommodation can be arranged on request. It is around 10 - 15 minutes away from the base.

Group Discount: There are discounts for groups who book at the same time.
8 riders £86 discount per person
7 riders £65 discount per person
6 riders £43 discount person person
4-5 riders £22 discount per person

Discount of £43 for riders returning for a second time.

Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding.

All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.