Photo from the Montes de Oro Hacienda (Costa Rica) ride.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia. With primarily mountainous terrain, it offers exciting trail riding opportunities and magnificent scenery and is also home to beautiful alpine lakes, including the second largest in the world. The country has a strong horse culture due to the traditional nomadic lifestyle of its inhabitants which horses are a key part of. It also has a rich and interesting history thanks to being part of the Silk Road, the famous trade network, which has led to it being part of several different civilisations. The country's recorded history spans more than 2000 years.

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Horse riding is hugely important in Kyrgyz culture and several national sports reflect this, including various types of horse race and even a game called 'Tyin Emmei' which involves picking up a coin from the ground at a gallop. Eagle hunting from horseback is also a traditional past time - the horse has played a long and important role in forming Kyrgyz society and in helping to sustain the nation. Horses are used not only for sport, hunting and travel but also moving nomadic herds and as a provider of milk and meat.

Kyrgyzstan offers wild, untamed landscapes which are ideal for exploring on horseback. The native Kyrgyz Horses are very small but very strong for their size, possessing incredible stamina and proving to be sure-footed over the mountainous terrain. After all, they have evolved especially for these landscapes.

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