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Horse Riding Holidays, Iceland

Iceland is an area of almost 40,000 square miles. It lies midway between North America and continental Europe and borders the Arctic Circle in the North. The scenery is stunning and variable - the land offers clean and fresh water, glaciers, waterfalls, active volcanoes and lava deserts, mountains, fjords and valleys. Iceland is famous for the Icelandic horse, a small and hardy breed which has evolved through the centuries. The breed is especially well known for the ‘tölt’ - a comfortable four-beat gait which is smooth to ride and can be as fast as a normal canter. The breed is also known for its versatility and strength, being able to carry grown adults despite their small stature. But the breed has a gentler side and is well suited for children and as a horse for the handicapped. Enjoy Iceland from the back of one of these horses and you will have the trip of a lifetime.

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Horse or Sheep Round-Ups, Iceland

The Horse or Sheep Round-Ups horse riding holiday, in Iceland
There is nothing more authentic in Iceland than joining one of the annual Round-Up tours and bringing sheep or horses down from their summer pastures to their winter grazing. The rides are for competent riders only as the animals you are herding will not wait for you to catch up! Join local farmers in their celebrations and enjoy riding with a true purpose.


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Northern Iceland, Iceland

The Northern Iceland horse riding holiday, in Iceland
This family run farmhouse has been welcoming guests for extraordinary riding adventures since 1985. The incredible landscapes of Iceland are a wonder to behold and feature remote valleys, winding rivers and a myriad of colours from white ice and snow in winter to beautiful greens in the summer months. There is a choice of rides choose from and they bring chances to explore Iceland's treasures - the Northern Lights, the coastline of the North Sea, impressive volcanoes (including the world's most volcanic region!), remote fishing villages, whale-watching, magical woodlands and Viking history. It is a land of mystery and legend!


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Northern Lights and Winter Rides, Iceland

The Northern Lights and Winter Rides horse riding holiday, in Iceland
Ride Icelandic horses during the day and watch the sky for the Northern Lights at night. Although summer is the usual riding season in Iceland, winter is the main training season so you can join Icelanders on their regular winter rides. Although we cannot guarantee the Northern Lights they are definitely an unforgettable experience if they appear!


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