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Trail Ride Holidays

Trail or point to point rides are horseback expeditions where you stay at a different locations throughout the trip. Some trail riding holidays are real adventures where you go back to basics with no frills, such as camping out under the stars with your horse at your side, whilst others take you between a variety of welcoming accommodation. Trail rides are a wonderful way to explore further afield in your country of choice, visiting South American estancias, Croatian farmhouses or perhaps luxurious African camps. They are also a great opportunity to enjoy the nature and wilderness of your surroundings as you can travel longer distances into untouched lands.

Trail rides are often seen as a way to get a feel for the country you are visiting. Riding to more remote areas brings encounters with locals, tucked away in their traditional homesteads, and travelling by horse sometimes means you can reach areas where vehicles cannot pass. The longer riding hours allow more time for your riding confidence and technique to improve and for you to bond with your assigned horse, a truly special experience.

There is a huge choice of trail rides to suit different riding abilities and budgets, though most involve long hours in the saddle and therefore are only suitable for those with some riding experience. If you are a beginner or novice, then take a look at our beginner rides to see what your options are. For the adventurous rider you can choose a fast ride, a desert exploration or even a once in a lifetime experience such as crossing the Andes mountain range on a fabulous Criollo horse.


France flag

A Taste of Armagnac (Guided or Unguided), France

The A Taste of Armagnac (Guided or Unguided) horse riding holiday, in France
These riding holidays are set in the beautiful French area of Armagnac. Your host, Evelien, is a trained horse riding guide who speaks fluent Dutch, French and excellent English. Her stables of well-trained horses offer the ideal means by which to explore the stunning countryside - whether you wish to ride with Evelien or without a guide, you are sure to love this peaceful setting.


Mongolia  flag

Adventure Horse Tours, Mongolia

The Adventure Horse Tours horse riding holiday, in Mongolia
These horse riding tours are the ideal way to see Mongolia and to experience the culture and lifestyles of the locals. Mongolia is known as the land of the horses and the nomadic people have worshipped them for many years. The small native horses have a friendly nature and are strong and sure-footed, therefore offering the perfect means of transport by which to explore the beautiful landscapes of the country. These include steppes, mountains, forests and river valleys with a variety of local flora and fauna.


Portugal flag

Alentejo Coastal Trails, Portugal

The Alentejo Coastal Trails horse riding holiday, in Portugal
Ride into the hills above Grandola, passing cork trees which have grown for centuries as well as eucalyptus and pine forests. In the opposite direction lie the beaches, sand dunes and lagoons of the coast. This riding holiday combines both landscapes, as you spend the first half of the week riding in the hills, and the second half riding along the coast. There are plenty of opportunities for long loping canters or occasional gallops as well as relaxing and watching the landscape unfold around you.


Spain flag

Almeria, Spain

The Almeria horse riding holiday, in Spain
This riding base near to Almeria can offer riding along the coast and beach. In this wonderful countryside we can offer you some first class horseriding. Programmes here can be tailor made so do not hesitate to ask if you would like something a little bit different to those listed here. Your host, Manolo is a skilled horseman whilst remaining a kind, caring and attentive host. His love of people, horses and nature is evident in his holidays and he describes horses as "our companions through life".


Brazil flag

Amazon Delta, Brazil

The Amazon Delta horse riding holiday, in Brazil
The Amazon is a huge place, full of rich experiences and the locals say that it would take many lifetimes to experience it all. Discover this unique environment on the back of the local Marajoara horses. Live the life of the vaqueros (cowboys) and ride through pastures where water buffalo graze as well as discovering the native wildlife and birdlife of this biodiverse area.


Spain flag

Andalucia Trails, Spain

The Andalucia Trails horse riding holiday, in Spain
This unique trekking centre centre, based in the heart of Andalucia, offers 2-8 day treks and trail rides for families, friends and singles, and from the beginner to the experienced rider.

From this base you will explore a beautiful part of Spain, riding free from traffic and walkers, following secret trails in the wonderful countryside. Your hosts' knowledge of the local terrain means that they know all the best trails to suit all abilities or rider. You will ride in remote locations.

Current special offers:

Early Booking Discount - book your 2020 stay before the 31st of December 2019 and pay 2019 rates*.

* single supplement will be at 2020 price.


Turkey flag

Antalya Mountains, Turkey

The Antalya Mountains horse riding holiday, in Turkey
Ride across the Taurus Mountains from the central Anatolian Plateau to the Mediterranean Coast, discovering ancient Roman ruins and dramatic rock formations. Camp each night in a different location on this trail which starts at lake Beysehir and ends on the coast.


Chile flag

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert horse riding holiday, in Chile
The Atacama desert is the driest non-polar desert in the world and the snow-covered volcanoes of San Pedro and San Pablo watch over you as you journey on horseback through this high altiplano crossing sand dunes, rocky mountains, canyons, rivers, salt lakes and even geysers. Each night you camp under star-lit skies - your chef prepares meals and the huasos take care of the horses whilst you enjoy a Pisco Sour around the camp fire.


Azerbaijan flag

Azerbaijan Adventure, Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan Adventure horse riding holiday, in Azerbaijan
This adventurous ride has been developed by our guide in neighbouring Georgia, Audrey, who has a vast knowledge of the Caucasus mountains and their people. You will be accompanied throughout by local Lezgian people who know the incredible national park by heart and will escort you to the village of Lahic which has been settled by Tat people who originally came from southern neighbouring Iran.


Brazil flag

Bahia Beach, Brazil

The Bahia Beach horse riding holiday, in Brazil
Bahia is one of the 26 states of Brazil and is located in the north-east of the country. The turquoise Atlantic ocean laps at its sandy shores, whilst palm trees dot the horizon. This beautiful land of beaches and quaint fishing villages is just waiting for be explored on horseback.


Bulgaria flag

Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria

The Balkan Mountains horse riding holiday, in Bulgaria
Situated on the northern side of the Balkan Mountain Range in Bulgaria, on the outskirts of the mountain village of Apriltsi, lies this fantastic riding centre which offers a range of beautiful trail rides and based programmes. Here in the heart of Bulgaria the riding is sensational - far away from traffic, work and everyday life, you can ride right into the mountains to find the freshest air and the cleanest rivers. Nature is everything here and the wildlife adds to the sense of adventure with the smell of the roses and lavendulas, the taste of the cool, white wine made from the local grapes, the real yoghurt and the sun-ripened tomatoes.


Kenya flag

Borana, Kenya

The Borana horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Borana Lodge is a family-run and owned destination which plays a special part in the conservation of Kenyan wildlife. Borana Conservancy lies at the foot of Mt Kenya and is a haven for wildlife, considered to be Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary - the private conservancy covers 32,000 acres and is home to more than 25 Black Rhino, a population which has grown since the species was introduced here in 2013. The conservancy is dedicated to the sustainable conservation of land and wildlife.


France flag

Bordeaux Wines, France

The Bordeaux Wines horse riding holiday, in France
Wonderful rides around the great Bordeaux wine region. The organisers of this ride are responsible for several fascinating trails across France and keep a small herd of experienced horses for their guests to enjoy. These particular rides are the perfect choice for those who love good riding and wine tasting!


Croatia flag

Bosko's Ranch and Croatian Culture, Croatia

The Bosko
This friendly Croatian ranch offers varied riding in the countryside and their famous Krka Trail. They have well trained, forward-going horses to take you out along the Cetina river and across the lovely landscapes and there is also the option of fascinating cultural excursions. The Krka Trail is a beautiful adventure through the Croatian countryside where you can enjoy long canters, mountain climbs and even swimming with your horse in the river.


Wales flag

Brecon Beacons and Beyond, Wales

The Brecon Beacons and Beyond horse riding holiday, in Wales
World class trail riding over the Brecon Beacons and beyond. These riding holidays are set in some of the most beautiful and undiscovered parts of Wales and fit, fine and sure-footed Welsh Cobs are the perfect mounts. Run by the Turner family with over 40 years experience, this is trail riding not to be forgotten.


Canada flag

Canadian Rockies, Canada

The Canadian Rockies horse riding holiday, in Canada
This ride allows you to explore the Banff National Park and get close to nature, spotting wildlife in its natural habitat. This trail leads deep into the back country and you will stay in comfortable lodges along the way. You will be accompanied by experienced guides who will lead you to one spectacular view after another and take you to the prime wildlife spotting locations.


Brazil flag

Canyons and Waterfalls, Brazil

The Canyons and Waterfalls horse riding holiday, in Brazil
Imagine a huge Canyon covered in lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls and thriving biodiversity. You will ride along these steep mountains and canyons, sometimes in sight of the Atlantic coastline, whilst staying in authentic fazenda accommodations. Eat typical home cooked meals and ride with Gaucho guides and their intelligent Criollo horses which have plenty of stamina and agility.


South Africa flag

Cape Winelands, South Africa

The Cape Winelands horse riding holiday, in South Africa
Situated in the heart of the Cape winelands in an area steeped in history, culture and known for its fine wine and dining, here you are offered riding holidays with a difference. You can enjoy all of this as well as sampling local culture and even taking in some spa treatments. The team will tailor make a daily itinerary according to your personal tastes where possible. They are also able to mix and match trails, wine and cheese tasting with other experiences to make your dream holiday come true.


Turkey flag

Cappadocia Trails, Turkey

The Cappadocia Trails horse riding holiday, in Turkey
Experience the incredible and unusual beauty of Turkey's Cappadocia region from the back of a horse. Something like a cross between the Grand Canyon and a moonscape, Cappadocia boasts some of the world's most unusual and spectacular landscapes. Traversing the countless valleys and mountains by horseback brings riders in touch with the area's breath-taking beauty. Forget the tour buses or even the rental cars - this astonishing region of Central Anatolia is best seen by horseback.


Romania flag

Carpathian Mountain Trails, Romania

The Carpathian Mountain Trails horse riding holiday, in Romania
This destination offers pack trips through the Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Romania exploring Székely Land, a historic area lying within Transylvania. The region offers beautiful, varied scenery ranging from high mountains to rolling hills, wild forests and open meadows. The land is primarily unfenced as shepherds still move their flocks through the countryside like in times gone by.


Spain flag

Catalan Pyrenees, Spain

The Catalan Pyrenees horse riding holiday, in Spain
The riding centre here offers you trails in the Catalan Pyrenees and in the Natural Parks of Garraf which is 30 kms south west of Barcelona. The riding centre was established in 1992 by a farming family who still take care of livestock. The owner Xavier Pastoret has been a horse riding guide for 30 years and, together with his wife Montse and son Xavier junior, runs three equestrian centres in the area.


Spain flag

Catalonia, Spain

The Catalonia horse riding holiday, in Spain
Ride out through the beautiful Catalonia countryside or along the Mediterranean coast - this destination offers a selection of fantastic riding holiday programmes. The area is full of spectacular towns and villages, surprisingly untouched by the hands of time, and the architecture still reflects the glory of days gone by. Catalonia is a wild and unspoilt wilderness just waiting to be discovered on horseback.


France flag

Cathar Trails (Guided or Unguided), France

The Cathar Trails (Guided or Unguided) horse riding holiday, in France
These rides along the Cathar Trail offer a wonderful opportunity to experience the unblemished countryside of this Southern part of France. Here you will be close to the Spanish border, riding into the Pyrennean mountains and enjoying the red earth and sights of the region. There are both guided and unguided tours so depending on your wishes and level of experience, a trip can be made to suit you.


Ireland flag

Celtic Trails, Ireland

The Celtic Trails horse riding holiday, in Ireland
A riding destination to bring you a touch of the true Irish spirit, taking you riding on Celtic trails through historic parts of the Irish countryside and beautiful nature. Guests can take part in fascinating trail rides or perhaps enjoy a more relaxed based stay at the 300 year old farmhouse, benefitting from beautiful hacking in the nearby woodlands and across farmland. More novice riders are welcome to some basic tuition and to explore the land on a trusty Irish horse.


France flag

Cevennes National Park, France

The Cevennes National Park horse riding holiday, in France
Explore the Cevennes national park on horseback and venture through the dramatic rock formations, deep canyons and rivers, whilst marvelling at the mountains and plateaus. The area is rich in history too, and your knowledgeable guide will regale you with tales as you traverse the stunning natural vista. This area is a new addition for 2018.


Italy flag

Cilento Farmhouse, Italy

The Cilento Farmhouse horse riding holiday, in Italy
This lovely Agriturismo is set in the heart of the Cilento National Park in South-western Italy. Each day you will ride out and explore the beautiful and protected landscape of the National park, as well as experiencing the stunning panoramic views across the Amalfi coastline. On some days you may climb high into the mountains to make the most of the views, or perhaps you will head down to the shore (please note that horse riding on the beach is only permitted during the winter months of September to May). On the way you will discover peaceful fruit orchards, quiet farm tracks, olive groves, meadows of wild herbs and ancient villages filled with impressive monuments.


Uruguay flag

Coastal Beaches and Vineyards, Uruguay

The Coastal Beaches and Vineyards horse riding holiday, in Uruguay
These horseback rides explore the area around Punta del Este on the eastern coast of Uruguay - the vibrant and fashionable La Barra, and the tranquil and relaxed Jose Ignacio. The beaches themselves invite you to canter, whilst tranquil lagoons offer opportunities to swim the horses and cool off hot riders. Inland there are vineyards aplenty and you can ride through the vines and olive groves. Large, private Estancia have trails running across them which means you can ride for miles without hardly seeing a soul.


Brazil flag

Coconut Trail, Brazil

The Coconut Trail horse riding holiday, in Brazil
Explore the tropical paradise of Alagoas state, with its palm-lined, white sand beaches, clear lagoons and coral reefs from the back of a beautiful Mangalarga Marchador horse. The itinerary takes you past coloured sea cliffs, across rivers, through sand dunes and mangrove swamps as well as into the Atlantic rain forest and down the many pristine, deserted beaches. There are typical local fishing villages to explore and delicious seafood to sample - as well as lots of coconut water to quench your thirst after pacey canters along the endless beaches.


Brazil flag

Coffee Highlands, Brazil

The Coffee Highlands horse riding holiday, in Brazil
Riding in the coffee highlands takes you through the coffee-growing regions northeast of Sao Paulo, visiting some of the great historical plantation homes and passing through surprisingly well-preserved natural landscapes. This diversified terrain takes you from plains to mountains, up and down escarpments and onto plateaus punctuated with springs and waterfalls. Since the mid 19th century some of the finest coffee produced in Brazil has come from this region which boasts a perfect combination of altitude (800-1,300 metres) and climate (dry winters and wet summers) as well as fertile, well-drained soil.


Colombia flag

Colombia Independence Trails, Colombia

The Colombia Independence Trails horse riding holiday, in Colombia
This trail is designed specifically for adventurous and inquisitive riders who want to take part in a challenging and ambitious horseback experience that will leave them feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Discover the extreme landscapes of Colombia as you follow the Royal roads used firstly by the Conquistadors, the traders and later by the revolutionaries and independence fighters against their Spanish king in the early part of the 19th century. The routes will lead you from the historic farmlands of Boyacá to the commemorative state of Santander through forests, mountains and plains.


Colombia flag

Colombia's Old Cattle Trails, Colombia

The Colombia
This trail offers guests to chance to experience the life of a traditional Colombian cowboy - a Llanero. An adventurous trail for anyone who is interested in a challenge and wants to know the lives of the country's wandering cattles-men; guiding their charges from the summer grazing in the highlands, to the lush winter plains - Llanos - of the Casanare. During the ride you will follow the old cattle trails, which have become well established over the centuries and lead the life of a horseback cowboy too!


Colombia flag

Colombian Adventures, Colombia

The Colombian Adventures horse riding holiday, in Colombia
These horseback adventures in Colombia offer some of the most unique and fascinating experiences for those looking for a truly Latin American flavour and culture on horseback. Colombia - named after Christopher Columbus himself - has a wild and diverse terrain, which together with its rich history and culture witnessed in every town and city, offers an exciting destination for adventurous travellers.


Brazil flag

Darwin's Rainforest, Brazil

The Darwin
In 1832 the Atlantic Rainforest overwhelmed Charles Darwin with its spectacular beauty and biological diversity. On this trail you ride through these exuberant forests of ancient trees and see a little of what enchanted the young Darwin all those years ago. During the week you ride on narrow tracks through the rainforest, over pastures, crossing rivers and following winding mountain trails. The dramatic mountains of this area can be seen all the way from the city of Rio de Janeiro, but you will feel a million miles away.


Botswana flag

Delta Trail (Ride Botswana), Botswana

The Delta Trail (Ride Botswana) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
NEW for 2017 was this unique trail ride in the Okavango Delta, where you stay in mobile camps and can follow the herds of game as they migrate through this glorious wetland. Guided by David Foot who also guides our Kalahari ride and has a vast experience, this trail has already become a firm favourite. Combine it with our Kalahari ride for a true Desert and Delta combination.


Namibia flag

Desert Trails, Namibia

The Desert Trails horse riding holiday, in Namibia
Exploring the Namibian desert on horseback is one of the most exciting riding experiences in the world. From galloping across vast open plains to cantering up and down the sand dunes, all under a spotless blue sky, adventurous riders will love the riding opportunities available to them as they journey across the oldest desert in the world. Spending the nights next to a dwindling campfire, admiring the stars and enjoying the company of your horse, is a memory to last a lifetime.


France flag

Dordogne-Perigord, France

The Dordogne-Perigord horse riding holiday, in France
Discover the most visited area of the Dordogne on horseback and ride between picturesque villages and their castles. Experience the culinary delights of the region whilst staying in homely B&B's or small hotels. There is a free afternoon included so you can explore the beautiful medieval village of Sarlat.


Spain flag

Epona Dressage and Trails, Spain

The Epona Dressage and Trails horse riding holiday, in Spain
This wonderful dressage centre lies just outside of Seville and suits almost every type of rider, from those who wish to combine dressage with trails through the countryside, up to experienced dressage riders who wish to experience training clinics with the Olympic silver medallist Rafael Soto. They have over 40 horses so there is something to suit everyone. Some of the horses are trained in High School Dressage movements, whereas others are more suited to the trail environment, but all are beautifully schooled and responsive. They are also an Approved British Horse Society Training and Examination Centre so you can be assured that the instruction is of the highest calibre.


Morocco flag

Essaouira, Morocco

The Essaouira horse riding holiday, in Morocco
Discover the hills, valleys and coastal villages around the fishing port of Essaouira on horseback. This camping trail allows you to ride through argan forests, sand dunes and along the glorious beaches on kind but tough Berber stallions.


Argentina flag

Estancia Huechahue, Argentina

The Estancia Huechahue horse riding holiday, in Argentina
Estancia Huechahue, situated in Argentine Patagonia, is an adventurous destination for the keen horse rider and nature enthusiast. This working cattle ranch is set in 15,000 acres of Patagonian Steppe and offers a rugged setting for a traditional Argentine riding holiday. Horses and cattle roam freely across the land and the gauchos work the animals in keeping with their long time customs. The estancia offers comfortable accommodation within the guest lodges and is also virtually self-sufficient in terms of food.


Argentina flag

Estancia La Rosita (Corrientes), Argentina

The Estancia La Rosita (Corrientes) horse riding holiday, in Argentina
This welcoming estancia is the ideal base for a horse riding holiday in Argentina. Your hosts are passionate about both their country and their horses and the overwhelming feeling from guests is that they are made to feel like part of the family. The Argentine countryside gives way to wonderful riding opportunities and you are welcome to explore the scenery on horseback, work the cattle, try your hand at polo and to live the life of these true countrymen.


Spain flag

Extremadura Trails, Spain

The Extremadura Trails horse riding holiday, in Spain
Extremadura is a region in western Spain which is a paradise for horse riders. Boasting a fabulous climate in autumn, winter and spring, with hot summers, it has excellent preserved natural reserves and historical sites, many of which are UNESCO protected. Characterised by "dehesa" - wooded pasture - it is one of the most prized destinations in Europe for bird-watching enthusiasts and nature lovers the world over. Crossing this land are wide grassy pathways or Canadas Reales, which are ancient routes used by cattle herders for moving their stock between summer and winter pastures. These routes offer safe and enjoyable trots and canters for riders on the beautifully cared for horses of your host and guide.


Brazil flag

Gaucho Experience, Brazil

The Gaucho Experience horse riding holiday, in Brazil
Brazil offers diverse landscapes and makes for a beautiful backdrop to these horse riding adventures. This is a rare chance to sample the real gaucho world, and make no mistake, these trails are the ultimate in authentic gaucho experiences. If you are dreaming of a unique equestrian adventure and a thoroughly exhilarating riding holiday... well this is it! Thousands of acres of rolling hills are the ideal playground to test the temperament of your Criollo horse.


Morocco flag

Great South Ranch, Morocco

The Great South Ranch horse riding holiday, in Morocco
This Moroccan ranch is owned by two French ladies, and is situated between the ocean and mountains. This destination offers trail riding and basic tuition on their beautiful Arab-Barbs and guests can enjoy riding on the beach and along mountain trails. The accommodation is bright and comfortable and stays here are accompanied by traditional Moroccan meals and music. Riding here is very good value.

Current special offers:

New Year Discount:

To get the new year off to a great start, our partners are offering a - €100 (EUR) per person discount on the following programmes and dates;

Sea, Desert & Mountain Trail:
11th-18th January 2020

Ranch Based Stay:
between the 25th January - 8th February 2020
and 29th February - 14th March 2020


Spain flag

Gredos Mountains, Spain

The Gredos Mountains horse riding holiday, in Spain
An opportunity for intermediate and experienced riders to explore the Northern and Southern valleys of the Gredos mountains. This is excellent terrain for riding, mostly open fields with magnificent views and paths that follow the course of rivers. The small villages along the trail display the architecture, traditions and way of life of the people who, isolated in this remote place, have had their characters shaped by their unique surroundings.


Ecuador flag

Hacienda La Alegria, Ecuador

The Hacienda La Alegria horse riding holiday, in Ecuador
Your host Gabriel Espinosa comes from a family steeped in equestrian tradition, and his enthusiasm for riding and horses is at the core of everything at La Alegria. All abilities are catered for from experienced riders to total beginners. The family's mission is to provide the finest horseback riding and eco-tourism adventures in the country from the warm and inviting atmosphere of the historic hacienda.


Romania flag

Hasmas Wilderness, Romania

The Hasmas Wilderness horse riding holiday, in Romania
The Hasmas mountains and national park are embraced by the Carpathian mountains and one of the hidden gems of Europe. These riding tours start from the 1,200m high Kovacspeter ridge where scattered summer shelters can be found and you ride local Hutzul horses across the varied and rocky terrain. These riding tours start from the 1,200m high Kovacspeter ridge where scattered summer shelters can be found. You ride local Carpathian horses which are small but incredibly hardy and very suitable for the rocky and varied mountain terrain.


Romania flag

Historic Transylvania (Kalnoky), Romania

The Historic Transylvania (Kalnoky) horse riding holiday, in Romania
Experience Transylvania's historical landscapes of endless rolling hills adorned with wild flower meadows, forests and tiny villages, set against a backdrop of the Carpathian mountains. The trails take you across un-marked terrain, over hills and through forests, connecting small villages with a multitude of un-noticeable tracks which are only used by horses and carts.


France flag

Historical Malbec, France

The Historical Malbec horse riding holiday, in France
Ride through the vineyards of Cahors with its famous Malbec grape and then venture into the wild, isolated valleys of Cele. Discover the famous prehistoric caves of Pech-Merle with it's cave paintings, and pass troglodyte houses carved into the cliffs. Sample local Malbec wines and specialities including the "Black Diamond" truffle!


Botswana flag

Horizon Botswana (Limpopo Valley), Botswana

The Horizon Botswana (Limpopo Valley) horse riding holiday, in Botswana
Explore on horseback the Mashatu Game Reserve which is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve - the eastern tip of Botswana. Mashatu covers 30,000 hectares and is home to great herds of elephant, estimated to be at least 800 strong. Let the beautifully schooled horses help you to discover this wild paradise.


Ireland flag

Irish West Coast, Ireland

The Irish West Coast horse riding holiday, in Ireland
Ireland is known as "the land of the horse"; a claim that can be evidenced by its great green landscapes and the Irish people's natural affinity with their steeds.

Located on the Western coast of Ireland, the Foy family have been involved with horses, in the locality for generations and leading rides out of their family farm in 1995. The riding here encompasses some of the most fantastic scenery surrounding the Clew Bay. From the steep slopes of Croagh Patrick in the East, to the wild expanse of the Atlantic ocean in the West.


Israel flag

Israeli Adventure, Israel

The Israeli Adventure horse riding holiday, in Israel
This is a shortened version of the 'Tour Israel' ride and has been designed to show you the best of Israel in a short space of time and for less cost. You will visit Mt Tabor and Nazareth, swim in the Jordan River, visit the site of the first Kibbutz, spend a day in the old city of Jerusalem, visit Masada and swim in the Dead Sea. There are four riding days to be enjoyed.


Israel flag

Land of Galilee, Israel

The Land of Galilee horse riding holiday, in Israel
This ride in the Galilee region includes part of the Jesus Trail and also a non-riding day in Jerusalem. The lower Galilee is one of Israel's most beautiful regions and is ideal for a riding vacation - culture, archaeology, history and natural beauty are all there. Horseback is the best way to explore this rocky region and to see its beautiful scenery.


Portugal flag

Lusitano Trails, Portugal

The Lusitano Trails horse riding holiday, in Portugal
Beautiful trail rides exploring the Ribatejo region of Portugal. The horses are native Lusitanos, famed for being noble, willing and handsome, and these rides are only suitable for small groups to ensure that everyone has a top class experience on a quality horse. The countryside and culture of this area is wonderful with everything from open meadows, forests and rivers to a day trip at the beach!

Current special offers:

Confirm your booking for the Lusitano or Atlantic Coast trail in 2020 by 31st January 2020, with a deposit payment, and receive a 5% discount on the ride price!


Peru flag

Machu Picchu Mountains, Peru

The Machu Picchu Mountains horse riding holiday, in Peru
This breathtaking horse riding holiday takes you riding through stunning and varied scenery where you will experience riding along the foothills of the Salkantay Glacier, delight yourself with tasty 'Pachamanca' - a traditional Peruvian meal - and top it off by visiting the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu and the famous site of the Inca fortress. Machu Picchu is well known for its cultural and historical importance, as it remains relatively in tact, and it is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also been considered one of the new seven wonders of the world!


Mallorca flag

Mallorca Tuition & Trails, Mallorca

The Mallorca Tuition & Trails horse riding holiday, in Mallorca
This farm, situated in the idyllic Levante hills of Mallorca, is dedicated to riding and offers tuition and trail rides as well as breeding some impressive Spanish horses. Horse lovers can enjoy the peaceful Mallorcan countryside or can do some more advanced dressage with the stunning stallions bred here. There are traditional style bedrooms, a welcoming restaurant, a swimming pool and terrace for guests to enjoy after a fabulous day spent in the saddle.


Albania flag

Medieval Albanian Trails, Albania

The Medieval Albanian Trails horse riding holiday, in Albania
Discover the mountainous landscapes of southern Albania on hardy local horses, whilst staying with local families and learning about their traditions and cultures. Follow ancient caravan routes or trails followed by pre-Roman armies to uncover ancient artefacts and ruined castles. The challenging landscape holds a wealth of beauty and wildlife as you get well off the beaten track.

Current special offers:


A huge 50% discount for all riders who wish to book the final Zagoria trail ride of 2019, taking place between the 24th November and 1st December this year.

This means the ride is only 490€ (EUR) per person, inclusive of 7 nights accommodation, all meals, drinks with meals and 6 days of riding too.


France flag

Medieval Dordogne, France

The Medieval Dordogne horse riding holiday, in France
Ride through this varied and beautiful region of the Dordogne and discover the history, chateau and bastides the area is known for. Instead of tumbling out of a hot car, you can ride up to the sites and feel at one with the area and its people.


Italy flag

Molise, Italy

The Molise horse riding holiday, in Italy
There are six trail riding options to enjoy here at our Molise ride, including one centre-based stay. Riders will explore rural and unspoilt parts of Italy, riding along old cattle tracks, through beautiful meadows and up and down the mountains. Carmine is an amazing host with responsive horses and his knowledge of this area is second to none. Both Sue and Holly have visited this destination (Sue has stayed at the farmhouse a few times and both have escorted a trail there). Either ladies are more than happy to answer your questions and to share their enthusiasm for this wonderful place. If you want to ride through unspoilt-countryside with magnificent views then this is an unmissable destination.


Iceland flag

Northern Iceland, Iceland

The Northern Iceland horse riding holiday, in Iceland
This family run farmhouse has been welcoming guests for extraordinary riding adventures since 1985. The incredible landscapes of Iceland are a wonder to behold and feature remote valleys, winding rivers and a myriad of colours from white ice and snow in winter to beautiful greens in the summer months. There is a choice of rides choose from and they bring chances to explore Iceland's treasures - the Northern Lights, the coastline of the North Sea, impressive volcanoes (including the world's most volcanic region!), remote fishing villages, whale-watching, magical woodlands and Viking history. It is a land of mystery and legend!


Kenya flag

Ol Donyo Lodge Safari, Kenya

The Ol Donyo Lodge Safari horse riding holiday, in Kenya
This is a spectacular holiday offering luxurious accommodation alongside riding in the breathtaking Chyulu Hills of Kenya. The landscape is varied and includes high-altitude mist forest, lava fields, woodland and savannah - it's a paradise of discovery. One of only two Relais & Chateaux properties in Kenya, the lodge offers stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and good quality wildlife viewing on horseback.


Chile flag

Patagonia, Chile

The Patagonia horse riding holiday, in Chile
This superb Chilean destination is suited to adventurous types, looking to ride "off the beaten track". On some of the rides you will have the company of Chilean horsemen (in addition to your guide) - you ride into some remote areas where the only access is on foot or horseback. Wild, open pampas are ideal for exhilarating gallops whilst the icy lakes and impressive glaciers create a superb backdrop to these spectacular riding adventures.


Jordan flag

Petra Trails, Jordan

The Petra Trails horse riding holiday, in Jordan
This destination in Jordan offers you a combination of international experience, local influence, a high standard of quality and warm hospitality. Your host has a great passion for this country and for horses and wish to share all its wonders and beauty in such a way that Jordan leaves an unforgettable impression in your mind and heart.


Kenya flag

Safaris Unlimited, Kenya

The Safaris Unlimited horse riding holiday, in Kenya
Exciting horseback safaris across the untouched wilderness of Kenya. Organised by Gordie Church, an experienced and passionate guide, these safaris are the riding trips of a lifetime for the adventurous rider with a love of wildlife. Experience the wilderness, learn about its people and ride your way across one of Africa's highlights.


Sardinia flag

Sea & Pine Forest, Sardinia

The Sea & Pine Forest horse riding holiday, in Sardinia
A fantastic and diverse resort with something to offer everyone. Imagine riding in an immense pinewood, on the dunes that border the beach and the sea and looking up to admire the flight of rose flamingo. Horse riding can be tailored for your needs. There are lessons for beginners and more advanced tuition if required. You can enjoy gallops along the beach and explore the pine forests on horseback.

It is possible to book a three or four day trek when you leave your horse and return to the hotel each night.


Sicily flag

Sicily Explorer, Sicily

The Sicily Explorer horse riding holiday, in Sicily
These adventurous riding holidays are the perfect way to explore Sicily. You will be riding with one of Sicily's most knowledgeable riding guides, spending full days in the saddle on one of many beautiful routes on the island. These are adventurous rides exploring varied terrain but also offering comfortable accommodations and delicious food and wine.


Eswatini flag

Swazi Culture & Scenery, Eswatini

The Swazi Culture & Scenery horse riding holiday, in Eswatini
The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is a new and exciting destination for horse riders - with its diverse terrain, accommodation and Swazi culture, you'll be immersed in the real Africa. Explore three different parks on horseback and on foot/in vehicles to get a fantastic overview of the country. High up in the mountains of Mlilwane North you will get never-ending views across Eswatini, South Africa and Mozambique, putting the whole of life into perspective.


Romania flag

Szekely Trails, Romania

The Szekely Trails horse riding holiday, in Romania
Horseback trails along the main ridge of the Carpathian mountains take travellers to untouched and pristine mountainous landscapes with old pine forests, pure creeks, dramatic limestone rocks, hidden farming villages, vast fields and lush meadows still cultivated traditionally by locals. On these trails you'll meet the Szekely - a Hungarian speaking ethnic group from eastern Transylvania that live in the valleys and hills of the eastern Carpathian mountains.

Current special offers:

Early Booking Discount:

Confirm your booking for 2020 before the 15th March and receive a discount of 30€ (EUR) per person

OR groups of 6 riders booking together will receive a 60€ (EUR) discount, per person, on above prices.

Please note that discounts cannot be used in conjunction with one another.


Argentina flag

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

The Tierra del Fuego horse riding holiday, in Argentina
Tierra del Fuego (translated as Land of Fire) is located at the southernmost tip of South America. Our adventurous new ride is situated on the Mitre Peninsula which is the most eastern point of the main island. This is the End of the World, with only Antarctica further south. Follow in the footsteps of ancient pioneers and marvel at landscapes which are largely unchanged and still wild and natural. Your journey is dictated by the tides of the Atlantic Ocean and you may be picking your way around jagged coasts or cantering down endless deserted beaches.


Israel flag

Tour Israel, Israel

The Tour Israel horse riding holiday, in Israel
This is the stables' signature ride, combining various different parts of Israel for the ultimate experience. The tour includes the regions of Galilee, Jerusalem, the Judaean Desert (including Masada), the Dead Sea and a night in Tel Aviv. It is an eight night programme with three different geographic areas - a comprehensive and rewarding Israeli experience.


India flag

Tours of the Raj, India

The Tours of the Raj horse riding holiday, in India
These breathtaking and luxurious Indian safaris combine the thrill of riding through the magnificent former Raj kingdoms with the experience of riding purebred Indian horses such as the Marwaris, with their beautiful curled ears, and the Sindhis. As you ride across this unspoilt terrain, you will interact with locals as you ride through untouched villages, enjoy a taste of the desert lifestyle, view the flora and fauna of Rajasthan and listen to the rhythms of folk musicians. This is the way to see real India, sharing the experience with likeminded people who have a love for horses, nature and the environment. Your experienced guides have taken special care to ensure that the routes are as varied and interesting as possible and that you find your selected horses to be well bred, appropriately schooled and a pleasure to ride.


Jordan flag

Wadi Rum Explorer, Jordan

The Wadi Rum Explorer horse riding holiday, in Jordan
Follow in the footsteps of T.E Lawrence on a voyage of discovery through the shifting sands of the famous Wadi Rum desert in Southern Jordan. Riding on beautiful, fit and forward going Arabian horses, who are perfectly adapted to the harsh and demanding climate of the Wadi, you will be able to discover the wonderful history, unique culture and amazing landscapes of the desert.


Italy flag

Western Adventures in Tuscany, Italy

The Western Adventures in Tuscany horse riding holiday, in Italy
This is a welcoming, friendly destination which specialises in western riding in a beautiful Tuscan setting. There are riding programmes here to suit all levels of rider and even children, with a wide range of horses to ensure that everyone can feel safe but have fun at the same time. Based holidays, point to point trails and tuition courses are all available and guests are given a warm welcome with comfortable accommodation and delicious local cuisine.


France flag

Wines and Beaches of Bordeaux, France

The Wines and Beaches of Bordeaux horse riding holiday, in France
Explore the vineyards and beaches of the Gironde region whilst stopping for wine tastings and delighting in gastronomic meals. These trails are for lovers of fine food and fine wine as well as riding.


USA flag

Wyoming Working Ranch, USA

The Wyoming Working Ranch horse riding holiday, in USA
The ranch is a family-run working cattle ranch on the edge of the Black Hills in North Eastern Wyoming. Since 2003 the ranchers have been inviting guests to share their life with them. Four generations live and work on the ranch.

The ranch is situated on the grounds of an old ghost town in North Eastern Wyoming. About 150 years ago the first settlers, called "homesteaders", came to the area. The small farmers were up against the rough climate, down-and-dirty cattle barons, hostile Indian tribes and the depression of the early 20th century. Many gave up and left.

Today around about 800 steers graze the ranch every year. The old buildings and machinery, though bare witness of times that nowadays we only know from movies.

Current special offers:

Book for 2020 before December 15 2019 and you will be offered a 10% early booking discount. This is a fantastic family run working ranch with 8 guests maximum


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