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Horse Riding Holidays, Croatia

Croatia, located in South-Central Europe, is fast becoming a very popular and exciting holiday destination. With its diverse terrain of plains, lakes and rolling hills, it is ideally suited to horse riding enthusiasts. From the eastern plains to the western Adriatic coast, Croatia offers a blend of Balkan central European and Mediterranean cultures, having taken influences from Venice, Vienna, Belgrade and Istanbul. Croatia has more than a thousand islands, a beautiful coastline and the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. It has everything you could want in a perfect holiday; mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, buzzing cities and historic Venetian towns. The country is famous for its many national parks which are perfect for horse riders or keen walkers and cyclists.

In the days of the Yugoslavia Federation, Croatia was a highly valued region for its magnificent forests, clear water lakes, Adriatic beaches and the many islands of the Dalmatian archipelago. With the war ending many years ago, Croatia welcomes tourists with few visible signs of damage. The country is completely safe and journalists have christened Croatia the New Tuscany. New trends are aimed towards rural tourism and small family run hotels and cycling and horse riding are fast becoming popular tourist activities. Equestrian skills are shared and enjoyed throughout Croatia, as well as the breeding of horses for sport, hunting and work. Croatia has two climates. The coast enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate consisting of hot, dry, sunny weather during summer, and relatively mild, although sometimes wet, weather in winter. Further inland, expect a continental climate bringing cold winters with snow and very hot summer temperatures.

Croatia is home to eight national parks protecting the pristine wilderness in the form of mountains, forests and uninhabited islands. Whilst coastal resorts may be heaving in summer, it is always possible to escape to a deserted island or beach. Brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild boar inhabit Croatia’s national parks, particularly in the Gorski Kotar and Velebit mountain ranges and around the Plitvice Lakes. Whilst travelling on horseback through the plains and forests you will be able to see and learn about the habitats of birds, fish and game and the traditional and popular architecture of rural communities and homesteads. Trails are available in both the lush Istrian countryside as well as in the Dalmatia county. The historic town of Split is very local to two of our Croatian destinations and certainly well worth a visit.

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Bosko's Ranch and Croatian Culture, Croatia

The Bosko
This friendly Croatian ranch offers varied riding in the countryside and their famous Krka Trail. They have well trained, forward-going horses to take you out along the Cetina river and across the lovely landscapes and there is also the option of fascinating cultural excursions. The Krka Trail is a beautiful adventure through the Croatian countryside where you can enjoy long canters, mountain climbs and even swimming with your horse in the river.

Current special offers:

We are delighted to offer you a £100 discount on the Krka Trail starting 26th May.
This is a fabulous trail for adventurous confident riders.


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Dalmatian Hinterland, Croatia

The Dalmatian Hinterland horse riding holiday, in Croatia
A based/stationary riding holiday in the Dalmatian Hinterland of Croatia. This ride is suitable for confident intermediate riders and above, happy to ride at all paces through varied scenery. This is a budget-friendly but welcoming destination for those looking for a rural adventure.


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Magic of Istria, Croatia

The Magic of Istria horse riding holiday, in Croatia
Istria provides a wonderful setting for horse riding due to its charming landscapes, comfortable climate and the warm hospitality that guests receive. Your guide Petar and his enthusiastic and skilled team have years of experience in horse riding and trail guiding. He has starred in several films on horseback and is also a fabulous stunt rider so exciting riding possible! Petar and his family are charming and will make you very welcome. Here you can sample traditional cuisine, meet local people and enjoy the company of a great horse and new friends! We have loved Croatia for many years and we have been ourselves so we know its great.

Current special offers:

€100 EUR per person discount on the week trails:

15 - 22 April
29 April - 6 May
13 - 20 May
20 - 27 May
2 - 9 June
9 - 16 June


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Old Mulberry Country Estate, Croatia

The Old Mulberry Country Estate horse riding holiday, in Croatia
A stay on this traditional farm will allow you to explore this lovely Croatian countryside from the back of a horse. The countryside around the estate has an abundance of wildlife and is breathtaking with unspoilt mystical woodlands, hills, fields and crystal clear springs. The undulating terrain allows for riding at all paces. Here you can experience traditional farm life as it was many years ago and enjoy all the farm has to offer. You will love the peace and tranquility of the beautiful surroundings and get to know all the farm animals and spot deer and other wildlife. There are programmes to suit both experienced riders and beginners.

Current special offers:


20% off a full week (7 night) stay between the 26th May - 2nd June.
20% off a full week (7 night) stay between the 9th-16th June.

This is a fabulous riding destination offering trails in unspoilt countryside on fit horses. Here you will enjoy excellent accommodation, delicious food and a swimming pool to dip into at the end of the day. Hosting is second to none!


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