Photo from the Picos de Europa Mountains (Spain) ride.

A land of variety and contrasts, Serbia is a safe and wonderful place to visit. Spanning both central and southeastern Europe, Serbia not only offers a wide variety beautiful landscapes, it is dotted with historical and cultural delights reflecting the fusion of European and Middle Eastern culture. Serbia is the perfect country to discover on horseback.

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Northern Serbia occupies part of the Pannonian plains, which offers sweeping landscapes of rich, fertile lowlands. Central Serbia is rolling hillsides, fields, hedges, orchards and meadows while southern Serbia has dramatic mountains with picturesque canyons and forests. Some of these mountains peak at over 2500m. The flora and fauna of the country is abundant and varies with the landscapes. Horseback riding through the country will allow you to intimately explore the extraordinary natural diversity Serbia has to offer.

Over thousands of years many different cultures and religions have passed through the area creating a wide variety of cultural attractions. These range from archeological sights from the Mesolithic and Neolithic era, to historical churches and medieval monasteries. The Serbian countryside is dotted with tiny rural villages. Traditional life is well maintained in many of these villages and passing through them, you will often be invited into the homes of these warm and welcoming people, and be offered the chance to experience true, rural Serbian life up close. With a strong emphasis on home cooking, Serbian food has Oriental, Mediterranean and Austro-Hungarian influences. Food preparation is a strong part of Serbian tradition.

The climate varies throughout the country, but generally has long hot summers, with relatively cold winters. The best time to go horse riding is from May to October in order to make the most of the summer months.

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