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Safari Holidays on Horseback

Horseback safaris are a dream for a large number of riders who would love the chance to ride with a variety of spectacular game and wildlife. The majority of horseback safari holidays are aimed at experienced riders who can cope with the demands of long hours in the saddle, exhilarating riding and with the potential dangers of riding amongst wild animals. They are often point to point trail rides during which you travel between different safari camps where you can indulge in a little relaxation and pampering at the end of the day. Such safaris are usually considered a luxury riding holiday due to the standards of accommodation, food and the riding opportunities they involve.

There is nothing so memorable as galloping with giraffes, riding amongst rhino or perhaps spying on hippos in their resident lake. Encounters with the 'big five' are particularly exciting - rhino, leopard, buffalo, lion and elephant. For those with less experience then you are not excluded - there are safari destinations where the less seasoned rider can get up close to some fantastic wildlife, usually whilst taking part in a based stay. Riding in Africa is a popular choice for honeymooners as it is undeniably a special experience and some destinations even offer the option to get married there!

Safari destinations often have several rides on offer which means that riders can start out with the tamer rides, exploring areas rich in the less daunting game, before taking on a more exhilarating challenge and encountering some of the big predators. Whichever type of safari holiday you choose, it is guaranteed to be something very special. Just don't forget your camera!


Botswana flag

African Horseback Safaris (Macatoo), Botswana

The African Horseback Safaris (Macatoo) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
Macatoo Camp is situated on the western side of the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world. This area is a lure for a variety of magnificent wildlife who depend upon the delta's waters in order to survive and these include lions, hyenas, buffalo, wild dog, elephant, antelope, hippo, crocodiles, warthog, mongoose, genets, monkeys, bush babies and over 400 species of birds (resident and migrant). Guests are invited to join these magnificent safaris, cantering through the Okavango Delta, listening to the calls of the wildlife or riding with a herd of zebra or giraffe across the plains. One of the resident elephants may even join you in camp!


Brazil flag

Amazon Delta, Brazil

The Amazon Delta horse riding holiday, in Brazil
The Amazon is a huge place, full of rich experiences and the locals say that it would take many lifetimes to experience it all. Discover this unique environment on the back of the local Marajoara horses. Live the life of the vaqueros (cowboys) and ride through pastures where water buffalo graze as well as discovering the native wildlife and birdlife of this biodiverse area.


South Africa flag

Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill, South Africa

The Ant
These two unique bush homes, Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill, are located on their own private game reserve in the beautiful and diverse Waterberg region of South Africa. They offer some of the most exciting game viewing and horseback riding in Africa and situated at an altitude of 4500 feet above sea level, this wonderful region offers a temperate climate and can be visited all year round. Due to the varying topography and ecology across the reserve, the bush is teeming with an incredible variety of game species from rhino and buffalo to leggy giraffe, rare sable antelope, herds of eland, zebra, wildebeest, big spiral horned kudu to the fleet footed oryx just to mention but a few. There are 300 recorded bird species in the area to add to the exquisite variety of all forms of wildlife that the reserves support.


Kenya flag

Borana, Kenya

The Borana horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Borana Lodge is a family-run and owned destination which plays a special part in the conservation of Kenyan wildlife. Borana Conservancy lies at the foot of Mt Kenya and is a haven for wildlife, considered to be Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary - the private conservancy covers 32,000 acres and is home to more than 25 Black Rhino, a population which has grown since the species was introduced here in 2013. The conservancy is dedicated to the sustainable conservation of land and wildlife.


Botswana flag

Delta Trail (Ride Botswana), Botswana

The Delta Trail (Ride Botswana) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
This is a unique trail ride in the Okavango Delta, where you stay in mobile camps and can follow the herds of game as they migrate through this glorious wetland. Guided by David Foot who also guides our Kalahari ride and has a vast experience, this trail has already become a firm favourite. Combine it with our Kalahari ride for a true Desert and Delta combination.


Botswana flag

Horizon Botswana (Limpopo Valley), Botswana

The Horizon Botswana (Limpopo Valley) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
Explore on horseback the Mashatu Game Reserve which is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve - the eastern tip of Botswana. Mashatu covers 30,000 hectares and is home to great herds of elephant, estimated to be at least 800 strong. Let the beautifully schooled horses help you to discover this wild paradise.


South Africa flag

Horizon Horseback Adventures and Safaris, South Africa

The Horizon Horseback Adventures and Safaris horse riding holiday, in South Africa
Horizon Horseback offers riding safaris in the Waterberg area of northern South Africa. Just three hours north of Johannesburg, this destination has a choice for everyone from honeymoon couples to adventurous families, single riders to groups of friends (non-riders also welcome). Guests can opt for a mobile safari or an adventure based out of the historic family property, set in a private game reserve alongside a beautiful lake with hippo and surrounding plains game. The choices of riding are almost endless and include outrides through the game reserve, swimming with the horses in the lake, western games, jumping, cross country or even learning to play polocrosse.


Botswana flag

Kalahari Ride (Ride Botswana), Botswana

The Kalahari Ride (Ride Botswana) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
Ride through the remote Makgadikgadi salt pans, an incredibly unique area which offers excellent ground for fast riding. In addition to this magical riding terrain you can meet the fascinating desert wildlife including meerkat clans, brown hyenas and aardwolves. With the Zu/Hoasi Bushmen alongside you to interpret your surroundings this is a special riding experience through an extraordinary part of the world.


Tanzania flag

Kaskazi Horse Safaris, Tanzania

The Kaskazi Horse Safaris horse riding holiday, in Tanzania
Kaskazi Horse Safaris is a privately guided horseback operation in Northern Tanzania. The owners focus lies with horses and safaris off the beaten path. Due to their many years of experience within the industry, these African safaris are an unforgettable experience.


Namibia flag

Namibia Horse Safari Company, Namibia

The Namibia Horse Safari Company horse riding holiday, in Namibia
Exploring the Namibian desert on horseback is one of the most exciting riding experiences in the world. From galloping across vast open plains to cantering up and down the sand dunes, all under a spotless blue sky, adventurous riders will love the riding opportunities available to them as they journey across the oldest desert in the world. Spending the nights next to a dwindling campfire, admiring the stars and enjoying the company of your horse, is a memory to last a lifetime.


Kenya flag

Offbeat Safaris, Kenya

The Offbeat Safaris horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Offbeat Safaris have been operating since 1990 and are well-known for their mobile riding safaris with big game. Seeing Kenya from the back of a well-schooled, fit horse is a pleasure for riders and there is nothing so special as riding amongst the spectacular wildlife of the Masai Mara. Guests stay in a traditional mobile safari camp, moving through the wildnerness, fully supported by a knowledgeable, experienced team. This is what a safari is all about!


Namibia flag

Okapuka Horse Safaris, Namibia

The Okapuka Horse Safaris horse riding holiday, in Namibia
Okapuka is a malaria-free private game reserve of 10,000 hectares, situated about an hour north of Windhoek, which you can explore from the back of a beautiful Arabian horse. Game sightings are good, including white rhino, and there are long, sandy tracks for fast riding coupled with scenic mountain rides. Non-riders are also well-accommodated here.


Botswana flag

Okavango Horse Safaris, Botswana

The Okavango Horse Safaris horse riding holiday, in Botswana
Explore the magical inland water meadows of the Okavango Delta on this semi-mobile safari which visits at least two camps during your stay. The ride operates in a 2,500 private concession on the western side of the Okavango Delta which contains three major river systems - the Xudum, Matsibie and Kiri. Game is plentiful and includes all the Big Five. By moving camps you get to ride in two very different eco-systems, discovering the vast wetlands and moklowane palms as well as the drier islands and mopane woodlands.


Zimbabwe flag

Ride Zimbabwe (Varden Safaris), Zimbabwe

The Ride Zimbabwe (Varden Safaris) horse riding holiday, in Zimbabwe
Join James and Janine Varden for a fascinating horse safari in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park. The start and end point is the luxurious Iganyana Tented Camp, situated on the Dete Vlei which forms part of the buffer zone to the park. From here the Vardens can offer you an exciting adventure into Hwange, home to more than 100 species of mammals (including all of the Big Five) and more than 400 species of birds.


Kenya flag

Safaris Unlimited, Kenya

The Safaris Unlimited horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Exciting horseback safaris across the untouched wilderness of Kenya. Organised by Gordie Church, an experienced and passionate guide, these safaris are the riding trips of a lifetime for the adventurous rider with a love of wildlife. Experience the wilderness, learn about its people and ride your way across one of Africa's highlights.


Eswatini flag

Swazi Culture & Scenery, Eswatini

The Swazi Culture & Scenery horse riding holiday, in Eswatini
The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is a new and exciting destination for horse riders - with its diverse terrain, accommodation and Swazi culture, you'll be immersed in the real Africa. Explore three different parks on horseback and on foot/in vehicles to get a fantastic overview of the country. High up in the mountains of Mlilwane North you will get never-ending views across Eswatini, South Africa and Mozambique, putting the whole of life into perspective.


Botswana flag

Thamalakane River Ride (Ride Botswana), Botswana

The Thamalakane River Ride (Ride Botswana) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
This wonderful lodge-based safari is an ideal short break, suitable for riders of all levels including families with children. After years of drought the flood waters of the Okavango Delta have spilled over into the land, causing the Thamalakane River to flow and creating a riding paradise. Tall woodlands line the riverbanks providing homes for a variety of incredible bird species and wildlife.


India flag

Tours of the Raj, India

The Tours of the Raj horse riding holiday, in India
These breathtaking and luxurious Indian safaris combine the thrill of riding through the magnificent former Raj kingdoms with the experience of riding purebred Indian horses such as the Marwaris, with their beautiful curled ears, and the Sindhis. As you ride across this unspoilt terrain, you will interact with locals as you ride through untouched villages, enjoy a taste of the desert lifestyle, view the flora and fauna of Rajasthan and listen to the rhythms of folk musicians. This is the way to see real India, sharing the experience with likeminded people who have a love for horses, nature and the environment. Your experienced guides have taken special care to ensure that the routes are as varied and interesting as possible and that you find your selected horses to be well bred, appropriately schooled and a pleasure to ride.


South Africa flag

Wait A Little, South Africa

The Wait A Little horse riding holiday, in South Africa
Ride in the 30,000 hectare Karongwe and Makalali game reserves, home to all of the Big Five. The rides are for experienced riders only and include some lovely, long canters, occasional gallops and jumps. The horses are beautifully schooled for dressage and over fences to make them a responsive mount. These Big Five safaris are mobile so you can cover greater distances.


South Africa flag

Waterberg Big Five Safari, South Africa

The Waterberg Big Five Safari horse riding holiday, in South Africa
Entabeni - "The Place of the Mountain" is a stunning reserve situated within the World Heritage Waterberg Biosphere. Within this spectacular landscape all of the Big Five reside, along with plentiful plains game too. Riding safaris take place on both the upper and lower escarpments so you get to experience not only the stunning ecosystems, but also search for a high number of animals. The usual riding safari itinerary includes staying in a lodge on the lower escarpment before moving to a fly camp in the bush for an authentic African adventure, finishing with another lodge.


South Africa flag

Wild Coast Trails, South Africa

The Wild Coast Trails horse riding holiday, in South Africa
This is not just a beach ride - it's an adventure. Rolling hills, deep gorges and cliff tops that plunge into the ocean; exhilarating beach gallops, pristine environments and stunning views. The local Xhosa people are warm and friendly as you meander through their villages that seem long forgotten in this rural African wilderness.