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Great South Ranch, Morocco


I had an amazing time on the trail through Southern Morocco: only good memories! The horses were eager and fast, to see that they enjoyed the trip as much as we did made the experience even better for me. Our guide clearly new the horses very well and I never felt unsafe. The terrain we crossed during the 6 days of riding was very versatile and therefore never boring.

Sandra H.
Our holiday was relaxing yet exhilarating. We rode forward-going horses at pace, as well as gently, through marvellous scenery. Back at the ranch we ate like kings and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. The holiday was perfect - our holiday checklist was met and exceeded, it was wonderful. My favourite memory can only be a setting sun, 8km of open sand and the Atlantic Ocean breaking next to my galloping horse.

Adele M.
A great experience where I met a lot of different people and had not only the chance to improve my riding skills but grow through my fears. It was amazing and at times challenging. My favourite memory was cantering over the beach which felt like I was floating, Quite frankly this is the best service I have ever received, prompt feedback and a very personal service and approach. I felt like being in good hands.

I had a wonderful holiday. They have great horses and riding on the beach is fantastic. The staff are very friendly, playing music for us one night and starting a game of UNO the next, Fatima does wonderful massages and the food is delicious.

Rebecca S.
One of the best riding holidays I have been on. Miles and miles of beaches and the trail ride was very good with lots of lovely views. Local people very friendly. Lovely horse, honest and willing, and an excellent guide - always making sure everything was OK.

Jenny T.
Riding in Morocco was made particularly special by the staff at this destination, all of who were extremely hardworking, cheerful and good at their jobs. Add in the lovely horses, the surroundings, the good weather, the delicious Moroccan fare and all the little extras and it was certainly a week not to be forgotten.

Holly, Far and Ride, Read review
Fantastic! The guides, René and Leila, cooks etc. were brilliant and so friendly. The ranch could not do enough for us. All of the trip was great and the local people were wonderful. Guide was great, couldn't have asked for better, always smiling and helpful and looking out for us!

Sonya D.
An amazing time in a new country, meeting people and seeing places which were well away from the tourist areas. Lots of laughs and great food with new friends. It was very enjoyable, a great experience.

Katy H.
It was a most amazing holiday! We're already thinking of our next trip! We had quite a few lessons with Aziz who was a wonderful teacher. He took us out galloping on the beach on the first riding day and I was surprised by how fast the horse was. It was exhilarating. We were very well looked after on all our rides by Aziz, Lahcen and Yousef and Ouidad's massage was lifesaving after the 2nd day in the saddle. Thank you so much for recommending the Morocco ranch to us and all your helpful arrangements, it suited all our needs and surpassed our expectations in every way. We have enjoyed it tremendously and have both fallen in love with the place, the people and the horses/animals at the ranch.

We were made to feel very welcome by everybody and particularly enjoyed Hamid's cuisine both at the ranch and out on the trail. The setting is stunning as you know and the ride back along 15km of beach was a real highlight - we had long, long canters in the water. The horse care was commendable and the two guides we had during the week both clearly loved the horses and cared for them like the pampered Arabs they are. Overall a good and enjoyable week with very welcoming hosts, lovely horses and great riding.

Linda P.
My trip was adventurous, joyful, memorable and very interesting. I want to note the good organisation of the workers at Far and Ride and the ranch who organised my holiday in the shortest possible time. I was very pleased with the accommodation and food. Really good job. There was a number of horses. I was impressed by their ability to overcome the mountains, stones and large distances.

Amazing experience, the hosts were incredibly friendly, the horses wonderfully looked after, riding was very comfortable - lovely scenery and food and hospitality was really great. Unforgettable time!

Alison B.
I loved every moment of my trip in Morocco - from the moment that you arrive you are treated to the most beautiful hospitality. The passion of the staff is obvious and their warmth is infectious. It was the trip of my dreams.

Rian G.
One of the best holidays I have ever had.

Maria M.
The Ranch stay was the start of a long holiday around all of Morocco. It was an excellent, relaxing and exciting time. The on-site staff were lovely and helpful, the place was welcoming and the location was incredible. The horses were in excellent condition and the guides/grooms were good horsemen. (Favourite memory?) Cantering on the beach. Or hacking around the village. Or eating the incredible food.

Katie H.
I had the most amazing holiday in every way, it really was fantastic. Wonderful ranch, great staff, great horses, beautiful scenery, delicious food and great accommodation. The horses I rode were in great condition, as was the equipment and tack they wore, and had lovely temperaments (though they were fast when asked to be!).The guide was also exceptional - professional and a real expert with horses.

David T.
Between riding, eating, walking on the beach, swimming, riding and eating, my days were so full and relaxing. The ranch was so tidy and cute; friendly dogs, plenty to eat - Mohammad was a fantastic chef. The perfect way to experience local cuisine. I loved my horse, she had a calm demeanour for a beginner but was no pushover either. The equipment looked good to me. (Favourite memory?) Too many. Waking up with horses outside of my window! The view of the beach from the dunes. Zigzagging through desert cactus practising trot. My first canter that I felt in control. The smell of coffee and hay in the cool morning. Stallion kisses...

Noelle R.
Very well organised. Horses well looked after. Ranch well kept and tidy. Staff friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Keen to keep their guests happy. Accommodation - comfortable. Food - too much! 3 courses, lunch and evening meal. Not used to eating so much in the UK. Happy the food was healthy and wholesome. Horses (were) forward going and responsive to riding aids. The saddles did give me backache after a while, but as long as they were comfortable for the horses, I don't mind. (I was) so grateful that I was able to escape the pressure of work and family life for a little while at least.

Julie D.
I loved the holiday. It was a very well organised trip. As a girl travelling on my own, I felt very safe at all times. I fell in love with the horse that was allocated to me (Assaka). The guide was amazing. I think he made everyone feel safe, was very responsible but still fun. Also, allowed people to really enjoy the rides while making sure that the riders and horses were ok. (Favourite memory?) Beach ride. Galloping into the sunset is my absolute favourite thing in life now!

Katarina K. (Sea, Desert and Mountain Trail, New Year 2017/18)
Just what we hoped it would be! At times - relaxing, exciting, interesting, intriguing... Warm weather helped! The ranch stay was superb. Very relaxing and comfortable. Range of places to stay during trail all v. good. Vegetarian food also v. good! Best accommodation was at Sidi Ouazik - authentic & brilliant welcome. Horses were fun to ride. Fit. Very well looked after. My horse was a bit crazy (bucked when catering) but it wasn't dangerous - just made it more fun! She wasn't too much for me. (Guide?) Excellent - not much English but he was knowledgeable, friendly and safe. (Favourite memory?) Cantering (a very long one) along the beach to Sidi Ouazik. Relaxing at the ranch watching the horses and caring for them.

Heather & Nick (Sea, Desert and Mountain Trail, New Year 2017/18)
I would give 10 of 10. From night I landed till the night I had to leave everything was so perfect didn’t want to leave and on the way back to the airport a little tear dropped… Every day was something wow!! Okay… 26 times I thought I’m going to die. Especially up the mountains. But this made me feel so strong! The beach ride you feel so free…. Desert was wow! Well after 4 hours you were dying to see a little town at least. Food was amazing, so much food, we were eating all the time!! Accommodations each night was perfect, in the middle of nowhere, everyone so well looked after us. (Horses?) Oh my Princess was perfect!! The saddle was soft just like a pillow so even after 180km on horseback I came back home without sore legs.

Kristina S. (Sea, Desert and Mountain Trail)


Type of horses:

Arab-Barb Crosses and pure Arabs (with one Shetland pony for the children and a donkey!). The horses are all mares and geldings.

Nature of horses:

Fit and forward-going with great stamina.

Height of horses:

Approx 14.2 - 15.2hh

Weight limit:

80kg / 12st 8lbs.

Tack type:

English and trekking/endurance style.


Travel Advice

Please ensure you read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice before you travel.

Ride Description

This beautiful Moroccan ranch is owned by two french ladies, Caroline and Caroline (who are not based at the ranch), and is set between the Anti Atlas Mountains and the ocean. It offers fascinating trail rides, endurance training and tuition, as well as providing comfortable accommodation and traditional Moroccan meals. The horses are cared for by experienced staff and a local Moroccan team. Lessons here are designed to give guests a good basis of riding, so as to be comfortable and competent when trail riding, and usually have a maximum of 2 or 3 riders in at a time. This is not a destination where you will learn dressage or jumping. However, you will be able to improve your riding in order to fully enjoy the trails. Their trail rides involve visits to local guesthouses and traditional Berber homes, a fabulous way to experience the country and its inhabitants.

Just a short walk from the white sands of "chinese boat beach", the ranch is a fabulous setting in which to improve your riding and enjoy the beaches. The horses are primarily Arab-Barbs, with some purebred Arabs, and these horses are famed for being hardy, fit and flexible. They are also the perfect mounts for longer trail rides. The horses are sure-footed and brave but please note that the majority are strong on the beach (but not mad!) so riders should be confident if wanting to canter and gallop there. If you are nervous or lack experience then you can have some lessons in the arena to improve your skills and confidence to make the most of the great trail riding opportunities.

Guests share traditional Moroccan meals in the evenings, sometimes accompanied by music, and the sitting and dining areas are warm and bright. Each bedroom has its own shower room (like a wet room) and there is a terrace on the roof from which you can watch the sunset or admire the horses as they relax. Trail rides set out from the ranch and include stays in guesthouses or camping under the stars - you can combine a ranch stay with a short trail of a few nights if you want to experience a little of each. There is also an endurance training programme for those interested as well as an adventurous 12 day trail! If you would like to visit this destination but are unsure whether the provided programmes (below) would suit you, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can arrange your perfect Moroccan riding holiday. Riding on the beach at moonlight is an experience not to be missed!

Holly from Far and Ride visited this destination in September 2011 and would be delighted to tell you all about it - she absolutely loved it there and can provide a holiday report and video for you.

Please note that the weight limit for this destination is 80kg / 12st 8lbs.

See Programmes.


Food & Accommodation

Accommodation is on the ranch, situated between the ocean and mountains and just a short walk from the beach. There are 8 comfortable bedrooms, each with 2 single beds which are pushed together to make large double beds for couples. Each room has an ensuite shower room, like a wet room, and there is a terrace on the roof (from where you can enjoy views of the horses). There is also a warm living room where guests enjoy meals, unless eating on the terrace.

The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable with some small towels provided (but you may wish to take your own still). As the ranch is situated between the beach and desert and the ranch ground is primarily sand, you may find that you want to leave boots etc. outside your bedroom door to stop your rooms getting too sandy. The hot water at the ranch is run from gas canisters and the temperature can fluctuate, but if you are unable to get hot water then they can simply change the canister for you (just let them know).

The ranch has great views of the landscapes and the nearby beach is called "Chinese Boat Beach" - it is 8km in length and a beautiful area. The terrace on the ranch roof is lovely for enjoying sunrises or sunsets and the rooms are colourful and attractive.

There is a swimming pool about a 15 minute walk from the ranch. You pay 50 dirhams to enter (it is usually 100 but ranch guests get a 50% discount) and there is a bar there and views of the sea. Perfect place to lie after a good ride! There is also a beauty salon at the ranch offering massages, beauty treatments and henna tattoos.

Internet can be offered on request with use of a 3G key.

Food is traditional Moroccan style including tagines, cous cous, grilled meat and fish. The chef makes these delicious meals for you and brews the Moroccan style mint tea which you can have after most meals. Bottled water is included in the price but other drinks cost extra (beers and wine) and you can simply ask for these and arrange to pay for them at the end of your stay.

Special dietary requirements can be accommodated for but the destination is not recommended for strict diets (inc. vegetarians) at this time.

Please note that meals do not follow a strict timeline and so you should be prepared for leisurely lunches and dinners which are sometimes eaten a lot later than in the UK and elsewhere.



During the evenings most guests are tired from their riding day and enjoy relaxing and sharing a meal with their fellow guests, sometimes with music. However, for those that are anxious to do more, the hosts can help you to organise surfing, paragliding, swimming, massages, bike rides and visits to local areas of interest.

Massages are available either on request or for a supplement: €150 per week for a massage everyday or €90 for 3 massages (1 hour long each).

Also available (some at extra cost) are evenings on the beach where you can enjoy the sunset and some Moroccan music, riding on the beach at moonlight, camel riding, visits to Tiznit and Mirleft, lunch under the palm trees, henna tattoos and Moroccan cooking lessons.

There is a swimming pool and 2 jacuzzis close to the ranch, about a 15 minute walk away (the route is safe). Clients can go here for half price and there is a bar there also.


Further Details

Languages: French, Arabic and English - the Moroccan guides are very responsible but speak only limited English. The ranch manager speaks good English.

Health requirements: Fit & Healthy

Age limit: Please contact us if you're travelling with children (16+ for trails).

Tuition: Yes, on the basic ranch based stay and the ranch and trail combination. Please let us know if you are interested in taking some lessons during your stay so that we can notify your hosts in advance of arrival.

Included: Accommodation, all meals, bottled water, mint tea, airport transfers, riding and activities as described in chosen programme.

Not included: Flights, insurance, drinks other than bottled water, massages and extras not mentioned.


Travel Information

The nearest airport is Agadir (120km, 2 hours). From here, transfers are included in the cost of the trails.

There are many low cost airlines flying into Agadir from regional airports.

London Gatwick (LGW) with, Easyjet, First Choice, flythomascook.

London Stansted and Liverpool with Ryanair.

Manchester with, First Choice, flythomascook.

Airport: Agadir (Al Massira)



Ranch Stay and Trail Combination

A week combining three days of lessons/short trails based at the ranch with a three-day point to point trail. The first days at the ranch are a great warm-up before the three-day trail ride. This programme is the ideal way to get a bit of everything! You don't miss out on staying at the delightful ranch but you also get to explore further into the Moroccan countryside. 

During the days at the ranch, guests can ride morning and afternoon having either basic lessons or trail rides out to the local beach and nearby mountain areas. Then there is a three-day point to point trail ride (two nights of camping) before returning to the ranch for the final two nights and to prepare for departure. Holly from Far and Ride escorted a group of ladies on a programme like this in September 2011 so can tell you all about it. 

This programme has two options regarding the three-day point to point trail ride - nearly all dates follow the 'Argan Country' route except in high summer when it's switched for the beach route (which isn't as hot thanks to a coastal breeze). 


Day 1 - Arrival at Agadir: 

Arrival at Agadir airport and transfer to the ranch. You will have time to visit the ranch and the horses and will be introduced to the guides and taken to your room. If you arrive earlier in the day then there is sometimes the chance for a one hour lesson in the menage or a short trail ride into the ranch surroundings. The route takes you to the local guesthouse 'nid d'aigle', which offers panoramic views of the coastline, then down through a Berber village and to the beach through the sand dunes. A great introduction to the Berber region.

NB: If you would like the chance to take a lesson or two during your stay, please do let us know in advance of arrival so that we can notify the ranch team for you.

Day 2:

After breakfast you will begin to prepare the horses at around 9 am, then there will either be a one hour lesson in the menage (if requested) followed by a one hour ride out or a two hour long ride out. Lunch is eaten at the ranch and is followed by a few hours to rest. The afternoon is spent on another two-hour long ride out, passing through two villages, galloping on the beach or riding through the dunes depending on the level of the riders (around 4 - 5 hours riding in total). 

Day 3:

After breakfast you will begin to prepare the horses at around 9 am, then there will either be a one hour lesson in the menage (if requested) followed by a one hour ride out or a two hour long ride out. Lunch is eaten at the ranch and is followed by a few hours to rest. The afternoon is spent on another two-hour long ride out and this one takes you to Sidi Boulfdail where you will ride along the cliffs and admire views of the wild beaches (around 4 - 5 hours riding in total). 

The next part of the programme depends on the trail route (usually Argan Country route unless high summer):

Argan Country Route Day 4 - Ranch to Arbaa Sahel:

Departure at around 9.30am for your three-day trail. After starting on the beach you will head towards the red mountains, passing through valleys with cactus and Argan trees. Tonight you will camp until the palm trees. 

Argan Country Route Day 5 - Arbaa Sahel to Palm Village:

After breakfast you will ride on beautiful trails through the mountains to the north, passing through villages towards the ocean. You will meet donkeys and mules in the countryside. Overnight camping under palm trees. 

Argan Country Route Day 6 - back to the ranch:

Last day of the trail ride. After breakfast you will ride to the palm of Aglou, discovering a desert of stones and sand. You will continue on towards the cave dwellings of fishermen overlooking the ocean. Here you will have a picnic. If the tide is low enough then you will follow the 15km beach back to the ranch. If the tide is too high then you will ride on the sand dunes overlooking the ocean. Overnight at the ranch. 

Beaches Route Day 4 - Agadir to Tifnit:

In the morning the horses and riders are driven in the direction of Agadir. The ride starts at the natural reserve of Massa and heads along the coast where you can enjoy the fresh air coming in off the ocean. Overnight camping at Tifnit. 

Beaches Route Day 5 - Tifnit to Sidi Boulfdail Massa:

The ride continues on through the natural reserve of Massa crossing the "Oued" (valley or riverbed that remains dry except in the rainy season). Tonight you will camp in the village of Sidi Boulfdail Massa, don't forget your swimsuit!

Beaches Route Day 6 - Sidi Boulfdail Massa to Aglou to the ranch:

This is your last day of the trail ride and the route takes you back towards the ranch. After the Massa Reserve and the cliffs, you are finally back on the beach. If the tide is too high then you will return along the dunes which overlook the sea. Dinner and overnight at the ranch. 

Day 7:

Today you have an easy day with some free time. You can do some shopping in Mirleft, enjoy some beauty treatments or go for a ride. Overnight at the ranch. 

Day 8 - Departure:

After breakfast it's time to say goodbye and be transferred back to Agadir airport to make your way home. 

Accommodation: Accommodation for the first 3 nights of the programme is at the ranch, then the 3 days of trail riding (2 nights) are spent camping. You return to the ranch for the last 2 nights.
Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 10
Ability description: Confident Intermediate+. Riders on the trails must be happy to ride at all paces in wide, open spaces, keeping control of a forward-going horse. Trails are not recommended for riders under the age of 16. If you are a little out of practice then this programme could still be suitable for you as you would have the first 3 days to fit in some lessons and gain more experience before the trail. You will however need to be confident.
Type of ride: A combination of a few days based out of the ranch and then a three day trail ride including camping.
Total riding time: On average there is around 4 hours of riding per day for up to 6 days.
Departure dates: 2019:
5-12 January, 16-23 February, 2-9 March, 11-18 May, 25 May - 1 June, 22-29 June, 13-20 July, 27 July - 3 August, 24-31 August, 14-21 September, 26 October - 2 November, 16-23 November, 14 - 21 December.

Other dates can be arranged for 2 or more, dependent on availability.
Pricing: The price depends on which route is used for the three-day trail ride.


Programme price: £828 per person (2-3 riders)
£784 per person (4+ riders)
Single supplement: £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Programme price: £854 per person (2-3 riders).
£828 per person (4+ riders)
Single supplement: £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Prices include accommodation, full board, riding as per the itinerary and return airport transfers.

Endurance Training Programme

A programme to teach guests about the discipline of endurance riding. The endurance training's objective is to lead, for the rider's pleasure, a horse as fast as possible for long distances whilst keeping the horse in perfect health. The itinerary includes theory as well as the practical side of riding and is also designed to help riders understand their own physical condition as well. The course is run by René Chambon, former trainer of the national French endurance team.

The course is sporty and requires that participants be in good shape and health! It includes a simulated endurance race. 

The following points will be addressed:

- how to take care of the horses, the preparation before a race, and the food that is fed to the horses, before, during and after the race

- the different riding positions

- the preparation of equipment before and the care of it after the race

- explanation of the vet control, use of the stethoscope and cardio

- presentation of the horse to the vet

Suggested itinerary (can be adapted according to the level of the riders, weather conditions etc.):

Day 1: Arrival at Agadir airport and transfer to the ranch. On arrival at the ranch there is usually time for presentation of the staff and horses as well as a discussion (over traditional Moroccan mint tea) about the training. If you arrive early then a first lesson with the horses can be possible. 

Day 2: Breakfast at approximately 8am followed by meeting and pairing with the horses, grooming, tacking up and a lessons in the menage to work on the endurance position. This is followed by your first ride out (conducted at a regular pace). Lunch is at around 1pm, followed by a rest until 3 or 4pm, depending on season. In the afternoon you will ride out using the three endurance positions. Grooming and feeding of the horses followed by tea and a debriefing. Dinner. 

Day 3: Same programme as the second day with a cardio practice and a vet control simulation. 

Day 4: Same programme in the morning as day 2 and day 3, with use of the Cardio GPS. In the afternoon, you will take an outing on an uneven and varied landscape in the mountains, therefore gaining a better understanding of what you might experience during an endurance race. 

Day 5: Preparation for the simulated endurance race. Practice of the theory followed by a ride out and a visit to Mirleft at the end of the afternoon. 

Day 6: Today is the simulated endurance race of 40km. Your day will involve preparation of the horses (grooming, feeding, saddling) and the start of the race with the endurance position on a tagged track. Vet control will be after 20km of the race, cardio check at the end of the race and the presentation and trotting up of the horses. Then the horses will be cleaned and fed accordingly. Dinner will be after the race and you will consider and analyse the results. 

Day 7: A rest for the rider and horse with a 1 hour free massage if desired. Today you can go to the beach, relax by the nearby pool etc. We can also arrange a guided visit of the region. 

Day 8: Transfer back to the airport for your journey home. 

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 5
Ability description: Experienced. This programme is for confident riders competent at all paces, including gallop, who have experience of riding on all kinds of terrain and for long hours. Good physical condition is vital for this intensive riding and you must be able to control your horse in a group.
Type of ride: Based stay with endurance training.
Total riding time: 6 days, as per itinerary.
Departure dates: 2019: 9-16 February, 9-16 March, 6-13 April, 27 April - 4 May, 12-19 October, 23-30 November, 7-14 December.
Pricing: 2019:

£960 per person (1 rider only)
£837 per person (2+ riders)
Single supplement: £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Price includes 7 nights accommodation, full board, riding and tuition as described, as well as return airport transfers.

Ranch Based Stay

This programme is a combination of rides out on the beach and in the mountains with optional lessons in the menage (or just more trail riding!). Guests ride a few hours in the morning, enjoying the landscapes, before having lunch and a nap. Then the afternoon lessons/trails will see you ride several of the horses there, according to your ability. This is a great programme for all riders and even beginners are welcome, though they may not be suitable for the trail riding to begin with.

If you would prefer just to trail ride twice a day or to ride just once a day, this is possible. For riding once a day, the price is lowered accordingly.

Please note: tuition at this destination is designed to improve a rider's competence for trail riding (such as balance, confidence etc.). This is not a destination where you will learn high-level dressage or jumping. However, you will be able to improve your riding in order to fully enjoy the trails and learn basic skills. If you would like the chance to take lessons during your stay, please do let us know in advance of arrival so that we can notify the ranch team for you.

Rough guide to the week:

Day 1: You are welcomed to the ranch (with a transfer from the airport if applicable) and introduced to the team and their horses. You will also get to see the ranch and your accommodation before discussing your riding level and wishes for the week. If you arrive early, then it may be possible to have a short ride in the afternoon.

Days 2 - 7: You will ride either once or twice a day for each of these days, depending on what programme you have chosen. In the mornings you will enjoy trail rides on the beach or in the mountains, usually 2 to 3 hours, or lessons in the menage (if requested). Then in the afternoon, you will ride out after lunch and a rest. It is possible to do a whole day ride during the week if requested and if you are not a complete beginner. 

A few examples of rides out:

- a visit to the two local villages with galloping on the beach and crossing the dunes, depending on the level of the riders

- a trip to Sidi Boulfdail, travelling along the cliffs which overlook the wild beaches

- riding to the Village of the Palm

Day 8: Departure.

Your hosts advise that guests get involved in caring for the horses and contributing to ranch life for the full experience, though they recognise that this is your holiday time and you are equally as welcome to relax!

Complete beginner riders will probably not be suitable for trail rides to begin with but don't be put off - this destination is flexible and something can be arranged to suit.

For those of you interested in wellness and beauty therapies, you can add the 'wellness option' meaning that you receive seven treatments (one a day) in the ranch's beauty salon. These can include; "relax" massage with essential oils (50 mins), tonic massage (50 mins), Californian massage (50 mins), a skincare treatment and a manicure and pedicure. 

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 10
Ability description: Beginner - Experienced. Guests who wish to ride out on the beaches should have some previous riding experience, but this can be gained through lessons at the ranch.
Type of ride: Based stay with rides out and tuition (optional).
Total riding time: Half day programme: 6 half day rides of approximately 2/3 hours per ride.
Full day programme: 6 riding days of approximately 4/5 hours per day.
Departure dates: All year round to suit.
Pricing: 2019:

£748 per person for 2/3 hours riding morning and afternoon (full day).
£660 per person for 2/3 hours riding morning OR afternoon (half day).
Non-riders: £308 per person (based on shared room)

Single supplement: £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Prices include 7 nights full board accommodation, riding as per itinerary and return airport transfers.

Sea, Desert and Mountain Trail

An interesting trail ride combining a variety of different landscapes. You will ride along the coast with beautiful beaches and tall red cliffs and then head into the mountains, exploring the land of the Argan trees. The end of the trail takes you into the desert! 

The trail is a "comfort trail" with guesthouse and hotel accommodation, chosen for its charm. Wherever you stay you are immersed in real Moroccan life and away from the tourist areas. 

We recommend good riding experience, health and fitness for the ride as you will spend around six hours a day on horseback and will need to walk beside your horse quite a bit. 


Day 1: Agadir-Ranch

You will be welcomed at the airport of Agadir and be driven to the Ranch. At your arrival, the bedrooms will be presented, and you will be introduced to the team. Then you will meet the horses and discuss with the team, around a Moroccan Tea, about the ride and wishes concerning horses. 

According to your arrival time, you will have the possibility to take a short ride in the arena, for your first contact with the horses.

Day 2: Ranch - Mirleft

Day of departure... Today you will ride about 35km.

Today, you will take the direction of the ocean through the beaches and cliffs and then go back into the mountain, through many small villages. After lunch time, you will reach the south towards Mirleft across many isolated Douars. You will spend the night at a hotel on the souk street of Mirleft. (This accommodation can change during summer).

Day 3: Mirleft - Legzira

Today's ride: approx. 33km

After a good breakfast with a beautiful view of the valley, you will ride down to Mirleft, a small fishing village with white colours. Then you will reach south over the mountain where several passes will require a bit of walking, but the ocean view these passes reveal is well worth it! Finally, you will reach Legzira, a beautiful beach with red cliffs and large rock arches that plunge into the sea. If conditions permit, you will be able to take the horses into the waves for a quick swim.

Overnight in a guesthouse in Legzira.

Day 4: Legzira – Sidi Ouazik

You will leave the red cliffs behind and journey south to discover the old Spanish town of Sidi Ifni. Riding first long the beach at the foot of the cliff, you will pass through the city - the last colonised Moroccan city in the south before the desert. You will picnic beside the harbour and continue to the south, eventually reaching more arid landscapes and the beginning of bivouac country. You will overnight at "Diyani's house" guesthouse.

Day 5: Sidi ouazik – Fort Bou Jerif

From the mountains, you will ride along the coast until you reach the wadi Assaka and enjoy a picnic at the mouth of the wadi: known as "Foum Assaka". Here there will be an opportunity to swim on the large sandy beach, weather permitting. In the afternoon you will follow the route of the wadi on horseback through a natural park which has been preserved. With a little luck, there will be a possibility to spot all kinds of animals, including small mammals, birds, fish and even turtles along the way... 

Night at Fort Bou Jerif: a strong French outpost, later taken over by the Moroccans who guarded the border with the Spanish enclave of Sidi Ifni, in the middle of the desert. Xe fort served as a camp for the first rallies of Paris Dakar.

Day 6: Fort Bou Jerif - Laqsabi

Today you will continue to follow the wadi through steep valleys comparable to the landscapes of the High Atlas. Eventually, you will find meet with your cook at the edge of the wadi in Chouikhate, who will have prepared another delicious picnic lunch. In the afternoon, you will continue the follow the course of the wadi, but the clear course will become less clear and begins to get lost in the sands of the desert. 

Overnight at Laqsabi at the New Manon Farm.

Day 7: Laqsabi - Ranch

Today you will set off in the direction of the palm groves of Thigmert. Crossing the last part of the desert, the landscape will change from rolling sand to lands which are a little cultivated again. Again you will meet with your cook for a tasty picnic and after a great riding day, the truck will come for the horses and a car for you - it's time to go back to the ranch.

Day 8: Flight back home or ranch extension

Depending on the time of flight, it is possible to go for shopping in Mirleft to bring back memories or pass into the hands of our masseuse who will be happy to relieve any aches after a long week of riding.

Then you will be transferred to Agadir airport and will fly back home, with memories that will last a lifetime.

For those wanting to extend their stay, you are very welcome to book additional nights at the ranch (either riding or non-riding) - please get in touch for prices and availability.

Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 8
Ability description: Strong intermediate riders and above. Riders should be capable of riding at all paces in open countryside on a forward-going horse. There are long hours in the saddle and a variety of terrain to be covered. Riders should have good physical fitness and comfortable shoes as you will need to walk quite a bit too.
Type of ride: Trail
Total riding time: 6 days
Departure dates: 2019:
2-9 February, 16-23 March, 30 March - 6 April, 15-22 June, 5-12 October, 30 November - 7 December, 21-28 December, 28 December - 4 January.
Pricing: 2019:

Programme price: £1039 per person (2-3 riders)
£960 per person (4+ riders)
Single supplement: £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Prices include 7 nights accommodation, full board, riding as per the itinerary and return airport transfers.

South Coast Trail

This ride follows the coast of the deep south of Morocco, enjoying wonderful views of the ocean. You start near to Agadir and ride the horses "home" to the ranch over the course of the week. Beautiful beaches, cliffs and spectacular sea views! 

This trail includes accommodation in hotel or guesthouses and single rooms may not always be available - please enquire. 


Day 1: Agadir 

After arrival at Agadir airport you will be transferred to your hotel and dinner overnight. Depending when you arrive, you may have time to meet your guide and the horses. 

Day 2: Agadir - Sidi Toual

Your ride today leads you south to reach Sidi Toual. You will get to know your partner for the week. 

Day 3: Sidi Toual - Sidi Rbat

Today's ride leads you between the sand dunes and remote fishing villages. Your picnic today is at Douira and you will spend tonight in a guesthouse of the dunes. 

Day 4: Sidi Rbat - Massa Palm Grove

Riding today is around the delta of the river and into the palm grove with its beautiful garden. Lunch today is a picnic at the seaside and overnight is in a hostel. 

Day 5: Sidi Boulfdail Massa - Anfoud

The route today follows the coastline, riding along the cliffs and viewing the fishermen's caves and sandy tracks which are ideal for horses. The picnic today is by the ocean. Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 6: Anfoud - Ranch

Today is the last day out on the trail. After breakfast you will visit a fascinating desert of stones and sand, riding on to the troglodyte caves of the fishermen. You will take lunch here, overlooking the sea. If the tide is low enough then you will ride for the ranch along the beach - 15km of fine sand! If the tide is too high then you will ride into the dunes with wonderful views of the coastline. 

Dinner and overnight at the ranch. 

Day 7: Ranch

Today you will either have a day ride from the ranch with a picnic or you will eat lunch back at the ranch. There is the possibility to book a massage at the ranch or to enjoy the pool which is just a short walk away. Dinner and overnight at the ranch. 

Day 8 : Ranch - Agadir

You will be transferred to Agadir airport and will fly back home, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 8
Ability description: Strong intermediate riders and above. Riders should be capable of riding at all paces in open countryside on a forward-going horse. There are long hours in the saddle and a variety of terrain to be covered.
Type of ride: Trail.
Total riding time: 6 days.
Departure dates: 2019:
6-13 July, 20-27 July, 17-24 August, 7-14 September.
Pricing: 2019:

Programme price: £1061 per person (2-3 riders)
£982 per person (4+ riders)

Single supplement (not always possible on the first two days): £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Prices include 7 nights accommodation, full board, riding as per the itinerary and return airport transfers.

Touring Tafraout

Day 1:

Arrival to Agadir

You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel in Tafraoute and enjoy your first tastes of Morocco.

Day 2: Tafraoute to Aguerd Oudad

On horseback, you will depart Tafraoute, for the village of Aguerd Oudad, heading in the direction of the wonderful painted rocks at Aoumerkout. Following ancient paths, you will pass the stunning multi colour display by Belgian artist Jean Veran. Eventually you will arrive to the village of Tazekka, to admire priceless rock carvings left, in testimony, by the ancients.

Tonight you will stay at the Painted Rocks Hotel, which is presented in a quiet location near the centre of Tafraoute. Stunning mountain views are fabulous seen from the Moroccan lounge and free wifi is available throughout the hotel.

Ride length of around 33 km.

Day 3: Ameln Valley

Today you ride towards the beautiful Ameln Valley, along some of the old paths of the Tazermlalet. Riding through the heart of the Anti-Atlas mountains, you will admire serene palm oases and curious Berber villages. Lunch will be a delightful picnic in the heart of the valley. After this, you will continue riding through the magical landscape; with its pink and purple colours until you reach the view point at Tagenza. Here you will be able to admire one of the most ancient rock carvings.

Tonight you will enjoy a moonlit dinner at a glorious Kabash, situated 1000m above sea level, in the Anti-Atlas mountains. Hidden among argan and almond trees, you will be watched over by the Tête de Lion - the lion's face - rock formation.

Ride length around 36km.

Day 4: Jebel le Kest

Today you will ride along the base of the Jebel le Kest peak, heading toward the ancient and traditional mountain side village of Oumesnat. Here you will find houses built on top of houses, all jostling for the best position, on the side of the great mountain. You will witness stunning views, across the grand plateau, of the oasis at Imintizght.

Tonight you will be accommodated at the quaint family guesthouse of Isski Asenfou. You will enjoy an authentic Moroccan experience and be invited to enjoy some delightful mint tea within the traditional seating area, looking out to the mountains.

Ride length around 28 km.

Day 5: Adrar Mqorn

Today you will head in the direction of the twin peaks of Adrar Mqorn (2344m above sea level), following paths frequented by nomads and goat herds. Your path will continue along the valley of the Assif n'ait oussaden, where you will be able to enjoy unspoilt vistas back toward the peak of Jebel el Kest. In the afternoon, you will descend into the valley to the village of Tiwadou.

Overnight will be spent in the village of Tiwadou, either in a traditional auberge (inn) or a bivouac (traditional camp) at the foot of one of the highest dunes.

Ride length around 38 km.

Day 6: Towadou

Today you will depart Tiwadou and ride through the wondrous valley of Ait Mansour. Here you can marvel at the vast gorge and glorious views afforded by such a tremendous location.

In the evening, you and the horses will be transferred back to the ranch to enjoy a relaxed dinner and comfortable accommodation.

Ride length around 30 km.

Day 7: Relaxation

Today you will enjoy some time to relax, take in the beautiful scenery, visit the beach, do some shopping or take advantage of the ranches on-site massage and therapies (best to book these in advance to avoid disappointment). Alternatively, you may choose to take one final ride to discover the surrounding countryside and long sandy beach. All meals will be served at the ranch.

Day 8: Transfer

Today you will be transferred to Agadir to meet your departure flights. You will find it hard to leave this wonderful oasis in Morocco!

Please note that the route and itinerary can be adapted in order to suit the climate, conditions and accommodate improvements to the ride.

Accommodation: Comfortable auberge, guesthouses and bivouac - all chosen for their charm and character.
Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 8
Ability description: Intermediate and advanced riders who are willing and able to ride at walk, trot and canter over very difficult terrain. It may be necessary to dismount and walk alongside your horse at times.
Type of ride: Trail
Total riding time: 28 to 38 km per day, as detailed in itinerary (6 days).
Departure dates: 2019:
13-20 April, 8-15 June, 21-28 September.
Pricing: 2019:

Programme Price: £1039 per person (2-3 riders)
£960 per person (4+ riders)
Single supplement: £13 per night, payable only if not willing to share a twin room with another single traveller.

Price includes 7 nights accommodation, full board, riding as per the itinerary and return airport transfers.