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Horse Riding Holidays, Kenya

The East African country of Kenya rises from a low coastal plain on the Indian Ocean to mountains and plateaus at its center. Most Kenyans live in the highlands, and Nairobi, the capital, is here at an altitude of 1,700 meters (5,500 feet. Around 30 million people live in Kenya with around 1 million of them in Nairobi itself.

Both free enterprise and political debate has helped make Kenya one of Africa's most stable nations after it achieved independence from Britain in 1963. However, there is still some way to go and to all intents and purposes, Kenya remains a largely undeveloped country.

Forty ethnic groups, including Kikuyu farmers and Maasai cattle herders, crowd the countryside, still home to three-quarters of Kenya's people. This makes it a perfect destination for riders who can enjoy miles of unspoilt countryside. Riding here will take you through vast expanses of untouched Masaai land and the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti - considered the eighth wonder of the world.

In the low lying districts, particularly along the coast, the climate is tropical, hot and humid. On the plateau and in the highlands the climate is more temperate. In Nairobi there are normally two periods of rain, the long rains from April to June and the short rains in October and November.

Kenya is literally teeming with wildlife and visitors cannot fail to spot one of the many species of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish during a stay here. Safari rides will take you through some of the most spectacular landscapes where you can keep your eyes peeled for one or more of the Big Five - lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and rhinos.

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Borana Lodge Safaris, Kenya

The Borana Lodge Safaris horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Borana Lodge is set on the edge of the Samangua Valley with panoramic views of Mount Kenya, the Borana plains and the Ngare Ndare Forest. The ice-capped peaks of Mount Kenya are also visible from almost anywhere on Borana. One of the best ways of seeing big game here is on horseback and they have horses to suit all levels of rider. Guests can ride through the plains among giraffe, hartebeest and impala or into the forest which cloaks the foot of Mount Kenya. The more experienced rider can explore the ranch with a trusty guide who will show them the special spots and introduce them to the fascinating wildlife which thrives here.

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Mara Explorer, Kenya

The Mara Explorer horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Explore the iconic Maasai Mara on horseback whilst staying at a luxurious tented camp in the heart of the reserve. This is the perfect option for groups which contain riders and non-riders, as the game drives are unsurpassed whilst riders can experience fast-paced canters and exhilarating river crossings. Wildlife abounds and every day is an exciting wilderness experience.

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Ol Donyo Lodge Safari, Kenya

The Ol Donyo Lodge Safari horse riding holiday, in Kenya
This is a spectacular holiday offering luxurious accommodation alongside riding in the breathtaking Chyulu Hills of Kenya. The landscape is varied and includes high-altitude mist forest, lava fields, woodland and savannah - it's a paradise of discovery. One of only two Relais & Chateaux properties in Kenya, the lodge offers stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and good quality wildlife viewing on horseback.

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Safaris Unlimited, Kenya

The Safaris Unlimited horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Exciting horseback safaris across the untouched wilderness of Kenya. Organised by Gordie Church, an experienced and passionate guide, these safaris are the riding trips of a lifetime for the adventurous rider with a love of wildlife. Experience the wilderness, learn about its people and ride your way across one of Africa's highlights.

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