Photo from the Ride Zimbabwe (Varden Safaris) (Zimbabwe) ride.

Zimbabwe is a joy to explore on horseback, a true African wilderness rich with game and exciting riding country. This landlocked country comprises of open savannah and dense, untouched bushland, set between two of Africa's most famous rivers - the Zambezi and the Limpopo. A range of fascinating wildlife is spread over the countryside including elephant, zebra and giraffe, as well as less well known species such as fruit bats. The landscapes are often rugged and remote offering a challenging horse riding experience during which you must trust in the sure-footedness of your horse. The open vleis (shallow wetlands) offer exciting canters and who knows, you might just bump into some game!

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The country is famous for Victoria Falls, claimed to be one of the largest waterfalls in the world. This is just an example of the spectacular scenery you can hope to experience in this part of southern Africa. The kopje (isolated rocks or mountains) are often very impressive and dot the countryside like natural outlook posts. The variety of landscapes and terrain mean that a host of different species inhabit the land - not only big game (including the famous 'Big Five') but a spectacular diversity of birdlife and reptiles.

Ride the rugged terrain of Zimbabwe and see another side to this beautiful country!

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  • Photo from the Ride Zimbabwe (Varden Safaris) ride

    Ride Zimbabwe (Varden Safaris)

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    Join James and Janine Varden for a fascinating horse safari in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park.
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