Photo from the Winter in Mongolia (Mongolia ) ride.

Often regarded as the cradle from where the modern domestic horse originated, the Asian continent is a delight for horse riders to discover. Offering a wide variety of landscapes and cultures, from the sandy deserts and biblical histories of Israel and Jordan in the west, to the mysterious mountainous terrains and nomadic cultures of Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. You will also find here the wild rolling steppes and free roaming herds of Mongolia and the diverse, colourful, bubbling melting pot of history and culture in rural Rajasthan, India. Horse riding and equestrian sports have been a traditional part of Asian cultures since ancient times.

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In Kyrgyzstan, horse riding is still the national sport and a trip here will combine great riding opportunities with immersion in nature, climbing majestic mountains and cantering across flowering meadows. Besides this, you can also experience eagle shows, folk shows, museums and immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle.

Across the Caspian Sea, close to the order of Europe, the Karabakh horse is the national animal of stunning Azerbaijan. You’ll be invited to discover the remote caucasus mountains where horses remain the only form of transportation for local people. Riders will experience an adventure in a country seemingly designed for outdoors pursuits.

Israel and Jordan offer some exciting riding trails through the desert and dry mountain landscapes. Both include cultural visits with Jordan offering the glorious rose-red city of Petra whilst Israel shows you many biblical sites and the world-renowned Dead Sea.

The vastness of Mongolia is reflected in the many choices of riding holidays on offer. There are rustic camping trips for the adventurous, more comfortable ‘yurt’ trails for those who prefer a solid tent, and centre based, family-friendly options for less experienced riders who still want to enjoy all that the country has to offer. The sand dunes of the Gobi desert and vast grassland steppes offer perfect riding terrain on the stoic little Mongolia horses.

India, or more specifically, the state of Rajasthan, offers both centre based hotel stays and mobile camping trails. All riding is on the iconic Marwari horse with its beautiful curled ears. Canter across deserts, plains and through the hills whilst also interacting with local people and seeing the real India.

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  • Photo from the Gobi and Grasslands Ride ride

    Gobi and Grasslands Ride

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    Experience the desert of the Bayan Gobi and the lush grassland steppes of the Orkhon Valley on this horseback trail which combines both
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  • Photo from the Horse India ride

    Horse India

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    Experience the joy of riding a native, spirited Marwari horse in their homeland of India on these horse safaris in Rajasthan.
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  • Photo from the Orkhon Valley Trails ride

    Orkhon Valley Trails

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    Discover the beauty of Mongolia's Orkhon Valley from horseback, where the steppes stretch out in front of you with yurts and herds dotted all around.
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  • Photo from the Petra Trails ride

    Petra Trails

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    Visit the ancient city of Petra, ride a fit Arabian horse across the Wadi Rum desert and soak your weary muscles in the famous waters of the Dead Sea.
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    TransMongolia Trail

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    Discover the wild and remote Mongolia on this incredible trail ride which traverses the Khogno Khan and Arkhangai.
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  • Photo from the Winter in Mongolia ride

    Winter in Mongolia

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    Discover on horseback the magical landscapes of the Orkhon Valley and Bayan Gobi desert, all in a wintry white wonderland that few will witness.
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