Photo from the Icelandic Short Breaks (Iceland) ride.

Iceland is an area of almost 40,000 square miles. It lies midway between North America and continental Europe and borders the Arctic Circle in the North. The scenery is stunning and variable - the land offers clean and fresh water, glaciers, waterfalls, active volcanoes and lava deserts, mountains, fjords and valleys. Iceland is famous for the Icelandic horse, a small and hardy breed which has evolved through the centuries. The Vikings brought the first horses to Iceland about 1100 years ago and the breed has remained pure ever since. DNA Studies of the Icelandic horse show that they are related to horses in Shetland, Norway, and Mongolia. The horses have developed a lot since they were brought to Iceland. Both man and nature have created the Icelandic breed as the strong resilient breed they are today. The natural development that has taken place in the Icelandic breed has mostly to do with their ability to survive. A recent study shows that the intestines of the horses are larger and more developed than in other breeds which might be to prepare them for the wintertime. They gain weight in autumn to increase their insulation for the winter and grow thicker coats too.

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The breed is especially well known for the ‘tölt’ - a comfortable four-beat gait which is smooth to ride and can be as fast as a normal canter. The breed is also known for its versatility and strength, being able to carry grown adults despite their small stature. But the breed has a gentler side and is well suited for children and as a horse for the handicapped. Enjoy Iceland from the back of one of these horses and you will have the trip of a lifetime.

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