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Bosko's Ranch and Croatian Culture, Croatia


• Krka Trail



Fantastic! Great horses, people and countryside. We were very well looked after and the horses were amazing - fit and well-mannered. My favourite memories from the holiday were the long canters and the beautiful national park.

Karen B.
We swam in the river and raced around the race track (optional) - I so wanted to go faster but Bosko was very cautious - then we came to where the camera and Ivo shouted let Felicity go - so I did - WOW wasn't that a great feeling!! Boskos' Ranch was nice and the food was great - his dad was lovely and looked after us all so well. The riding was lovely - beautiful meadows in May full of wild orchids.

Caroline W.
We rode out from the ranch each day where we found such lovely scenery from here. They are extremely well set up with pleasant accommodation, a restaurant and small stables with a number of horses, they are great hosts too.

Claire A.
It was a fantastic experience. The riding was great fun, going through rivers, beautiful scenery; rivers, mountains, hill tops, fields. The horses were well-kept and good-natured. They knew their job! We had a 9 year old with us and everyone was very patient with her whilst she got used to the pony – after the first day she was happy cantering and galloping! We could not fault the holiday. The hospitality we received was incredible. We stopped for lunch every day and were fed with good, fresh local food. Bosko knew we were partial to a beer or two and there was always cool beer available as well as cold drinks. After a long days riding, we went back to the ranch for a few beers, followed by dinner – which was served to us – what a surprise that was. We expected to be doing something similar to camping. There was no slumming it on this trip! At least 10 out of 10.

Jo B., Maria R. and Millie R.
I had a fantastic time. Our hosts were very attentive indeed and it felt very much like you were going to a spend some time with your best friend's family. We were very well fed and watered (or should I say wined and schnappsed?). Bosko met us at several points in the day to refresh us and the horses and cook us lunch and make supper. The scenery was amazing - crystaline rivers, vast lakes (and all the water was drinkable), rocky mountains and lush planes. Probably around half of the trail was in the mountains and half in valleys, so for some of the time it was slow going. We did get a few canters and the odd gallop in every day though. If you go here, you probably wont want to go anywhere else.

Israel B.
Brilliant riding, warm and welcoming hosts, clean and fresh rooms, great food. It was excellent. Bosko and his family are so very welcoming it's a joy to be with them. The horses are great. The riding environment beautiful. I just felt so much a part of it. They more than went the extra mile.

Donna F.
Thank you for recommending the Bosko Ranch for my horse riding holidays. It was really great! It's a beautiful place, wonderful horses and the hosts are amazingly hospitable- make you feel almost like a member of their family.

I just thought I would let you know that we had a fab time in Croatia. My daughter is already planning her trip back for next summer. Bosko & Dijana were lovely warm people and the horses were sure-footed, willing and fit for the job. They found me the perfect mount (me being a neurotic mother who is frightened of heights!) My daughter rode a lovely Holstein who was gentle and willing. The food was a major plus too and plentiful. We have both gained weight. All in all it was great and I would have no hesitation in recommending this holiday as you feel so looked after and the riding and views are fantastic!

Liz B.
Friendly hosts, good and varied riding in nice surroundings, excellent food and drink and comfortable accommodation. Already during the transfer upon arrival I felt like a long term family friend. Excellent food, perfect transfer arrangements, very comfortable accommodation and guide was very service minded and friendly. Bosko really enjoys guiding and it shows! Can't think of anything to improve it.

Staffan E.
Bosko and Dijana and the whole family were so friendly and kind. I have never met such nice people before, they made me feel very welcome. The accommodation was great and the food was delicious! Most importantly I loved the rides, Bosko took me to beautiful places. Green valleys surrounded by snowy mountains, rivers with the clearest water I have ever seen, rocky paths up on the mountains, it was amazing. I saw wild horses and got the chance to gallop on a race track! Wow, I will never forget it. I would definitely recommend Boskos Ranch and I hope I have a chance to go back one day.

Sari H.
Overwhelming hospitality and friendliness, excellent food and wine, beautiful countryside. An exciting ride with exceptional food.

Geoff B.
Very good, lots of riding, just too hot! The room & food were great. I was happy with the horse I rode and my favourite memory was riding across the fields, in the National Park and in the water.

Elaine D.
I was beginning to think this was a hidden jewel and so close to home! The final day just sealed the deal for me. We rode through the most stunning canyon, and yes, we managed to find a meadow for a good canter – now I’d really had a holiday.

Sue Maling , Read review
A marvellous experience. The hospitality was great - unforgettable days for our family.

My holiday was perfect. Everything went well and as planned. Our hosts were so kind and hospitable and I really felt welcome. I enjoyed the trail very much, just the kind of trail I was searching for. It had been raining a lot recently and we had some gallops in watery fields, the water and mud splashed all over us which was great fun. The horses were eager to go and they had stamina until the end of the trail. The terrain varied from steep slopes to flat stony fields and we even rode up the stairs in one village. I never knew horses can walk up stairs! All in all a holiday I would recommend to riders wishing to see the beautiful landscape of Croatia on horseback.

Arja L.
The horses were exceptionally fit and healthy. They were responsive and forward going. There was a copious amount of authentic, freshly made food. Both horses I rode were good rides and suited my ability - spirited but not too much of a handful. Bosko was very good at checking if I was happy and listening to requests. Both the riders and the horses safety were paramount to him.

Jane L.
It was a great adventure. The riding was fairly challenging but enjoyable. We were welcomed into this family run business like good friends and nothing was too much trouble. Food, accommodation and scenery were magnificent. Other guests were good company and we had a good laugh.

Pam W.
We had a FANTASTIC holiday. The place was amazing and I can't recommend it highly enough. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The food was fantastic and the hospitality wherever we went really made the holiday. The trail was beautiful - a great country for riding, very varied countryside and terrain with a perfect balance between walking and enjoying the scenery and going faster in places where possible. The horses were some of the nicest I have encountered on these kinds of holidays, forward going, responsive and a real pleasure to ride. It was very obvious how much Bosko cared for them and that was really nice to see. Bosko, Dijana and Yuri were the perfect hosts and always concerned that people were having a good time and nothing was too much trouble for them. The only thing I didn't like about the holiday was that it was over too quickly!! Thank you to everyone at Far & Ride for their help in organising this trip.

Emily B.
It was quite simply one of the best holidays I've ever been on, and my sister felt the same way. Thank you so much for telling us about Bosko's ranch. I don't know where to begin!!! The rooms were lovely and clean, plenty of towels and everything. Everyone at the ranch was just so accommodating, with Dijana even offering to make Alex gluten free bread, and a wheat free alternative was there for her for every meal. So even before the horses; it was shaping up to be a great holiday - and then we actually met the horses… So well looked after, well mannered and spirited. Everywhere we went, everyone was so friendly and kind. We made some great friends within the group, especially after the local schnapps was passed around! To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be a relaxing holiday, but amazingly it was. There was no rising at dawn (unless you wanted to), all meals were leisurely affairs, and lunchtime lasted up to 3 hours, giving plenty of time for naps, reading, and swimming in whichever clear lake or river was nearby.

Evanne B.
Really enjoyed the holiday, fast riding through impressive scenery of Croatia. You wouldn't see it like this on a non-riding holiday. Krka Park beautiful - a wonderful place to finish the ride.

Hilary T.
The holiday was perfect from beginning to end. We loved every moment. We were either riding, eating or sleeping. And laughing - we did a lot of that!!!

Jayne B.
I'm very pleased with everything and I'll happily return. The week is probably as good as people wish. Dijana was helpful and generous. Bosko and Dijana are very personal and real. I like that. Bosko and I played music together. Favourite memories - we were a good group, the lovely staff and Croatian guests at a big Sunday dinner, the riding of different kinds with long trots and gallops. This was real riding.

Lief A (May 2014)
We found it as described and as expected. Good fun, good food, good horses - challenging at times, but we coped OK! (Favourite memory?) having a long gallop through fields covered in autumn crocuses at the head of Krka National Park.

Robert & Barbara
Nice horse. Nice gallops. Beautiful landscape. Nice people. Bosko and his staff were taking good care of us. I was happy with my horse. The first day all horses were very excited... and maybe the riders too. It was hard to keep the line and hold him back in the gallop. But after that fighting everything was fine. (Favourite memory?) one long and fast gallop (of course) but I also enjoyed the landscape and the countryside. Riding tour is perfect for seeing things you never meet as a tourist. I like nature and being outside and we were also passing small villages, fields, vineyards and so on. It is also so relaxing to sit on a horse and walk and walk. It refreshes my mind and brain.

Stina P.
It was simply fantastic.The team were fabulous, wonderful hosts, listening and communicating brilliantly. All people involved were helpful and obviously also enjoyed their work. The horses are in brilliant shape, forward going, unbelievable stamina and footsure (no stumbling despite rocky ground).the tack was in good order and comfortable. I was very happy with my horse. Unbelievably fit and eager but also easy to control. One does have to be a confident rider to enjoy all as thoroughly as I did, I think.

Corinna M.
It really was the most perfect trail ride you can imagine. A beautiful trail with different landscapes. Many gallops and riding through water. A very good price also! (the people?) they were great! Bosko, Ivan and Ivan really made the week more perfect with their stories and interactions with us. Bosko really understands what people want from a holiday like this: good horse, good food and wine, good conversations in the evening and most importantly: he takes the time and effort to make sure everyone goes home with great pictures and movies!

Vera & Joost (August 2018)
Amazing. Great riding and great horses. Guides a lot of fun and favourite memory - long gallops. Good vegetarian options - a lot of food and drinks with meals

Amanda R (2018)
Amazing! Fantastic hospitality by Bosko and Dijana, great horses, fast riding, beautiful scenery and a great group. Would highly recommend for advanced riders. Surpassed my expectations and our hosts made our week so special. The horses were well looked after, very fit and the tack was all very good

Pam G (2018)
The accommodation, food and friendliness of the hosts made this a good holiday. With long canters on good horses with wonderful scenery



Type of horses:

Various types from Thoroughbreds to chunkier breeds, crosses and the occasional sturdy pony.

Nature of horses:

Very fit, forward-going and sometimes spirited!

Height of horses:

13 - 16.2hh

Weight limit:


Tack type:



Travel Advice

Please ensure you read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice before you travel.

Ride Description

This welcoming Croatian destination is situated 2km from Sinj, a town in the continental part of Split - Dalmatia county. The region of Sinj is rich and diverse featuring magnificent views of the mountains, forests and the Cetina river. The ranch itself covers 20,000 square metres and includes a corral for the horses, pasture, lawn, sports court and restaurant area. It is geared towards keen riders, offering riding opportunities for the intermediate to experienced rider who is happy to ride a forward-going horse. Whether you are a single traveller, couple or group, it provides a real cultural experience due to the rich history of the area and the warmth of its people. Bosko and Dijana work hard to make every guest feel truly welcome, providing them not only with the appropriate horse but with delicious food, a good drink and some fantastic company.

The riding here offers you an insight into the heart of Croatia, exploring untouched areas of beauty, interesting old villages and a variety of terrain. The horses are forward going and fun to ride, particularly notable for their stamina and spirit. Bosko is a true Croatian horseman and some of his horses have been rescued and rehabilitated to make them ideal for the trails. Besides horse riding there is the chance to visit Sinj itself - a town with an interesting history which is well known for the game called Alka. This was originally a knights' game which has been around for over 280 years and is featured in the Sinj museum. The town also has a swimming pool, about 1km away from the ranch, and the area offers nice walking opportunities. The ranch is also situated not far from Split and Trogir (30km) which are under UNESCO protection and these are great places for sightseeing, shopping and to experience more of the real Croatia. The food of this area is well represented on the ranch.

The hospitality here is unmatched and whichever programme you choose, you are guaranteed to feel welcome and to enjoy the riding out. Lovely, long canters across open plains followed by wading through clear rivers and even swimming with your horse during the warmer months. The selection of loved horses means that you can be well matched to make the most of these unspoilt lands, quaint villages and spectacular views.

This destination has been visited by Holly from Far and Ride in 2015 so please just get in touch with any questions.

See Programmes.


Food & Accommodation

The accommodation is provided at the main ranch and in family guesthouses on the trail nights. It is relatively basic but clean, comfortable and welcoming. You will need to be prepared to share a room during the trip as single rooms cannot be guaranteed, especially in busy times. Every room at the ranch is en suite but you may need to share bathrooms at the other accommodations.

Food on the ranch is authentic of the region and is rich and diverse. Some Sinj specialities are arambasici (mince with spices wrapped in sour cabbage leaf or in wine grape leaf), home-reared lamb, trout of Cetina and pasticada (beef in a sweet and sour sauce with gnocchi). Vegetarian options are also offered.



There is nice walking in the area and also a football field. There is a swimming pool about 1km from the ranch.


Further Details

Languages: Croatian and English

Health requirements: Fit and healthy

Age limit: 16+

Tuition: No

Included: Accommodation, food and riding as per itinerary.

Not included: Flights, travel insurance, airport transfers, drinks and extras not mentioned in the itinerary. Entry to Krka National Park during Krka Trail.


Travel Information

The nearest airport to the ranch is Split.

Transfers are available from the airport to the ranch at a cost of 25 Euros per person, each way (50€ round trip price, per person). We can also arrange collection or drop-off at a hotel in the city - there is an additional charge of 25 Euros per person for this (in each direction).

If you are staying in Split after your trail ride and have some time, then there is also a local bus service between Sinj town and Split city - please contact us for further information on this.

Airport: Split



Krka Trail

The Krka trail is ideal for the riders that want to experience wild and unspoilt Croatian countryside. You will be dazzled by the quaint and romantic villages of Dalmatia, which await you at the beginning of your journey. Then as you make your way through lush fields and forests, the Dinara and Svilaja mountains will watch over you.

There are many spectacular views of the Cetina river which runs through the valley, plus numerous streams and springs where you can refresh yourself and relax, listening to the sound of buzzing bees on blossoming heather or picking some of the sweet red cherries.

Your trail follows the river and Peruca lake and you will pass the romantic old towns of Vrlika and Drnis. After passing Drnis you will arrive into the Krka National Park. The Krka river region was declared a national park in 1985. Here you will be able to enjoy the exceptional beauty of the Krka river, the special features of its natural phenomena and the history surrounding it.

The Krka river hosts several amazing waterfalls and the park is characterised by an exceptionally rich flora and fauna, because of its distinctive position and diverse types of habitats, over 860 plant species and sub-species have been documented in the park. The Krka River area features many cultural and historical monuments representing traces of human activity from prehistory to the present day.

Please note this itinerary should be used as a guideline and may be altered.


You will arrive during the day. If you wish you can visit the town of Sinj and the remains of the fortress of Grad (the Town) that are the only witnesses of the numerous battles though history. One of the famous battles was in the year 1715 when the people of Sinj, inspired by their faith in Our Lady of Sinj drove away the powerful Turkish army which had besieged the town. Another monument of victory over the Turkish conquerors is the " ALKA". The game called "ALKA" has been performed every year since 1715. Guarding the symbols of the victory with their original outfits, the people of Sinj simulate the battle with horses. People from all over the world come to Sinj just to see this amazing game.

You will have the opportunity to get to know other riders, horses and friendly people on the ranch. Dinner will take place at sunset and you can relax, drink wine from their ranch's own vineyards, and eat delicious local food as well.


After breakfast on the ranch, you will set off for a test ride to see if you are matched with the right horse. If you are not satisfied with your horse you can change it before you start the trail. You can have an exhilarating gallop in the big fields of Sinj, and then a chance for you and your horse to cool off as you swim in the river. You will then head back to the ranch where lunch will be served.


After breakfast you will tack up your horse and ride through beautiful fields up to the river Cetina where you can have a long gallop.

Lunch will be prepared in stunning surroundings by the river. After a delicious lunch the ride will continue, climbing up rolling hillsides to the plateau named "Bitelic". You will ride on old Roman stone roads and enjoy the views of the mountains Dinara and Svilaja that surround you.

The trail passes an old stone village called "Vucipolje" and will lead you to the lake Peruca where you can swim with your horse. After some relaxation time you will leave the horses by the lake and go back to the ranch by car (20 minute journey), where you will have dinner with a glass of home-made wine and enjoy traditional music played by your host on the guitar.


After breakfast, you will be driven to the lake where you will saddle the horses and move on up to the river following the waters edge of the lake Peruca.

With adrenaline pumping after some trotting and a long fast gallop, you can refresh yourself by the river and tuck into lunch. Moving on, the ride will cross the river and you can enjoy another long gallop through the lush open fields, arriving at a little Croatian town named Vrlika where you can learn about the rich history of the area. You will eat dinner and sleep in a family home here tonight with the opportunity to explore the town after your meal.


The next morning, you will ride through Vrlika and start climbing up the mountains through the village of Maovice. At the top of the mountain you will be amazed at the breathtaking, panoramic views across the beautiful landscape of wild rivers, fields and hills. After a quick break, you will start the descent down to the foot of the mountain where you will have lunch. Then, the pace will pick up as you trot, canter and gallop through stunning plantations of vineyards to the town of Drnis.

After unsaddling your horse you will walk to the motel in the centre of the town, where you can refresh yourself before a short walk to a nearby restaurant where you will have scrumptious Croatian cuisine and local wines. Afterwards you can enjoy a good night sleep.


Today you will start the adventure to the National Park Krka, you will gallop to the little village Bristane where lunch will be served at a family farm with local cuisine and schnapps. You will then leave the horses and travel by boat to see the island of Visovac whom is counted among the most important natural and prehistorical monuments of the Republic of Croatia. Since 1445 it has been the site of the Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy and the church of Our Lady of Visovac.

Together with the magnificent landscape of Visovac lake, this creates a unique setting. The monastery has an important archaeological collection, a collection of historical vessels, and a rich library of many historical manuscripts and valuable books. After seeing the island Visovac and its lake you will continue with the sightseeing tour to see "Roski slap". You will be able to swim in the river, enjoying the amazing surroundings and marvel at the beautiful waterfalls along the river.

After sightseeing this breathtaking landscape you will go back to the lovely village of Bristane, to enjoy dinner in the company of the hospitable hosts, followed by a good nights sleep.


In the morning you will continue trotting and galloping to the Canyon of the river Cikola. The canyon is one of the most beautiful places at the National Park Krka. As you continue, on your right hand side you will be able to see the river Cikola entering the Visovac lake surrounded with enormous cliffs, rich in colourful flora. You will then make your way down into the canyon and continue trotting and galloping to the Cikola river crossing. After climbing up the canyon you will have lunch and refresh yourself with a cold drink.

After a lunch break you will carry on riding through the villages Goris and Konjevrate with a combination of trotting and galloping until you arrive at the entrance of the National Park Krka named "Skradinski Buk". That is also the end of this unforgettable trail, after you unsaddle your horse, you will be transferred back to the ranch.

There will be time to go sightseeing and visit "Skradinski Buk" the longest and most widely visited series of waterfalls on the Krka river. It is the one of the best known natural beauties of Croatia. The waterfalls are composed of travertine barriers, islands and lakes, which can be viewed freely thanks to a network of paths and bridges that enable a comfortable and safe walk. At the bottom of the waterfalls you can enjoy swimming in the clean water whilst watching butterflies flutter around you.

The travertine cascades of the Krka river are made of very delicate material and are sensitive to natural changes and all human activity. They can even be considered a living creature as they grow, develop and age and can die if there is no water.

One of the interesting things that you will be able to see is the renovated water-mills of the Krka National Park, the presentations include the milling of grain, the washing and treading of cloth, the weaving of bags and rugs, the smithing of horseshoes, ploughing, sowing, and the preparation of the food in an old-fashioned kitchen.


After a final delicious breakfast you will prepare to leave taking with you many unforgettable memories of your magnificent trail.

The horses used on this trail are English bred, Anglo Arab, Holsteins, Croatian Warmbloods, Bosnian horses. They have a kind temperament and are well trained, sure footed, reliable. These horses are fit and forward going but they know their job well. They act in a herd mentality which adds to the experience and reflects the natural environment that they live in.

Due to the weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, the route and programme may have to be adapted.

Accommodation: Your accommodation Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Friday night will be at the ranch. Other three nights you will stay out at a family home, motel and a private family farm.
Minimum group size: 4
Maximum group size: 10
Ability description: Experienced riders only, confident and capable of controlling a fit and potentially spirited horse in open countryside. You need to be comfortable riding at all paces and physically fit as there are times when you may trot for up to 20 minutes or go for long canters. You may also need to walk beside your horse over rough terrain.

You do not need to be a brilliant technical rider but should be balanced, confident and experienced at riding long distances on a forward-going horse. Riders must be 16 or over.
Type of ride: Trail
Total riding time: 6 days riding, 4 to 6 hours per day
Departure dates: 2021: 27 March-3 April, 3-10 April, 10-17 April, 17-24 April, 24 April-1 May, 1-8 May, 8-15 May, 15-22 May, 22-29 May, 29 May-5 June, 5-12 June, 12-19 June, 19-26 June, 26 June-3 July, 3-10 July, 10-17 July, 17-24 July, 24-31 July, 31 July-7 August, 7-14 August, 14-21 August, 21-28 August, 28 August-4 September, 4-11 September, 11-18 September, 18-25 September, 25 September-2 October, 2-9 October, 9-16 October, 16-23 October, 23-30 October, 30 October-6 November, 6-13 November.
Pricing: 2021: £1032 per person

The price includes seven nights of full board accommodation (shared room), all meals from dinner on arrival to breakfast on departure day, drinks with meals, six days of horse riding with an experienced guide and transportation of luggage.

The price does not include flights, travel insurance, transfers to the ranch from the airport, buses, trains, tickets for the national park, boat trip and any additional drinks.

Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding.

All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.