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Adventure Horse Tours, Mongolia


Very Good - Wonderful! It lived up to the online description. The local company were very good and the horses & guides were lovely, saddles were really comfy. (Favourite memory?) Galloping on open grassland!

Tatum B.


Type of horses:

Native Mongolian horses.

Nature of horses:

Mongolian horses are small but strong. They tend to have a docile and friendly nature, although they can be nervous of visitors at first as they belong to local nomad families and are sometimes not used to the different smells and bright clothing of foreigners.

Height of horses:

Approx 12 - 14hh.

Weight limit:

90kg / 198lbs

Tack type:

European style trail saddles or traditional Mongolian saddles (the latter are not considered very comfortable by most outsiders!)


Travel Advice

Please ensure you read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice before you travel.

Ride Description

These horse riding tours are the ideal way to see Mongolia and to experience the culture and lifestyles of the locals. Mongolia is known as the land of the horses and the nomadic people have worshipped them for many years. The small native horses have a friendly nature and are strong and sure-footed, therefore offering the perfect means of transport by which to explore the beautiful landscapes of the country. These include steppes, mountains, forests and river valleys with a variety of local flora and fauna.

Mountains dominate two thirds of the country with forests making up approximately 10% of the land. These wooded areas support some interesting animals such as Wolves, Wild Bears, Elk, Deer, Antelope and Brown Bears. The steppes and forest margins are home to Marmots, Muskrats, Foxes, Steppe Foxes and Sable. The mountains house Lynx and Snow Leopard whilst the skies are rich in bird life including the Golden Eagle and Bearded Vulture. The 2000 lakes attract water birds such as Stork, Herring gull and Relict Gull. This wonderful assortment of species simply add to the breathtaking natural beauty of the country.

The unique culture and welcoming personalities of the nomads make Mongolia a particularly interesting place to visit. These horseback adventures allow you to experience their ways of life and to gain an insight into their daily activities, whilst also learning about the country's history and exploring the stunning countryside. Guests joining these tours should be prepared to camp in tents and to ride a small Mongolian horse (approximately 12 - 14hh) who will carry you safely across the various terrain. To participate in these riding tours you should already have some good experience in the saddle - although these tours are focused more around the cultural experience rather than the actual horse riding, you will need to ride over some challenging terrain and for long hours. The horses belong to local nomad families and can sometimes be nervous of visitors due to the different smells and the bright clothing, so guests should be happy to make friends with their horse!

These riding tours are arranged by a family business who have excellent experience within the tourism industry. They personally train the local Mongolian riding guides and have contracts with local families in order to use their horses for these riding adventures. They aim to offer a quality experience to visitors as they are passionate about sharing their country and all the wonderful things it has to offer. We met with the organisers in 2012 in order to discuss the tours and were delighted with their approach. They can organise tours including a variety of other activities so if you are looking to extend your stay then please ask us and that can be arranged for you, as can a tailor made tour if you'd prefer something different. Single travellers can often be accommodated.

See Programmes.


Food & Accommodation

These tours offer a mixture of accommodation - primarily camping in tents during riding tours but sometimes staying in hotels or gers (traditional Mongolian tents, usually fur-lined).

Food on these rides is typically a mix of traditional Mongolian with some European influence to cater for western visitors. As all food will need to be transported in vehicles during the tour its not always possible to store fresh ingredients easily. For this reason, the team will rely a lot on preserved foods, such as dried and tinned goods, as well as buying some meat, cheese and yoghurt from local people

Breakfast is usually simple, consisting of bread, sausage, cheese, jam, butter, tea and coffee. Lunch will often be simple and lighter than the evening meals, consisting of sandwiches, preserved vegetables, local dishes and soup if the day has been cold. Dinners are typically the main meal of the day and tend to be a hot, cooked stew or soup made using a mix of more traditional Mongolian and European ingredients, including eggs, milk products, meat and vegetables. Evening meals are usually one course, perhaps with an aperitif or some snacks beforehand.

At the beginning and end of each tour, you will be able to spend some time in Ulaanbaatar. Here you can go to the local shops and buy any snacks or additional food that you would like to take with you on the trip (such as chocolate!). Ulaanbaatar is quite a modern city and has a wide selection of shops, cafes and restaurants serving Mongolian, Korean and European dishes.

Those with special dietary requirements may be catered for, but this can sometimes be difficult - if you require a special diet, please let us know at the time of enquiry so that we can ensure this can be accommodated.



Non-riders are welcome and can travel in the support vehicle, visit the nomad families, explore the area, walk and sight-see.

When not in the saddle, riders on these trips tend to be tired from their long and exciting days ride. However, there are opportunities to play sports, interact with and learn about the life of the Nomadic families you stay with, help with chores, such as tending to the fire, or simply relax, enjoy a chat with your guides and fellow guests or a good sing and dance.

For those wishing to extend their time in Mongolia, to see other parts of the country, please do let us know. Our partners here are also able to organise non-riding tours and extensions and may be able to make recommendations for your stay.


Further Details

Languages: English

Health requirements: You must be in good physical health, fit, have a good heart and be adventurous.

Age limit: 12+ for the horse riding tours. The riding can be strenuous and there is sometimes walking over tough terrain so it is only recommended for children who are fit, brave and up for the challenge.

Tuition: Guidance and training will be given on how to ride the Mongolian horses.

Included: Accommodation, meals, airport transfers, transport during the ride and horse riding as per itineraries.

Not included: Flights, travel insurance, lunches and dinners in Ulaanbaatar and extras not mentioned.


Travel Information

Flights are to Ulaanbaatar. They will collect you from the airport and take you back at the end of your trip.

Airport: Genghis Khan International Airport (Ulaanbaatar)



The Wilderness of Central Mongolia (14 nights, 9.5 days riding)

From the back of your horse, you will enjoy the Mongolian scenery and visit nomadic families to experience their daily life and culture. You will also learn to admire the culture of the riding steppe people, who are born to the saddle. Highlights of this trip including visiting the famous and historical Orkhon Valley, Bayangobi, the worshipped Khugnu Khaan Mountain and also Mongolia's ancient capital, Kharkhorin city. This trip spans two weeks with approximately nine and a half days spent in the saddle. 

Day 1: 

The trip begins with an introductory city tour through Ulaanbaatar, where you will visit sites such as Gandan monastery, the National Museum of Mongolia (where you will learn about the country's history) and the Zanabazar fine arts museum, which will allow you to see the culture of Mongolia. Overnight in hotel. 

Day 2: 

This morning you will head west, out of the city, and will arrive at the ancient capital Kharkhorin city. As you approach you will see a sand dune in the middle of the steppe, known as Elsen Tasakhai. You will spend the night in a ger camp here. 

Day 3: 

Today you will spend the morning visiting Erdenezuu monastery. This monastery, built on top of the ruins of Kharkhorin city, was the first and biggest Buddhist temple built in Mongolia. Although ruined during the Communist period it now operates as a museum. In the evening you will meet your horses and herders before spending the night in a tent. 

Day 4: 

You will ride towards Tuvkhun monastery through a rocky and mountainous terrain, before arriving at Ereg hilltop. During the ride, you will visit a nomad family to see their daily lifestyle and activities. Overnight in a tent. 

Day 5: 

Today you will see Tuvkhun monastery. This is where the religious figure Zanabazar lived, worked and meditated and created the Soyombo, which became the symbol of freedom and independence in Mongolia. You will have a chance to visit 'Mother's womb cave' - Mongolians believe that those who enter the cave are purified and born again. Overnight in a tent. 

Days 6 - 8: 

During these days you will continue horse riding in the Orkhon Valley. You will visit another nomad family to explore their lifestyle further. During the ride, you will reach Orkhon Waterfall where the 24m high waterfalls were created many years ago by volcanic eruption and earthquake. Nights will be spent in tents. 

Days 9 - 11: 

The next few days are spent exploring 8 Lakes National Park which consists of the lakes Duruu, Huis, Bugat, Shireet, Shanaa and Khaya. It is called '8 lakes of the Navel' because it is at the "navel" of Mongolia. A yak or horse cart will be used to carry your baggage as the road is unsuitable for a car. Nights in tents. 

Day 12: 

This is your last day of horse riding. You will ride through the scenic lava valley, which was formed by a volcanic eruption, and will arrive at Shuran Rock. This is a twin rock that stands 28m tall at the bank of a river. Locals say that those who can throw a stone over it will be prosperous. You will meet your car and drivers at this site before spending the night in a tent. 

Day 13: 

Today you will be driven through Uyanga soum centre before staying overnight in tents at Bayangobi. Bayangobi is a unique landscape which includes Mongolian Gobi and Khangai Mountains. 

Day 14: 

In the afternoon you will arrive back in Ulaanbaatar city. In the evening you will enjoy a Mongolian cultural concert with contortion artists, throat singers, national songs and dances. Overnight in a hotel. 

Day 15: 


NB. During the visit to the Tuvkhun monastery, you will trek for 3 - 4 hours on foot. Be prepared! 

Accommodation: You will spend most nights in tents (11). One night will be in a traditional ger and the first and last nights will be in a hotel.
Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 12
Ability description: Intermediate - Experienced. Although you ride small Mongolian horses belonging to local families, there is some challenging terrain to tackle which is not suitable for a beginner. These horses can sometimes be nervous of visitors at first due to the different smells, clothing (bright colours!) and appearance.
Type of ride: Trail.
Total riding time: Average 4 - 5 hours per day for approximately 9 and a half days.
Departure dates: Flexible departures which are arranged for a minimum of 2 riders.
Pricing: 2018:
Prices are per person, dependent on the size of your group.

2 pax: £1770 per person
3 pax: £1446 per person
4 pax: £1377 per person
5 pax: £1238 per person
6 pax: £1157 per person
7 pax: £1076 per person
8 pax: £1030 per person
9 pax: £972 per person
10 pax: £926 per person
11 pax: £891 per person
12 pax: £833 per person

Single supplement in hotels is £31 per night.

The price includes all the services mentioned in the programme except for lunches and dinners when in Ulaanbaatar on Days 2 and 14.

Horse Trek in the Steppe (10 nights, 5 days riding)

A ten-night adventure through the steppes of Mongolia, encountering local nomad families and seeing Genghis Khan's birthplace. You will ride through a variety of beautiful, untouched landscapes and experience the hospitality and daily lifestyles of the locals. The trip includes five days on horseback. 

Another real highlight of the tour is a visit to Hustai National Park which is home to the Przewalski horse, the last truly wild horse which was first discovered by a Russian zoologist Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky in the 1870s. The horse became extinct in the wild in the 1960s, largely due to competition with domestic livestock for grazing land and water and because of horse meat hunters. 

Day 1: 

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Here you will enjoy a city tour which includes a visit to the Mongolian National History Museum and the Gandan monastery. Overnight in a hotel**.

Day 2: 

You will be driven to Terelj. En route you will pass "Turtle Rock" and take a visit to a "Meditation Temple". On arrival in Terelj you will meet your horsemen before spending the night in a tent. 

Day 3: 

After breakfast, you will be riding through the steppes, mountains and valleys to get to the next stop. Your baggage will be packed on the horses today. The riding distance is about 20km and you will camp overnight in tents. 

Day 4: 

Early this morning you will visit Gunj Temple, built by Efu Dondovdorj to commemorate the death of his Manchurian wife, Amarlangui. Later you will trek through high mountain forests until reaching your campsite. 20km riding. Overnight in tents. 

Day 5: 

Today you will continue riding through the beautiful nature. You will be able to smell the wildflowers growing beneath you and hear the birds chirping as they soar above you. Tonight you will camp next to Dond Bayan River at the base of the Altan Ulgii Mountain. 25km of riding and overnight in tents. 

Day 6: 

You will descend from the high mountain taiga belt into a forested zone. Here you will visit nomadic families and learn more about nomadic lifestyles. This evening you will meet your driver. Riding distance approximately 25km and overnight in tents. 

Day 7: 

Relaxing day spent enjoying and discovering Mongolian nomadic life. Overnight in tents. 

Day 8: 

Today is your last day of horse riding. After breakfast, you will ride through a beautiful valley. Riding distance of about 25km and overnight in tents. 

Day 9: 

Today you will be driven to Hustai National Park via Ulaanbaatar. En route you will enjoy the Genghis Khan Statue - this is 40m tall statue of Genghis Khan on horseback. After this, you will arrive in Hustai National Park to see the Przewalski Horse. Tonight you will sleep in a ger. 

Day 10: 

You will be driven back to Ulaanbaatar and transferred to the hotel. The afternoon is your own free time. In the evening you will enjoy a live folk performance and have a farewell dinner in a restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 11:


Accommodation: Two nights in hotels, one night in a guest ger camp and the rest in tents.
Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 12
Ability description: Intermediate - Experienced. Although you ride small Mongolian horses belonging to local families, there is some challenging terrain to tackle which is not suitable for a beginner. These horses can sometimes be nervous of visitors at first due to the different smells, clothing (bright colours!) and appearance.
Type of ride: Trail
Total riding time: 5 days of horse riding, travelling up to 25km per day.
Departure dates: Departure dates available for a minimum of 2 riders.
Pricing: 2018:
Prices are per person, dependent on the size of your group

2 pax: £1060 per person
3 pax: £902 per person
4 pax: £774 per person
5 pax: £743 per person
6 pax: £690 per person
7 pax: £658 per person
8 pax: £615 per person
9 pax: £583 per person
10 pax: £562 per person
11 pax: £531 per person
12 pax: £498 per person

Single supplement in hotels is £31 per night.

Price includes all the services mentioned in the programme except lunches and dinners when in Ulaanbaatar on Day 1 and Day 10.