Photo from the Machu Picchu Mountains (Peru) ride.

In the last few years horseback riding has become more popular in the Andean countries, especially in Peru, thanks to the attractive beaches, captivating nooks in the mountains and highlands, as well as the millennial archeological monuments, transforming Peru into one of the most memorable areas for exploration by horseback. This is land steeped in history, magic and tradition. Horseback riding in Peru will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Some trails are so steep they lead into breath-taking gorges, zig-zagging through the mountains, others straight as an arrow, fading into the distant desert horizon; hidden and invisible amongst the thick undergrowth of the Amazon jungle. Horseback riding in Peru is exciting and challenging but the trails offer endless possibilities and many ideal combinations for riders of all levels of experience. Horses arrived in South America during the Spanish Conquest. The Spanish horse, bred with the Arab stallion and reared in a desert environment, which formed its gait, gave rise to the Peruvian Paso horse. For 300 years, the blood of this new breed was improved upon until the Paso horse developed the characteristics that have made it one of the world's most beautiful and elegant breeds. Peruvian Paso horses are noted internationally for their good temperament and comfortable ride.

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Over time, Peruvian breeders kept the bloodlines clean and selectively bred primarily for gait, conformation, and temperament. They wanted strong, hardy animals that were comfortable to ride and easy to control. Over four centuries, their dedication to breeding only the best gaited bloodstock resulted in the modern Peruvian Paso. In the Andean world, you will most definitely find exciting places to go horseriding on one of these beauiful horses in the company of experienced guides. If you are looking to conquer the mountain roads in Peru and treasure adventures in the Andes then you must certainly consider a holiday horse riding in this magical country.

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  • Photo from the Machu Picchu Mountains ride

    Machu Picchu Mountains

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    This breathtaking riding holiday takes you through stunning, varied scenery along the foothills of the Salkantay Glacier, ending near Machu Picchu.
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