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Lusitano Trails


These beautiful trail rides are a chance to explore and discover the real Portugal from the back of a noble Lusitano horse, a native breed famed for their willing nature, friendly characters and soft paces. The owner, Kristin, or one of her experienced guides leads small groups on a journey through…


  • Ride a noble and majestic Lusitano Horse
  • Experience riding in traditional Portuguese saddles
  • Amazing picnic lunches with your horse nearby
  • Trot and canter one of the world's best trail horses
  • The beauty of the Ribatejo region and its sunshine

Essential Facts

  • 4 itineraries available
  • Max 6 riders per group
  • Average of 3 - 4 hours riding per day
  • Weight limit: 88kg / 194 lbs / 13 stone 12lbs


These beautiful trail rides are a chance to explore and discover the real Portugal from the back of a noble Lusitano horse, a native breed famed for their willing nature, friendly characters and soft paces. The owner, Kristin, or one of her experienced guides leads small groups on a journey through the most unspoiled locations of the Ribatejo region, travelling through open countryside, cork forests, vineyards, villages, valleys or even to the beach.

Groups consist of no more than six riders, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a quality holiday on a well-trained horse. The horses are fit and very capable of long trots and enthusiastic canters, meaning that they are a joy for experienced riders. Each night you return to the base quinta or to a charming rural guesthouse, experiencing real Portuguese culture and traditions as well as enjoying the hours spent on horseback.

Kristin, originally from Germany, is a passionate horsewoman with a particular love of Iberian horses. She started riding as a young girl, enjoying lessons and riding holidays, and soon realised that riding amongst nature with a horse as a partner is a wonderful feeling! In 2011 she left her job and decided to follow her dreams and work with horses full time - she travelled and worked with different stables to gain experience, taking the time to become a certified riding guide, before starting out offering these fantastic rides in Portugal. Kristin strongly believes that good, happy horses must be turned out to run in the fields sometimes and she is convinced that training the horses for both dressage and trail riding results in an excellent riding horse who is easy, forward-going and controllable. Her favourite thing is to see happy guests who are enjoying riding her horses.

If you're looking to ride top quality horses and see authentic Portugal then this could well be the ride for you!

NB. Kristin's partner, Pedro, is a professional rider who can offer a high standard of classical dressage and working equitation tuition. We can create a combination package to involve lessons with Pedro and rides out with Kristin or you could add some lessons on before or after this trail.

Also, if you are looking for a Lusitano to buy then Kristin and Pedro can help you! They have several Lusitanos in for training at a time and they are happy to find your perfect partner. You can stay with them and try the Lusitanos for sale. The level of training here is exceptional and they only sell top quality horses from respected breeders.

Horses & Riding


You will ride in traditional Portuguese tack for these trails. Saddles often have a deep seat and high pommel and cantle, designed to optimise comfort when riding for long hours working cattle in the fields. The saddles are typically covered in a large sheepskin pad and give the impression of sitting in a comfortable armchair! Breastplates and bridles are simple leather, often with ornate buckles and the horses are generally ridden in traditional Portuguese curb bits.


All the horses you will meet on these rides are Lusitano or Lusitano Cruzado. They can vary in height from around 15.2 - 17 hh and are all intelligent, willing and noble horses. Many of the horses you will ride on the trail have been trained to medium or advanced level dressage and are adept at collected work - it is not often you will meet trail horses that are equally happy in the countryside as they are in the dressage ring.


There are 4 itineraries:

  • 6 Day Atlantic Coast Trail is a trail ride
  • 7 Day Lusitano Trail is a trail ride
  • Ride & Relax is a based ride
  • The Magic of Alentejo is a based ride




General good health recommended.


88kg / 194 lbs / 13 stone 12lbs

Food & Accommodation


The programmes include full board. Lunches are usually picnics eaten in beautiful places whilst dinners are taken in the garden during summertime or at a big, sociable table in front of a warm fireplace during winter. Occasionally dinners are in typical traditional restaurants.

The programme also includes drinks during the ride and with your meals (water, coffee, tea, beer and wine).


You are accommodated at the base quinta ('Quinta dos Pinheiros') or in charming rural guesthouses. The accommodation offers double or twin rooms with private showers and toilets, though there may be one or two nights when these facilities need to be shared.


6 Day Atlantic Coast Trail Standard accommodation.

7 Day Lusitano Trail Standard accommodation.

Ride & Relax Standard accommodation.

The Magic of Alentejo Standard accommodation.

Other Activities

This riding programme is crammed full of riding so there isn't much time for other things! We can organise additional days with riding tuition (dressage and classical Portuguese style riding). There is sometimes also the possibility to add on trips to the local Golega fair.


It is just a 40 minute drive from the airport to the quinta and set-time Lisbon airport transfers are included in the trail prices, as per the timings below. Transfer can also be provided from/to the nearby station of Santarem at no additional cost, from where you can take an easy train to Lisbon.

On arrival day the pick-up is at 14:00 and on departure day your flight should leave 12:00 or later.


Emerald H., Aug. 10, 2023

There were so many (favourite memories). Probably just getting to know my horse and doing a perfect collected canter through the Portuguese countryside. Loved the first place we stayed (with the ex-professional carriage-driving lady). Plus the dressage lesson was incredible. Horses and tack are 11/10. I rode Galante - beautifully schooled and a perfect match. Then at the end had a dressage lesson from Pedro (highly recommend) on Olé who if I had the funds I would buy actually. Really special. Comfiest saddles ever and great for the seat.

Laurie R., April 4, 2023

Wonderful holiday! Best horses, varied trails, learned a lot about Lusitanos and Portuguese culture. Best memory? Riding in a carousel formation around the Feira da Golega where the Lusitano Horse Fair takes place each year. It was very exhilarating riding together as a group on the wonderful Lusitano horses. Our guide made sure we all got a video of that.

Becca G., Nov. 29, 2022

This was our second ride with Lusitano Trails, and it did not disappoint! Everything was perfect. Holly requested our favorite horses from our first visit; we couldn't have been happier! The ride was slightly different with a slightly different group from before, but it was a blast!

Anne C., Oct. 19, 2022

Just perfect in every way; hosts , accommodation, food, horses. Joleen was the perfect guide. Always cheerful and went out of her way to make the holiday perfect. Nothing was too much trouble for her.

Amanda S., Sept. 28, 2022

Exceptional from start to end. The horses are simple to die for and the food and accommodations are fantastic. Lovely memories of cantering through stubble fields and sunflower fields. Jolene was so smiley, so happy, and couldn't do enough for everyone.

Amanda M., Sept. 14, 2022

Lovely well schooled horses and fantastic scenery. Jolene was excellent: made it fun but I also felt very safe with her. The horses and their tack were fabulous

Madeline S., July 25, 2022

It was incredible! The horses were excellent - well trained, athletic and very sweet. The countryside was beautiful, I enjoyed riding on the beach, and the guide Jolene was friendly and knowledgable. Favourite memory? Riding on the beach on the last day.

Laura H., March 10, 2022

Wonderfully kind and caring personnel all around. Amazing horses, trails and views. Food and drink were incredible. WOW is all I can say!!

Ciara P., March 10, 2022

The trip was wonderfully planned and executed, and absolutely exceeded my expectations. The horses were soft, responsive, well-trained and gentle. The trails were varied and gave a real picture of the Portugal countryside. The guides were patient and good-humored, and well versed in taking care of our safety. We came for the riding, but the quality of the food and accommodations were a delightful surprise!

Barbara F., Nov. 8, 2021

One of the best for good riding – walk, trot and canter in beautiful and varied scenery.

Natalie J., Oct. 6, 2021

Fabulous. The horses were so well looked after and clearly happy, forward going, responsive and enjoying what they did. The same can be said of all the humans involved. A lovely fun week.

Johanna F., Oct. 5, 2021

Horses were wonderful, schooled, willing and well-behaving. Kristin and Pedro and their staff also wonderful. I enjoyed every minute and especially the last day’s dressage lesson with Pedro – highly recommend that!

Karen M., June 17, 2021

Fantastic and Magical. As my first "ride" holiday I have no comparison, though I have had day rides before in France, Costa Rica, and Spain. This was far better than I had experienced previously. Picnicking in the cork and eucalyptus forests beside horses. The flowers, birds, and fruit trees, Excellent company of fellow guests and hosts.

Amy B., June 7, 2021

The holiday was really good, didn't really want it to end. My favorite memory was the long canters around the fields and going around the lagoon. The saddles were very comfy and kept very clean. The bridles were fine and clean. (My horse..) was ok but very difficult to get cantering but apart from that, it was forward going when I managed to. The guide was lovely and very friendly.

Pat, Feb. 13, 2020

Excellent horses and guides, good company. Best memory - the beach ride and lunch by the river Tejo!

Sue, Nov. 6, 2019

Collected canter in formation with my daughter across the beach - a great family experience!

Geir, Oct. 18, 2019


Mireille, Sept. 25, 2019

I had a great time! Great people, beautiful landscapes, amazing horses - the perfect escape fro everyday life in a city.

Diane, Sept. 25, 2019

Fantastic horses, wonderful accommodation and food - A dream holiday! I would recommend this holiday 100% to anybody - it was awesome.

Louise A., May 15, 2019

In a word, wonderful! Horses, trail, accommodation, food, information, people. All great and it was over too soon. Favourite memory - cantering in formation on the beach. Very happy with lovely choices of accommodation and restaurants. I especially like Quinta da Vale Formosa. Sacha was lovely - calm and patient at all times and she explained things clearly. What a lovely person. Antonio is also worth a mention. He is so caring and courteous. And Kristin is great! I love them all

Amanda S., Nov. 2, 2017

Fabulous from start to finish. Great food, varied accommodation, great riding and attention to detail beyond expectations. Thoroughly recommended. All (accommodation) very different and all very nice. Drinks were free-flowing and more food than we could ever finish. All horses were outstanding. Tack and equipment top notch. The personality of the Lusitano horse is such that most of the steeds would suit all levels of rider and confidence. The best guides to date - nothing was too much trouble. At every stop our saddlebags were topped up with water bottles, we had beer and ice lollies served en-route and the pace was adjusted to our liking (ground and heat permitting). Catharina, in particular, is an asset to the trail rides and clearly loves people, her job and the horses. (Favourite memory?) Riding through the 9ft cornfield. Madeleine's house and meal, the equitation school in Golegã. Last day's working equitation lesson.

Lori T., June 29, 2016

The holiday was fantastic! By far, this is the best, most organised riding holiday we've been on. There was plenty of riding out on the trails and spending time with our horses, but it never felt like too much or too little. The trails were fantastic and each stop made the trip feel very unique. The horses were exquisitely cared for and very loved. My friends and I had a GREAT time!

Adele I., May 18, 2016

Every day was a new adventure. First and foremost, Kristin and her staff and horses are fabulous - what wonderful hosts each of them were.

Nansi S., May 18, 2016

It simply doesn't get better than this!! These horses were simply amazing - all beautifully trained and pure heaven to ride. Add to that a countryside and destinations that were beautiful and interesting, food that was great, and the folks at the ride who are very friendly and fun!

Jan J., Dec. 8, 2015

Terrific. Wonderful and thoughtful hosts, varied rides, plenty of excellent food and wine, delightful horses (willing & easy to handle). Great accommodation (at the base in particular).

Chris D., Dec. 8, 2015

Very good - better than that! (I loved) my horse Ricardo (Richard I called him) and Conrad the dog! Wonderful - nothing overlooked. She (Kristin) was great, could not do more for us and good fun to be with!

Roger T., Dec. 8, 2015

Kristin has put a lot of thought into this trail, providing diversity, interest, great accommodation and wonderful food in equal measure. Probably the best riding holiday I have ever had.

Sheila L., Dec. 8, 2015

Very organised and beautiful thought through itinerary to provide variety throughout the holiday, with interesting insight into the area and culture if the region. My horse - Quartzo! Grumpy with other horses but lovely with me. Our "home" accommodation was especially excellent. Kristin bent over backwards to ensure our comfort.

Lili C., May 11, 2015

I arrived back from my amazing tour in Portugal. Imagine, I had the opportunity to ride Casique, that fantastic and lovely creature :) I enjoyed every minute of the tour. All the members of the group were very friendly, we had so much fun together and even were lucky with the weather. Kristin was beyond peradventure the best rider and tour guide I have ever ridden with. Also the horses were the most well trained and softest horses I have ever ridden on a riding tour. Kristin and Pedro were very nice and made every effort possible to make us satisfied. I won't ever forget the dishes we had together. Furthermore I have to admit that this tour had the highest standards regarding the accomodations and supply - I have never experienced such attention and delicate service. While everything went fluently, in the same time everything was at ease.

Judy & Ben G., May 6, 2015

A super ride! Great horses, great trails, fine tack, a very congenial and capable host, lots of good/long long canters, the food was good and accommodations comfortable. The horses were likely the best trained horses we have ever ridden on vacation and that is after 50+ riding vacations so that really is a great compliment. They were such a pleasure to ride. Kristin has obviously spent a lot of time on the careful planning of this ride and we really appreciated that.

Itinerary & Pricing

Day 1

Riding: 1 - 2 hours

Pick-up from Lisbon airport at 14:00 with transfer to Quinta dos Pinheiros, home to your hosts and horses, approximately 50 minutes by car. After a welcome snack it's time for an introduction to the horses and you'll head out for your first ride. You will mount up in the indoor school, taking a few minutes to get used to the horse and to make any tack adjustments required, then you will head out on a short ride through the neighbouring cork forests, eucalyptus trees and fields, usually for around 1 - 1.5 hours, to see that you are well-suited. 

You will return back to Quinta dos Pinheiros and will have time to relax and shower before dinner either in the garden or by the fireplace on chillier days. Overnight at Quinta dos Pinheiros or a lovely guesthouse nearby.

Day 2 - Quinta dos Pinheiros - Asseiceira, Casas de Sao José

Riding: 6 hours

Breakfast is usually from around 8:30 onwards as this is the earliest your hosts can collect fresh bread. After eating you will leave the farm to begin a beautiful trail ride with almost 6 hours riding time. The start takes you through a scenic forest of pine trees and cork trees and then you will leave civilisation behind you more and more, passing some villages and heading into the valley of Rio Maior. Antonio will welcome you with a lovely picnic table in the shade of a big cork tree. 

After a tasty lunch for both you and the horses you will continue your ride through the green valley by following the bank of an old train line. This is a time to enjoy the peaceful nature and lovely views of small villages which lie on top of the hills. After another 3 hours of riding time you will reach your home for the night - Casa de Sao Jose, a beautiful rural guesthouse with an inviting swimming pool. There are comfortable paddocks for the horses in addition to comfortable rooms for the riders! The owner will welcome you for dinner.

Day 3 - Asseiceira - Santana, Quinta do Vale Formoso

Riding: 4 hours

Today has completely different scenery as you will discover. You will ride in the direction of the Rio Maior, following some winding and sandy paths which are ideal for cantering. A romantic track leads you along a little river which you will soon cross before you climb up to the west of the Serra dos Candeeiros with some spectacular views. This Portuguese mountain range begins near Arrimal and extends southwest for around 22km until the Rio Maior and it has a maximum altitude of 485m. The vegetation covering it is quite rare and spaced out, reflecting the limestone nature of the ground. 

After around 3 hours of riding you stop for a buffet lunch in a castle! The afternoon ride is a little shorter, around 1 hour in duration, first along a quarry before entering into forests which lead you to your destination. Tonight you will stay at the private estate Quinta Vale do Formoso, beautifully restored by Nick and Vicky who are passionate and well-known in the Eventing and Show Jumping world. After having taken care of your horses you will be warmly welcomed by the owners with a drink on the terrace. You have some relaxation time or a chance to enjoy the pool or relax in your guest rooms before dinner.

Day 4 - Santana - Obidos, Quinta da Torre

Riding: 5 - 6 hours

Today is the beautiful 'rollercoaster' day! Leaving through the thick forests of cork and eucalyptus you have a wonderful long riding day waiting for you. Today you will climb more hills and ride back down into valleys, passing the 'Valley of the Mice' and the 'Valley of the Germans', as well as encountering ruins and sleepy villages. You will feel the power of your horses going up and down together as you admire the fantastic panoramic views. The lunch spot today has been carefully chosen and a meal fit for royals will be waiting for you.

You will not yet be able to see the Atlantic Ocean but you are approaching it. The afternoon's 3 hour ride will bring you to the medieval village of Obidos where you will stay in the beautiful Quinta do Torre guesthouse. This charming location is managed by the owner himself. In the evening you will enjoy a sightseeing visit of the romantic and cobblestoned little roads of Obidos before tasting dinner in a local restaurant. Not to be missed is the local speciality 'Ginja de Obidos'.

Day 5 - Obidos - Silver Coast, Atlantic

Riding: 4 - 5 hours

Today you are going to reach the Atlantic! After breakfast you will mount your Lusitano horse who has become your trusted partner over the last few days. You now ride along sandy paths and through pine trees, smelling the salty Atlantic air. You will reach the wonderful lagoon of Obidos, the most extensive lagunar system on the coast of Portugal. It has an approximate area of 6.9 square kilometres and an average depth of 2 metres, although it ranges from half a metre to 5 metres. The lagoon has a maximum length of 6km and a width varying from 1 - 1.5km with a NW-SW orientation. It was once much larger having reached, in earlier times, the castle walls of Obidos. Appreciate the beautiful scenery and let your eyes wander over the lagoon waters to the Atlantic. The ways around the lagoon invite you for long trots and canters. 

Lunch today is in a restaurant with views over the lagoon and your resting horses. In the afternoon you continue the path along the lagoon until you finally reach your destination, the Atlantic Ocean! With the sand under the hooves of your horses, it's always a highlight to ride along and through the water. Sandy beaches stretch invitingly before you and you can marvel at the power of the Atlantic with its natural force and the roar of its waves. There is time to take some photos while riding along the beach and a chance to think back on the days before which led you to this point. 

You are met by the horse trailer and driven back to Quinta dos Pinheiros. After taking care of the horses you will meet in the cosy gallery for a tasty dinner and a chance to share memories of your ride. 

Overnight at Quinta dos Pinheiros or nearby guesthouse.

Day 6

Riding: No riding.

After a final breakfast and fond farewell to your horse, who you will find in one of the quinta's paddocks, it’s time to head back to Lisbon airport for departure. Flights should be booked for 12:00 onwards in order to take advantage of the transfers included but those leaving earlier or continuing travel in Portugal can take an easy train from Santarém station. There is sometimes time in the mornings for guests to book a riding lesson with Pedro Neves - please enquire with them if you are interested to take advantage of this opportunity.


First and last nights at the main quinta guesthouse. Second night at Casas de Sao José, third night at Quinta do Vale Formoso and fourth night at Quinta da Torre.

Experience Intermediate / Experienced

To enjoy this trail you should feel comfortable to ride in all three paces, walk, trot and canter, including longer periods of rising trot and canter. This trail is technically more demanding than our Lusitano trail and includes some even longer riding days. Your fitness and experience makes several hours in the saddle possible.

Minimum group size 3
Maximum group size 6
Departure windows

March 4, 2024 - March 9, 2024

March 18, 2024 - March 23, 2024

April 15, 2024 - April 20, 2024

April 22, 2024 - April 27, 2024

May 6, 2024 - May 11, 2024

June 2, 2024 - June 7, 2024

June 17, 2024 - June 22, 2024

July 1, 2024 - July 6, 2024

Sept. 2, 2024 - Sept. 7, 2024

Sept. 16, 2024 - Sept. 21, 2024

Sept. 30, 2024 - Oct. 5, 2024

Oct. 21, 2024 - Oct. 26, 2024


Rider; Sharing
£1530 $1985 €1820
Included Set time Lisbon airport transfers, 5 nights accommodation in shared rooms, all meals from dinner on arrival day until breakfast on departure day, drinks during the rides and with meals (inc. water, coffee, tea, beer and wine), 4 full riding days (4 - 6.5 hours per day) and a short ride (1 - 2 hours) on arrival day.
Not included Flights, personal travel insurance, transfers outside of set times, tips and services not mentioned.


2024 - Single Supplement £194 $250 €230
Paid to Far and Ride
Payable by anyone in a single room.
Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding. All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.

Day 1

Riding: 1 - 2 hours

Riders are transferred from Lisbon airport to Quinta dos Pinheiros, a drive of around forty five minutes. After a welcome drink you will get straight onto the horses to enjoy your first ride on one of these magnificent Lusitanos. You will ride through cork and eucalyptus trees and can start to relax and get to know your horse, your equine partner for the week. On returning to the Quinta there will be some time for relaxation before dinner which is eaten in front of the fireplace during the winter or out in the garden during the summer months. Overnight tonight at Quinta dos Pinheiros or a lovely guesthouse nearby (depending on the number of participants).

Day 2

Riding: 4 - 6 hours

Today is the start of the trail! For this day there are two beautiful alternatives, depending on the number of participants. 

A) If your group is a minimum of four riders then Kristin will try to include this option... a ride to the vineyard at Quinta da Ribeirinha. On these lovely Lusitanos you will ride out from the quinta in the direction of Povoa de Santarem. The riding is over rolling hills with beautiful views before you come to the narrow historical roads of a typical Portuguese village. After around two hours riding you will reach Quinta da Ribeirinha where you will receive a warm welcome, a wine tasting and a delicious lunch. After visiting the winery you will continue on in the direction of the Tejo, arriving at Quinta Boa Vista- this is home to a Lusitano horse breeder and they are especially successful in carriage driving at an international level. You will stay here overnight, enjoying special views of the river and gaining an insight into life at this gran Quinta. Approximate riding time of four hours. 

B) If the group is less than four riders then you will ride out from the Quinta in the direction of Alcanoes, passing through this typical Portuguese village. There are wonderful views all around you as you continue on through green meadows which are used by a bull and horse breeder. Whilst the countryside starts with rolling hills and patches of cork trees it will soon start to open up. You will reach the Tejo valley, home to impressive vineyards, and the flatter terrain brings lovely opportunities to canter. The shore of the Tejo River is the ideal spot for a picnic and you can take the time to eat, relax and enjoy your lovely surroundings. After the lunch break your ride continues into some mountain areas with excellent views over the river before making your way to Quinta dos Pinheiros. Dinner tonight is in the quinta or at a traditional restaurant in Santarem. Riding time is around five and a half hours.

Day 3

Riding: 5 hours

Today you will enjoy riding in the Tejo valley, experiencing the charm of the Ribatejo region. There are excellent opportunities for long trots and canters which are a pleasure on these comfortable horses! Upon leaving from Quinta Boa Vista the trail route takes you to ride upon the banks of the Alviela River before you once again reach the Tejo with its delightful sandbanks and beaches. You will pass by some old farmhouses before reaching your picnic spot, a calm and peaceful place where you can rest amidst nature and simply enjoy the fresh air and good company. 

In the afternoon the ride leads you through huge cornfields, following twisting paths until you arrive in Azinhaga. This is renowned as being one of the most typical Portuguese villages in the Ribatejo region. After passing through this village you will soon be alongside some fields with grazing mares; this is Quinta da Brôa, the home of the famous Veiga stud farm and your destination of today. You will be welcomed to this traditional farm which can be called the cradle of the Lusitano, known for its long tradition in breeding Lusitano Horses. The Veiga family has been breeding these magnificent horses for more than a hundred years - breathe the atmosphere full of tradition, experiencing the farmhouse and admiring their stunning Lusitanos. The guesthouses have been renovated and restored from former workers' houses. You will have time for a little rest in your apartment before you go out to dinner in the 'capital of the horses', Golega!

Day 4

Riding: 3 - 4 hours

This morning you can have a more leisurely breakfast and rest a little before taking a guided tour through the Veiga stud farm, learning more about this special place. With a bit of luck, you will see Manuel Veiga (international dressage rider) training one of his beautiful Lusitanos. Often you can see him training one of his stallions with a special workout, riding in the same fields that his breeding mares are grazing in or even having a bit of fun by working two horses at the same time. 

After a little snack and feeling inspired by the morning tour, you will get your horses ready to leave Quinta da Brôa. Your trail takes you through the meadows of the Veiga stud farm, where you can see the mares grazing with their foals, and then continues along the natural reserve of Boquilobo. Some nice canters are waiting for you! After approximately three and a half hours of riding, you will reach Golega, the 'Capital of the Horses', where you still spend the night. Golega has a long tradition and is famous for its annual horse fair in November. You may like to go for a little walk to discover the roads and hidden traditional shops or coffee bars, otherwise, you are welcome to join your hosts as they visit their friend and artist Sabine Marciniak. Sabine has dedicated her lie to her passion, the painting of Lusitano Horse and equitation art. 

Tonight you will enjoy a delicious dinner with views over the main square.

Day 5

Riding: 5 - 6 hours

You'll prepare your horses for another great day of riding. You will start by riding around on the famous manga of Golega to get the feeling that you are participating in the festival! Then you will leave this 'horse town' by following small roads, following back in the direction of the Tejo River. In the morning you will pass by big cornfields and will come to understand why the region is named the 'Garden of Lisbon' - the very fertile ground of the riverbank creates rich fields with tomatoes, potatoes, corn, sunflowers and more. After approximately two and a half hours of riding, you will recognise again the stately, beautiful buildings of the Veiga stud farm. You will stop for lunch in a restaurant in a small village and will enjoy a typical Portuguese lunch in an authentic atmosphere whilst your horses wait outside. Well-rested you will continue your ride, passing eucalyptus and beautiful old cork trees, riding amongst the cowherds before reaching Quinta Mata Rural where you will enjoy dinner and spend the night. The Quinta is a charming, family-run farm producing olive oil and cattle. Do not miss a chance to marvel at the night sky full of stars!

Day 6

Riding: 5 hours

It's time to leave this little paradise and head back in the direction of the home farm. The ride today begins over some rolling hills, passing a big cattle farm. Riding uphill and downhill, the ride takes you through a variety of countryside with cork trees and lovely views. You will ride through the olive trees until reaching your picnic place where you and the horses can have a little rest. Antonio is waiting for you with one of his well-known picnics. You will then continue riding through vineyards, going around a beautiful lake where the horses can drink. The horses already know that they are close to home. Full of new impressions you will arrive back home at Quinta dos Pinheiros, finishing the week with a delicious dinner. Your hosts hope that you keep their Lusitano Horses in your memories for a long time.

Day 7

Riding: No riding.

After breakfast it is time to say goodbye - you will be transferred back to Lisbon airport for your journey home. If your flight is later on then there may be time for you to have a riding lesson to discover the capabilities of these wonderful Lusitano Horses (additional cost). 

NB. At the discretion of the guide, this itinerary may vary according to the abilities of the group, the number of participants and the weather conditions.


First and final two nights at the main Quinta guesthouse. Second night at the main Quinta or Quinta Boa Vista (depending on group size), third night at Quinta da Brôa, fourth night at a guesthouse in Golega.

Experience Intermediate / Experienced

Intermediate and above. Riders should be comfortable at walk, trot and canter and able to rise to the trot and ride at a canter for long periods of time. The trail depends on riders being fit and experienced.

Minimum group size 3
Maximum group size 6
Departure windows

Feb. 18, 2024 - Feb. 24, 2024

Feb. 25, 2024 - March 2, 2024

March 10, 2024 - March 16, 2024

May 12, 2024 - May 18, 2024

May 26, 2024 - June 1, 2024

June 23, 2024 - June 29, 2024

July 7, 2024 - July 13, 2024

Sept. 8, 2024 - Sept. 14, 2024

Sept. 22, 2024 - Sept. 28, 2024

Oct. 6, 2024 - Oct. 12, 2024


Rider; Sharing
£1665 $2160 €1980
Included Set time Lisbon airport transfers, accommodation in shared rooms, all meals from dinner on arrival day until breakfast on departure day, drinks during the rides and meals (inc. water, coffee, tea, beer and wine), 5 full riding days (3.5 - 6 hours per day) and a short ride (1 - 2 hours) on arrival day.
Not included Flights, travel insurance, transfers outside of set times, tips and extra services.


2024 - Single Supplement £210 $275 €255
Paid to Far and Ride
Payable by anyone in a single room.
Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding. All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.

Day 1

Riding: 2 hours

Transfer from Lisbon airport to the horses' home at Quinta dos Pinheiros. You will be shown around, served a welcome snack and introduced to your horse for a first ride in the surrounding area. Dinner and overnight at the farm.

Day 2

Riding: 2 hours

This morning you'll be served an early breakfast before you and the horses are transported to Quinta Carvalhas. This organic farm is located in rolling hills and surrounding by olive and oak trees. There is a team of therapists based there too!

After settling in to your room, it's time to join the first group yoga session. There is time to book a treatment from the spa menu before enjoying a vegetarian lunch, made with local or homegrown produce. In the afternoon you will head out on a ride in the countryside before taking some time to relax or enjoy another treatment before dinner.

Day 3

Riding: 2 hours

After a healthy breakfast it's time for another group session - yoga with horses! This is followed by a ride of around 2 hours, arriving back to the quinta in time for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon there is time for more spa treatments or simply more relaxation before dinner.

Day 4

Riding: No riding.

After breakfast it's time for your last group session, details of which will be shared during your stay. Yoga, sound healing or guided walks are all options. Before they take you to the airport there is a final lunch to end this special programme. For those who prefer it, you can travel back to Quinta dos Pinheiros with the horses and stay there an extra night, enjoying a private dressage lesson this afternoon (to be booked in advance).


The first night of the trip is based at the home of the horses, Quinta dos Pinheiros, and the next two nights are at Quinta Carvalhas. Accommodation is to a good standard. Please note that Quinta Carvalhas is an organic farm and all meals served there are vegetarian.

Experience Intermediate / Experienced

This trip is suitable for intermediate and above riders - you should be comfortable riding at walk, trot and canter on a well-schooled horse.

Minimum group size 1
Maximum group size 6
Departure windows

March 11, 2024 - March 14, 2024

June 3, 2024 - June 6, 2024

Oct. 28, 2024 - Oct. 31, 2024


Rider: sharing
£715 $925 €850
Included Set-time transfers from and to Lisbon airport, 3 nights of shared twin/double room accommodation, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners (drinks included with meals), 3 hacks of approximately 2 hours each and 3 group spa sessions (primarily yoga).
Not included Flights, travel insurance, transfers outside of the set-times, extra drinks at Quinta Carvalhas, extra sessions as the spa (to be booked in advance from the menu, please ask us for the list).
Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding. All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.

Day 1

Riding: 2 - 3 hours

Arrival and pick up at the airport. Approx. 45min drive to Quinta dos Pinheiros. After a welcome drink you will get straight onto the horses to enjoy your first ride. By riding through beautiful cork trees and eucalyptus trees you can start to relax and get to know your horse who will be your friendly partner for the next days. Back at the Quinta you have time to relax before dinner, during the winter in front of the fireplace, and during the summer months in the garden. Overnight in Quinta dos Pinheiros or a lovely guesthouse nearby (depending on number of participants).

Day 2

Riding: 2 - 3 hours

After breakfast departure to the beautiful Alentejo, Monsaraz is your destination. You drive approx 2,5h. The horses travel with you and you will spend some amazing days discovering the Magic of Alentejo. Monsaraz is an extremely beautiful, picturesque medieval village in the spectacular Alentejo countryside near the spanish border. The castle of Monsaraz gives the most amazing views to the big Alqueva lake, the biggest artificial lake in Europe. Upon arrival you take care of your horses which stay on the farm of your hosts' friend, a well- known bull breeder. You stay in a comfortable traditional guesthouse. After lunch, later in the afternoon, you go for your first ride here in the beautiful rolling hills of the Alentejo.

Day 3

Riding: 2 - 3 hours

Today you have more time to discover the 'Magic of Alentejo' on the back of these lovely lusitano boys. You will saddle the horses and ride through the open spaces of the Alentejo catching some views to the big Alqueva Lake. You discover the farm with its cows and access to the Alqueva, playing with your horses in the water and enjoying the views to the Monsaraz castle and the magical light of the Alentejo. After lunch you have time to discover the picturesque village of Monsaraz or just chill at the hotel enjoying the views or a refreshing jump into the pool.

Day 4

Riding: 2 - 3 hours

Visit of the wild black bulls in their natural environment at one of the most known bull breeders of Portugal and enjoy a traditional lunch

In the later afternoon you saddle the horses to enjoy the Alentejo countryside on horseback. Smell the aromatic Alentejo air, enjoy the peaceful view to the countryside with its corktrees in the magic Alentejo light and perceive the chirping sound of the crickets.

Dinner in a traditional restaurant in Monsaraz.

Day 5

Riding: 2 - 3 hours

After breakfast you will head out on a boat-trip on the Alqueva lake, another special experience to let you feel the Magic of Alentejo. After lunch you saddle up for the last ride before you have to say goodbye to the Alentejo for this time and drive back with the horses to Santarém to the stables. You take your horses back to their fields and full of lovely memories from the trip you enjoy your dinner.

Day 6

Riding: No riding.

Transfer back to the airport.


First and last nights at the main Quinta guesthouse and the other three nights at a rural quinta in Monsaraz.

Experience Intermediate / Experienced

Intermediate and above - riders must be able to walk, trot and canter on a fit and forward-going horse.

Minimum group size 2
Maximum group size 6
Departure windows

March 26, 2024 - March 31, 2024

April 1, 2024 - April 6, 2024

April 30, 2024 - May 5, 2024


Rider; Sharing
£1555 $2020 €1850
Included 5 nights of twin/double room accommodation, all meals, drinks with meals, 4 rides, a boat trip, visit to bull breeder, set-time transfers from and to Lisbon airport.
Not included Flights, personal travel insurance, transfers outside of set times, tips and personal expenses.
Note: All programmes and itineraries are weather dependent; in the face of adverse, or unexpected, weather conditions reasonable attempts will be made to provide equivalent riding. All programmes are accurate at the time of writing. However, the team may adapt or modify details, whilst aiming to provide a similar experience.