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Horse Riding Holidays, France

France is a diverse land making it the most wonderful destination for horse riding holidays. The layout of fields, the pattern of crops and woodlands, the grouping of the population in hamlets, villages and towns, the material and style of the buildings all contribute to the individual 'pays' which themselves contribute to the identity of the larger regions. All of these regions have different landscapes and each has its own natural charm and personality, most of which is unspoilt, so ideally suited for many different horse riding trails.

Blessed by nature, France has oaks and olive trees, apple and orange trees and horseback riding becomes a real pleasure through this diverse landscape. In spring the temperatures are perfect for sight seeing anywhere in France by horseback and in May and June when the days are long, it is a great opportunity to ride a Cathar Trail and see the castles or experience the sights and smells of Provence. In summer when the days are hot you are still able to take your horse into the mountains where it is cooler or take an evening ride along the sands of the Atlantic Coast beaches. Lot Valley, Gers or the well loved Dordogne with its hills, deciduous trees and mellow stone buildings offer fabulous horseriding. After a long day in the saddle you will be able to experience French hospitality and cuisine - a glass of French wine will be most welcome.

The French are proud of their horses and whilst there are many different breeds in this country, any horse you ride will be in excellent condition and will enable you to have a fantastic holiday. Your guide has to be well qualified and in order to lead riding holidays will have passed many examinations and long courses.

See our horse riding holidays in France below.


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A Taste of Armagnac (Unguided), France

The A Taste of Armagnac (Unguided) horse riding holiday, in France
These riding holidays are set in the beautiful French area of Armagnac. Your host, Evelien, is a trained horse riding guide who speaks fluent Dutch, French and excellent English. Her stables of well-trained horses offer the ideal means by which to explore the stunning countryside - you are sure to love this peaceful setting.


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Armagnac Chateau, France

The Armagnac Chateau horse riding holiday, in France
These riding holidays are set in the beautiful French area of Armagnac. Your host, Evelien, is a trained horse riding guide who speaks fluent Dutch, French and excellent English. Her stables of well-trained horses offer the ideal means by which to explore the stunning countryside. You are based at this stunning Chateau.


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Bordeaux Wines, France

The Bordeaux Wines horse riding holiday, in France
Wonderful rides around the great Bordeaux wine region. The organisers of this ride are responsible for several fascinating trails across France and keep a small herd of experienced horses for their guests to enjoy. These particular rides are the perfect choice for those who love good riding and wine tasting!


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Brittany and Normandy, France

The Brittany and Normandy horse riding holiday, in France
The Northwest coast of France is full of history, culture and natural landscapes. Endless long coastal sections are characterised by beautiful beaches, charming villages and dramatic cliffs. Your horses are endurance trained and incredibly fit meaning you will experience fleet and sporty rides with long canters and gallops rarely found elsewhere.


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Burgundy Morvan, France

The Burgundy Morvan horse riding holiday, in France
The 'Morvan' is a green island in the heart of Burgundy which became a natural reserve thanks to the efforts of the local community. This fast and fun trail on endurance trained horses takes you through the diverse landscape of rolling hills, large forests, rivers, lakes and characteristic villages.


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Cathar Trails (Guided or Unguided), France

The Cathar Trails (Guided or Unguided) horse riding holiday, in France
These rides along the Cathar Trail offer a wonderful opportunity to experience the unblemished countryside of this Southern part of France. Here you will be close to the Spanish border, riding into the Pyrennean mountains and enjoying the red earth and sights of the region. There are both guided and unguided tours so depending on your wishes and level of experience, a trip can be made to suit you.


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Causses du Quercy, France

The Causses du Quercy horse riding holiday, in France
Nestled in the heart of southwestern France, the preserved park of Causses du Quercy is a beautiful destination for nature-orientated holidays. The region is distinguished by its position atop an ancient limestone plateau which lies in stark contrast with the relatively flat neighbouring region of Aquitaine but also the heights of the Central Massif which it also borders. In addition to this natural wealth, it offers beautiful built and rural heritage in the form of bastide towns, castles and manor houses, dovecotes and windmills. Its unique history and topography have earned it a deserved position amongst the list of UNESCO's global geoparks. Definitely one for architecture fans and those who love outdoor pursuits!


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Chateaux de la Loire, France

The Chateaux de la Loire horse riding holiday, in France
Trail rides exploring the castles of the Loire. You will visit a variety of beautiful buildings and enjoy some great riding opportunities in this wonderful part of France. Picnic lunches, wine tasting, magical surroundings and the company of a good horse! There are three routes to choose from - one runs regularly whereas the other two each run on just one date a year.


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Dordogne-Perigord, France

The Dordogne-Perigord horse riding holiday, in France
Discover the most visited area of the Dordogne on horseback and ride between picturesque villages and their castles. Experience the culinary delights of the region whilst staying in homely B&B's or small hotels. There is a free afternoon included so you can explore the beautiful medieval village of Sarlat.


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Historical Malbec, France

The Historical Malbec horse riding holiday, in France
Ride through the vineyards of Cahors with its famous Malbec grape and then venture into the wild, isolated valleys of Cele. Discover the famous prehistoric caves of Pech-Merle with it's cave paintings, and pass troglodyte houses carved into the cliffs. Sample local Malbec wines and specialities including the "Black Diamond" truffle!


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Lot Valley, France

The Lot Valley horse riding holiday, in France
This destination is the ideal opportunity to enjoy some exciting riding in the beautiful Averyonese countryside, whilst also relaxing when out of the saddle. The charming surroundings offer both excellent riding terrain and an all round beautiful setting which different levels of rider can explore. The countryside here allows for trekking through enchanting French villages and unspoilt woodlands with an abundance of fascinating wildlife such as deer, wild boar, red squirrel, hares, buzzards and kites. There are rivers and gorges leading down to open valleys where riders can canter over the rolling landscapes.


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Mas de Peyrelongue, France

The Mas de Peyrelongue horse riding holiday, in France
A world of horses in a beautiful region of southern France - a place to ride, relax, photograph and enjoy magical trails, medieval villages and the best of French cuisine. Gwladys and Jeremy invite you to stay with them on their welcoming farm, the Mas de Peyrelongue, where they hope to share their lives with you. Riders and non-riders are welcome to come and enjoy the traditional French lifestyle and the farm's relaxing surroundings.


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Medieval Dordogne, France

The Medieval Dordogne horse riding holiday, in France
Ride through this varied and beautiful region of the Dordogne and discover the history, chateau and bastides the area is known for. Instead of tumbling out of a hot car, you can ride up to the sites and feel at one with the area and its people.


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Pays de la Loire, France

The Pays de la Loire horse riding holiday, in France
Ride on horseback through the stunning Loire Valley, stopping at chateaus for leisurely lunches and wine tastings. There are week-long trails as well as short breaks for those who have less time. Most trails move on each night, but there is a centre based option too.


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Wines and Beaches of Bordeaux, France

The Wines and Beaches of Bordeaux horse riding holiday, in France
Explore the vineyards and beaches of the Gironde region whilst stopping for wine tastings and delighting in gastronomic meals. These trails are for lovers of fine food and fine wine as well as riding.


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