Photo from the Chilean Patagonia (Chile) ride.

Chile is a strip of land 4300 miles long and barely 200 miles wide between the Pacific and the Andes. Stretching from Cape Horn to Peru in South America, this corridor is crammed with glaciers, ice fields, volcanoes, lakes, fertile valleys, sunny beaches and pristine wilderness. It's an unbeatable destination for an action packed horse riding holiday, in which you can explore these array of spectacular terrains. Chile is also one of the safest countries in South America and, not surprisingly, Chileans love helping others discover it.

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Chile can offer a wide range of activities including: world class rafting, kayaking and fly fishing on the Futaleufu river; surfing big waves around Pichilemu; skiing in Portillo; camping and hiking in the northern deserts; boat rides and road trips through the Lake District among alpine lakes and snow-capped volcanoes; relaxing in spas in northern Patagonia; wine tasting in the wine valley close to Santiago; and, of course, horse riding across the gem of Patagonian’s southern landscape, the Torres del Paine National Park.

Chile's vast wilderness and unspoiled beauty is sure to leave you breathless, offering you miles of beaches and sloping valleys for an exhilarating gallop, or a gentle walk through mountain peaks where you can admire the fantastic scenery.

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  • Photo from the Chilean Patagonia ride

    Chilean Patagonia

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    Unique horseback trails through the wild and remote Patagonian landscape of southern Chile and into Torres del Paine national park.
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