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Bitterroot Ranch (Wyoming), USA


The trip of a lifetime, absolutely amazing. Fantastic scenery, amazing horses, great people, delicious food, a week was no where near long enough. Breathtaking! The staff were brilliant and the service was spot on all the time, I was made to feel very welcome, couldn't fault it - perfect. The wranglers were all amazing, knowledgeable, great people.

Lisa D.


Type of horses:

Quarter horses, Mustangs, Arabs, Percherons, Appaloosas and Welsh ponies.

Nature of horses:

Horses to suit everyone from calm and quiet to more forward going. All are sure-footed and well suited to their work.

Height of horses:

14hh - 17hh (most are around 14hh - just under 16hh but a few Percherons are larger)

Weight limit:


Tack type:

Western for trail riding (unless a very experienced rider) and English for XC and lessons if desired.


Travel Advice

Please ensure you read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice before you travel.

Ride Description

This family run working ranch, set in a remote valley bordering Shoshone National Forest, offers 50 square miles of unspoilt mountainous wilderness. Near to Yellowstone Park and with snow-capped mountains always in view, the ranch provides a variety of riding opportunities including tuition with certified instructors, a cross country course, team sorting, herding cows, cattle drives, roundups, pack trips and trail rides. The Fox family have been running this operation for more than 30 years and provide a relaxed and friendly holiday atmosphere for their guests.

Although a dude ranch offering traditional cabin accommodation and real cowboy experiences, this destination is less typical than most due to its suitability for a riding holiday and the staff's passion for horses. Quality riding is the aim of the game and the hosts are especially proud of their stunning purebred Arabians, many of which are trained and raised on the ranch. These make up part of the 135 horse herd which also contains Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Appaloosas, Percherons and Welsh ponies. There certainly is a horse for everyone! As a family farm the ranch is also home to sheep, llamas, ducks, geese, chickens, peacocks, dogs and cats.

There is a wonderful family ambience on the ranch as the Fox family join their guests at meal times and lead many of the rides personally. The owner, Bayard, also enjoys joining his guests for some fly fishing, another favourite sport at the ranch. The cuisine here is of high standard and features ranch-raised beef and lamb, homegrown salads and freshly baked breads, with delicious wine to complement it. After enjoying a meal with newfound friends, guests retire to their individual log cabins which are located along the river and offer spectacular views.

See Programmes.


Food & Accommodation

Accommodation is in a series of traditional style cabins, all of which have been modernised over the 40 years that Bitterroot has been a dude ranch. All the cabins feature electric heating and showers, some also having wood burning stoves and most being equipped with bathtubs. There are a variety of sleeping arrangements available within the cabins and they are designed with authenticity in mind, keeping the rustic charm of a the bygone cowboy era. The main lodge (where guests gather for meals and to socialise in evenings) features a large stone fireplace and broad porch, the perfect setting in which to enjoy your ranch experience and to talk with new friends.

Good food is seen as an important part of life on the ranch and salads are picked fresh from the garden, bread is baked in the kitchen ovens and the beef and lamb are ranch-raised to ensure their quality. Below are some examples of meals, yum!

Breakfast: Eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausages and toast. Also on offer is fresh fruit, muffins, cereal, orange juice and traditional steel cut oats which are cooked overnight (a house favourite).


- Rainbow, Cutthroat or Brown Trout, (fresh from the line of Bayard or his guests!) baked in White Wine, Almonds and Parsley
- Sun Dried Tomato, Feta and Thyme Quiche
- Organic Home Reared Beef Bolognese, with Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
- Roast Butternut Squash Soup with Home Baked Olive Rosemary Bread
- Organic Home Grown Green Salad with Arugula, Beet Leaves and Frisee Lettuce
- Twice Baked Cheddar Soufflé
- Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberry Sauce and Lemon Hazelnut Biscotti.
- Fresh Mango Syllabub


- Organic Home Reared Natural Beef Fillet with Rosemary and Garlic Roast Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables and a Red Wine Jus
- Stuffed Pumpkin with Wild Rice and Mushroom Risotto
- Spinach, Pear and Stilton Salad with Raspberry Walnut Dressing
- Honey Baked Ham with Cheese and Parsley Baked Potatoes and Sugar Glazed Carrots
- Organic Home Reared Natural Lamb Chops with Roast Vegetables and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
- Seared Fillet of Salmon with Lemon Dill Hollandaise, Steamed Asparagus and Braised Portobello Mushrooms
- Belgian Chocolate Pots
- Fresh Raspberry and Blueberry Millefeuille
- Sticky Toffee Pudding and English Custard



The second biggest passion at the ranch (after the riding of course) is fly fishing. There are wonderful opportunities here to fly fish for trout in the ranch's private stream and stocked pond, as well as in neighbouring lakes and rivers.

The East Fork Wind River runs through the ranch lands for over a mile and is home to many Cutthroat trout between 8 and 14 inches long, some having been caught as big as 20 inches. There are also excellent gorges and two ponds which house rainbow trout of up to 5Ibs. Your host has caught trout up to 10lbs and as well as the Cutthroat and Rainbow trout, Brown and Brook trout are also living in local waters.

Hiking in the area is top notch and destinations include a former hideout of Butch Cassidy from the 1890s and visits to the cedar sheep traps made by the Sheep Eater Indians 150 years ago. Other hiking opportunities include trails to old Indian campsites, a trip to Castle Rock and even the chance to see the petrified bones of a coryphodon, a mammal which roamed the lands 45-60 million years ago.

There is a variety of wild flowers and trees on the ranch, the most notable of course being the Bitterroot after which the ranch is named. This is a nutritious root which was prized by the Indians who dried and stored them over winter. The roots were too bitter for Europeans! Guests can also see Evening Primroses, Larkspurs, Mountain Bluebells, Cushions Flox, Mountain Strawberries, Lance Leaf Stonecrop, Lupines and Indian Paintbrushes. Some of the stunning trees and shrubs which add to the ranch's beauty are Quaking Aspen, Cottonwood, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Limber Pine, Engelman Spruce, Sagebrush, Willow and Silverberry. These plants and the other fascinating wildlife of the area make Bitterroot a beautiful environment in which to enjoy some top class riding or fishing.


Further Details

Languages: English

Health requirements: Fit & Healthy

Age limit: None for guests, riders must be 4+ (there are some lovely Welsh ponies for older children riders)

Tuition: Yes, depending on the programme.

Included: Accommodation, all meals, daily riding (except Sunday) and fishing.

Not included: Flights, travel insurance, transfers.


Travel Information

You should ideally fly to Riverton (Wyoming) or Jackson Hole. We can suggest transport companies to transfer you to the ranch.

Airport: Riverton

Alternative Airport: Jackson



Ranch Stay

This memorable ranch stay incorporates a variety of riding activities from daily trail rides, cattle work, tuition and the chance to experience their cross country course. The ranch has a wonderful herd of horses with a mix of breeds and they raise their own sensible, friendly, purebred Arabs which are a special pleasure to ride. Guests stay in traditional cabin accommodation and are fed exquisite food, much of which is ranch grown or freshly made.

A typical week at Bitterroot begins with a short demonstration of riding techniques and then guests are evaluated for their riding style and ability. There is a broad selection of horses and the hosts will match horse and rider carefully to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment. Experienced guides lead out small groups (which are divided by ability) for 2-3 hour morning and afternoon rides.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings there are video taped lessons available for anyone wanting to improve their riding. The cross country course is available for experienced riders who will first be assessed in a school to check that they will not interfere with their horse's jumping ability. Friday afternoons bring friendly team sorting competitions which introduce guests to cattle work. Saturday is a final all day picnic ride. During July, August and September this often involves moving cattle to different parts of the grazing in the National Forest.

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 12
Ability description: Beginner - Experienced (Riding groups are divided by ability)
Type of ride: Based stay
Total riding time: Approx 4 - 6 hours a day
Departure dates: 2019: 26th May - 22nd September. Ranch stays are Sunday to Sunday.
Pricing: Prices are per person, per week (7 nights), based on double room occupancy. They include all accommodation, meals, wine with dinner and some soft drinks, daily riding (except Sundays) and fishing. We have also included the compulsory 10% service charge which covers all gratuities and taxes.


£2298 per person sharing

Children 4 - 15: 25% discount
Non rider: £1431
Single supplement: £260

Cattle Drive

The Bitterroot cattle graze on the adjacent national forest land from July to October. Guests who ride well enough can help the cowboys with the challenging work of herding the cows into the mountains the first week of July and rounding them up again the last week of September. The cattle are spread out over fifty square miles of high mountains, forests, clearings and river valleys so that riders are often off the beaten path in country where one encounters wild game like elk, deer, moose, and grizzly bear.

During both weeks guests will return to their cabins each night and have breakfast and dinner in the main lodge. Most days lunches will be along the trail. All cabins have their own private baths and electric heat. Riders participate in the routine of a working cowboy gathering scattered herds, driving them to and from summer pasture, and sorting animals. This work is varied and unpredictable but requires long hours in the saddle. Please note that weather, unexpected movements of cattle or Forest Service instruction could change plans.

Day 1:

Arrive at Bitterroot Ranch in the afternoon. Meet your fellow riders. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2:

Start the day with orientation and an evaluation of riders before enjoying a short morning trail ride. In the afternoon guests are encouraged to participate in team sorting in the arena. This helps riders become acquainted with some of the techniques used in cattle drives.

Day 3: 

Today's ride will cover the Castle Rock section of the allotment. Castle Rock will be towering above all day. Far across the valley riders will see the perpetually snowcapped Wind River Mountains forming the Continental Divide. Stop to enjoy a saddle bag lunch. The elevation today will be over 9,000 ft. with riding through forests and open meadows rounding up any strays.

Day 4:

Take a picnic lunch and go looking for cows in the East Fork Basin area of the national forest above the ranch. They could be anywhere in this area of about 15 square miles. The terrain is comprised of the wide, grass covered valley of the East Fork Basin as well as forests hiding many large and small clearings which must be checked. Riding will be at 8,500 to 10,000 ft. elevation.

Day 5:

Once again take a picnic lunch. Head up to the East Fork Basin and gather the main herd of about 185 mother cows with their calves and drive them back to the ranch.

Day 6: 

The morning will be spent gathering, loading and shipping cows. In the afternoon ride to the east of the ranch.

Day 7:

Back ride over the Alkali section looking for any strays missed in the gather.

Day 8:

Departure after breakfast.

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 18
Ability description: Intermediate - Experienced. This programme involves mostly slow riding but the terrain is sometimes challenging and long hours are spent in the saddle.
Type of ride: Cattle drive
Total riding time: 6 - 7 hours per day (6 riding days)
Departure dates: 2019: 24th September - 1st October (FULL)
Pricing: 2019:

£2298 per person, based on double room occupancy. This includes all accommodation, food, some drinks, riding and a compulsory service charge (which covers all gratuities and taxes).

£260 single supplement

Price does not include flights, transfers or travel insurance.

Range Rider Week (with Cattle)

These ranch based weeks offer guests a genuine experience of a day-to-day working cattle ranch. Nothing you will see during your stay is staged, or "put-on" to pleased tourists, instead, it will offer a glimpse into the realities of ranch life. The herds of cattle graze on vast open mountain pastures with never-ending vistas. Often the work required to keep everything well organised and running smoothly can seem just as infinite. Daily activities may include fixing the fences, searching for signs of grizzly bears or wolves, putting out salt with pack horses and potentially herding cattle from pasture to pasture (depending on need).

Sample itinerary - for illustration only - each range riding week will bring a unique experience and set of challenges, so can differ totally from one week to the next.


Arrive at the ranch and settle into your comfortable log cabin. You can join fellow guests for cocktails on the porch of the ranch at 6.30 pm, a great chance to get to know everyone. This will be followed by a BBQ and bonfire by the river (weather permitting).


After a hearty ranch breakfast, everyone will gather by the corral at approx. 9.15 am for an introduction to the wranglers and a short demonstration of the riding techniques used on the ranch. Mount up for a ride in the ring and a brief evaluation to ensure you are well matched to your horse, tack, and fellow riding group. Once everyone is happy and comfortable, it is off on your first trail ride of the week! Returning to the ranch in time for lunch at approx. 12.30 pm, you'll have a bit of time to relax before getting back in the saddle for the afternoon session. This time you may be exploring a different area of the vast empty range that surrounds the ranch. Getting back from your ride around mid-afternoon will give you time to shower and change before cocktail hour.


This morning will give guests the chance to take a western riding lesson, which can also be videotaped so that you can see your own improvements. For those who are now more comfortable in the saddle, there will be a long ride into the National Forest followed by a shorter, faster afternoon ride. Cocktails are at 6:00 pm with dinner soon after in July and August, which will accommodate those who wish to join the weekly square dance event in Dubois, starting at 8.00 pm.


Today you might set off into the National Forest to the East Fork basin section of the ranch range. You might be checking the fences along the border with the Indian Reservation, riding through groves of aspen, hidden meadows and open pine forest before heading over into the Alkali section of the range.


Again, today may consist of checking fences and cattle movements in the Alkali section, perhaps heading up high near the base of Castle Rock to get a good vantage point over the lay of the land. You will be riding through vast open meadows, interspersed with pockets of aspen and pine. The spectacular Wind River Mountain range can always be viewed on one side, with the Absaroka Mountains on the other. In the afternoon you will make your way back to the ranch for cocktails and dinner.


Today, a long morning ride may be followed by a friendly team sorting competition in the afternoon (in July, August and September). After gathering the cattle and driving them to the arena, four team members will attempt to drive ten Highland yearlings in numerical order from one end of the ring to the other, in under 4 minutes. You will find that the cattle never comply with the best-laid plans... Cocktails are at 6:00 pm and dinner will again be early in July and August so that guests can make it to Dubois by 8.00 pm to watch the local rodeo!


Today may comprise an all-day picnic ride that takes you high into the National Forest. There is often an opportunity to herd cattle from pasture to pasture this day, depending on their movements over the range.


Departure after breakfast and a sad farewell to new found friends.

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 12
Ability description: Beginner - Experienced riders accepted; Riding groups are divided by ability, but those of an intermediate level or higher will be able to make the most of this experience.
Type of ride: Ranch stay with cattle work
Total riding time: Approx. 4-6 hours per day.
Departure dates: 2019: 7-14 July, 4-11 August, 8-15 September.
Pricing: 2019:

£2385 per person

£260 single room supplement.

Prices are based on double room occupancy. Includes all accommodation, meals, wine with dinner and some soft drinks, daily riding (except Sundays) as per the itinerary. We have also included the compulsory 10% service charge which covers all gratuities and taxes.

Riding & Yoga Week

These beautiful ranch stay weeks will offer guests the chance to combine some wonderful relaxing trail riding with grounding yoga practice. Each yoga session will be lead by a qualified yoga practitioner who will focus on achieving the physical alignment one strives for when riding horses, which is mirrored by the physical alignment one practices in yoga. The two work together in beautiful harmony. So whether you are more familiar with riding or with yoga, you are sure to be challenged by and find joy in the week’s activities.

The yoga and riding retreat will be led by host and yoga instructor Hadley Fox. As well as being a keen horse-woman from a young age, Hadley has been practicing yoga daily since 2011. She was excited to bring yoga to the ranch with the construction of a dedicated yoga yurt. It is a beautiful and peaceful space to practice, with natural light and the sounds of the river and nature around you. After teaching riding lessons at the ranch for many years, Hadley realised how well the physical practice of yoga would help riders. The alignment one tries to achieve on the yoga mat is the same as the one you try to achieve in the saddle. Yoga can also ease the inevitable soreness of a long day spend in the saddle!

Hadley felt that the philosophy of yoga blended well with the way the ranch is run — focusing on welfare, respect for the wild land and a welcoming, kind atmosphere for guests and staff. She completed the Stephanie Snyder Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training through Love Story Yoga at the 200 hour level and received certification from Yoga Alliance® at the RYT® 200 level.

Sample itinerary - for illustration only. This itinerary is flexible. Changes may occur due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Arrive at the ranch and settle into your comfortable log cabin. Cocktails will be served on the ranch porch at approx. 6:30 pm followed by a BBQ dinner and the chance to get to know your hosts, fellow guests and yoga instructor.


c. 7:30- 9:00 am: Breakfast will be made to order during this time period each day.

c. 9:30-11:30 am: Join your yoga practitioner for the morning yoga session – this practice is designed to wake the body up and begin to connect your mind and being. You will practice postures from the Vinyasa system with a focus on alignment and breath.

c. 12:30 pm: Gather at the main lodge for lunch.

c. 2:45 pm: Meet at the Corral for an introduction to the wranglers and a short demonstration of the riding techniques used on the ranch. Mount up for a ride in the ring and a brief evaluation to ensure you are well matched to your horse, tack, and fellow riding group. Once everyone is happy and comfortable, it is off on your first trail ride of the week! There are seemingly endless and diverse destinations with varied terrain to be explored and no ride will be repeated during your week-long stay.

c. 6:00 pm: A light evening yoga practice will allow you to focus on post riding stretches.

c. 6:30 pm: Cocktails before dinner.


c. 7:30 to 9:00 am: Breakfast will be served at the main lodge.

c. 9:15 am: You will meet at the corrals for a morning trail ride or you may choose to take a lesson centred around riding technique. During your lesson, you will begin to recognise the comparisons between balanced riding technique and body awareness developed through yoga practice.

c. 12:30 pm: Lunch back at the ranch.

c. 3:30 pm: You will meet at the large Yurt in order to practice additional postures from the Vinyasa system and build on your repertoire.

c. 6:00 pm: Cocktails and dinner at the main lodge.


c. 7:30 - 9:00 am: Breakfast at the main lodge.

c. 9:15 am: This morning you can choose between a trail ride or another lesson in the arena, as per your preference.

c. 12:30 pm: Lunch back at the ranch.

c. 3:30 pm: Another afternoon yoga session to help ease out any post-riding tweaks.


c. 9:00 am: Following breakfast today, you will head out for a long picnic ride into the high mountains surrounding the ranch. Once you arrive at your picnic spot, you will have the chance to take a long break in the wilderness for a Yoga/meditation session followed by a tasty picnic and a gentle ride back to the ranch in the afternoon.

c. 6:00 pm: Another light Yoga practice focusing on post riding stretching.

c. 6:30 pm: Cocktails and dinner at the lodge.


c. 7:30 - 9:00 am: Breakfast at the main lodge.

c. 9:30 am: You will enjoy a morning yoga session to wake up and refresh the mind and body.

c. 12:30 pm: Lunch at the lodge.

c. 2:45 pm: In the afternoon you will spend some time helping the wranglers to move the ranch cattle and even participate in a team sorting competition - an opportunity to use your new found riding skills with a fun old cowboy game!

c. 6:00 pm: Cocktails and dinner at the main lodge.


c. 7:30 - 9:00 am: Breakfast served at the main lodge.

c. 9:15 am: You will have a chance to enjoy a last morning trail ride around the ranch or a lesson if preferred.

c. 12:30 pm: Lunch back at the ranch.

c. 3:30 pm: An afternoon yoga session allowing you to practice what you have learnt from all your experiences during the week.

c. 6:00 pm: Cocktails and dinner at the main lodge.


Departure after breakfast and a sad farewell to new found friends.

Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 12
Ability description: All levels of riding or yoga ability are welcome.
Type of ride: Riding & yoga retreat.
Total riding time: Approx. 2-6 hours each day.
Departure dates: 2019:
14-21 July
25 August - 1 September
Pricing: 2019:

£2326 per person

£260 single room supplement.

Prices are based on double room occupancy. Includes all accommodation, meals, wine with dinner and some soft drinks, daily riding (except Sundays) and yoga practice with a qualified instructor. All taxes and gratuities are included in the price of the stay.